Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1201 - 1201: Chasing

Long Chen was told to keep an eye on the surroundings since he could fly. It was to make sure that no person came close to Long Chen or disturbed him. 

Fortunately, in the last five months, not a single person came to these mountains.  ​​

Another morning came as the Snake Monarch woke up from his sleep.

"This life is so boring. Why did I insist on coming with him? Come on. If he was to meditate, he could have chosen a city. Why this annoying place!" Snake Monarch let out, bored. He again started flying outside on a round to make sure that no one was coming here. 

He did this every morning, afternoon, and night. 

As the Snake Monarch left the cave, he noticed a group of people in the distance. It was the first time he had seen people in this region in months.

As for the group, it seemed to consist of women only. The woman in the lead seemed to be in her early twenties. She had beautiful blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her snow-like skin seemed to be glowing under the bright sun. 

She was also dressed in a beautiful white dress that came down to her ankles. 

Around twenty women were walking behind her, but they were wearing armor as if they were warriors. 

"Is some army coming here?" Snake Monarch thought, frowning. He started flying back to inform Long Chen. 

As he got back, he noticed that Long Chen was already up. He seemed to be stretching his arms while yawning. 

"What happened?" Long Chen asked as he noticed the Snake Monarch back so fast. 

"Some people have entered the mountain range. They are climbing in this direction," Snake Monarch informed Long Chen. 

"Oh? Right on time. I also finished. My cultivation has stabilized, and my core has also healed completely. I can start breaking through again," Long Chen said, cracking his knuckles. 

He wanted to try testing the warriors of this world to see if their attacks could also help him break through. Even though the effects of that absorption couldn't be close to the effect of absorbing Heavenly Lightning of Tribulation but still, he believed it was worth testing. 

"Lead me to them," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. 

Snake Monarch escorted Long Chen to the place from where he noticed the intruders. 

"A team made of only women? They don't look like bandits or anything either. Instead, it seems like an army being led by some Princess. And the woman who leads them... Her cultivation isn't weak either," Long Chen commented. 

" I think she should be the daughter of the Western Emperor if I were to go by cultivation. Only her daughter could lead the army of such strong warriors. Pretty interesting," he further said. 

"Do you still want to attack her?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"No need. Instead, now I'm more interested in following her," Long Chen replied.

"Why? Are you fascinated by her?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"Not at all. Instead, I'm curious. I want to know why someone so high profile will come to these mountains. What secrets do these mountains possess? That would be interesting to see," Long Chen answered, telling his real motives. 

"You think they're after a treasure here?" Snake Monarch inquired.

"Who knows. It might even be something more precious. We'll see. You must stay silent and not speak a word. We can't be found out," Long Chen warned the Snake Monarch, who agreed. 


The Princess of the Western Empire had herself come to the mountains. And she was strong as well. Her cultivation was also said to be the highest in the Western Empire. 

The only people who had higher cultivation than her were her parents and the Western Emperor, as they were in a different realm altogether. 

Despite having such a high cultivation, she didn't know that there was someone who was keeping an eye on her. The person who was observing her was not only good at stealth but also had higher cultivation. 

Unaware of the observation, the women kept advancing up. 

"Princess Mimi, do you really think it works!" One of the guards asked the Princess. 

"It does. My mother told me about it herself. She couldn't be wrong. So don't doubt it," the blonde woman replied. 

"That would be really magical then. I'm amazed no one knows about that yet. This place would have been crowded by now if others knew," the guard answered. 

"That's right. Fortunately, no one knows. You all must keep this a secret as well. If any of you told others, you know what the punishment will be," Mimi warned the others in full seriousness. 

"Don't worry, Princess. No one will know this," The guards said in unison. 

"That's good."

The women continued climbing up. After a few hours, they reached the top of the mountain. 

"Where is it?' the guards asked, frowning. 

"It's not easy to get to it. My mother took precautions to keep that a secret. Only with this can we enter," Mimi told others as she brought a stone out of her storage ring. 

She looked around and noticed a bigger stone which was lying on the ground. 

She used her small stone to touch the bigger stone. As soon as the two stones touched, the bigger stone submerged in the group, revealing an opening in the group. 

Stairs could be seen going down. 

"Come fast! It'll close!" Mimi told the others as she entered inside. The others also stepped inside. 

Long Chen had already sent the Snake Monarch back by now as she had used Shadow Transformation to make him completely invisible. 

Behind the other ladies, he also jumped inside the opening right before it closed 

Long Chen found himself standing inside what seemed like a cave. The women were walking ahead. 

'Fascinating. A secret cave. I wonder what lies at the end of it that brought the Princess here,' Long Chen thought, frowning. 

He started following after the girls, who soon stopped in the big hall which this tunnel led to. 

Looking around, Long Chen noticed that there was nothing in this room other than this pond. No treasure was at sight. 

'Is the treasure at the bottom of the pond?' he wondered. 

Just as he was thinking about where the treasure could be, he noticed something that made his eyes open wide. 

The Princess starts undressing right in front of him. She took off her shoes and her dress as well. She soon ended up completely without clothes.

Long Chen stood behind her, gazing at her round butt. His mouth was slightly opened as he wondered what was happening here.