Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 877 - 877: Cursed Child

"Everything seems too normal. No one came upstairs to see the girl or why I was carrying her almost dead body upstairs," Ji Shan pointed out.

"Now that you mentioned it, that does sound suspicious," Long Chen muttered as he agreed with Ji Shan. That did feel strange.

"I did check the girl myself. There's nothing suspicious about her, so we don't need to worry about her. The only strange part is why the people didn't react," he continued. "We can only get the answer from them."

He took a step forward as he started walking downstairs. Ming Lan also followed behind him. 

Ji Shan hesitated slightly as he gazed back towards the room where the green-haired girl was sleeping peacefully

He released a mouthful of breadth before he shook his head. He also went after Long Chen.

"Ah, you're downstairs. Good. Are you guys going to be leaving now? The snowstorm is over." Watching Long Chen and his friend in front of him, the owner of the hotel smiled.

"Yeah, we'll be checking out," Long Chen answered, nodding his head. He looked sideways and saw the main door that was open. He could see that the lock was broken.

"Oh, my friend did break your door, I heard," he let out as he shifted his focus back on the owner.

"That's nothing. Only the lock is broken. The treasure you have as payment should cover it. Don't bother about it," the owner answered as he smiled. Long Chen didn't know why but he felt like his smile seemed suspicious. 

"My friend also carried a girl with him. Can you tell me who that girl is?" He asked the owner of the hotel.

"That girl? I had realized that she was dead when she was brought here. Don't worry about her, though. You won't face any problems because of her death. In fact, people would only be happy to see that girl dead," the old man answered, sitting down on the chair.

"Hmm? No one would care for her? What do you mean?" Long Chen asked, confused.

"Oh, it's understandable that you wouldn't know. Basically, no one in this town wishes to get close to the girl. She is the cursed girl after all," the old man explained.

"She is cursed?" Ji Shan exclaimed as he chimed in.

"Yeah. Don't worry about her. You should leave. Don't spoil your mood by knowing about that witch," the old man laughed as he replied.

"Answer what I asked! Tell me everything!" Ji Shan roared in rage at the attitude of the man and the way he talked about the girl who almost died because of him.

"You..." The old man was stunned to be scolded.

"If I were you, I would listen to him. You wouldn't want to die, would you?" Long Chen smiled as he sat at the table.

The old man was feeling insulted as the younger generation talked to him like that, but he couldn't do anything since he had a feeling that these people were way stronger than the people of the town. Even if the people were young, they were strong as well.

"I'll tell you everything. The Girl is known as Frei. She is known as the cursed child since anyone who gets close to her dies," the old man answered.

"Anyone who gets close to her dies?" Long Chen muttered as he placed his hand on his chin while gazing at the man with great interest.

"What nonsense are you talking about?! There is no such thing as a curse," Ji Shan argued back.

"That's what we thought as well, but the girl proved us wrong. She was someone who should have been born with a golden spoon in her mouth if she wasn't cursed. Her father was the town lord of this small town. He had everything he could wish for. The entire town loved and respected him," the old man said as he started explaining.

"He was about to have his first kid, but the child came, bringing the decree of his wife's death. His wife died in childbirth," he said, stunning both Long Chen and Ji Shan. 

"That alone wouldn't be enough to prove that she was a cursed child. The town lord died that night as well, though as he suffered a heart attack," he continued.

"Her mother died in childbirth, and her father died the same night from a heart attack? That does seem bad, but it's not that strange. Many women die in childbirth. It's the unfortunate truth. The child can't be blamed for that," Long Chen replied as he told what he understood from the situation.

"As for the father, it was clear that he was in shock and sadness at his wife's death, so he suffered a heart attack. I don't see any curse. You all seem like a bunch of idiots for believing in the curse, honestly," he continued as he smiled wryly.

"Right," Ji Shan affirmed.

An unfortunate smile appeared on the man's face. He replied, "Sigh, people also thought the same way as you think. Anyway, after that, a new town lord was selected who adopted the girl. Once again, the curse continued."

" That person also died mysteriously. It was said that he suddenly went crazy and hanged himself after a few weeks of adopting the girl."

"He died as well?" Long Chen let out in surprise. Even though he didn't believe in cursed people, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the man's words didn't seem without merit. The death of father and mother could be explained, but the third man went crazy and killed himself?

' Since he was chosen as the new town lord, it's evident that he was not crazy before. For him to be like that in a few weeks? That's indeed suspicious,' he thought.

"What happened after that?" Ji Shan asked.

"Some people still didn't believe that the girl was cursed. One such woman decided to take care of the girl..." The old man gazed towards the door as he said.

"Another woman? Don't tell me that woman..." Ming Lan blurted out, but she stopped mid-sentence.

"Yeah. That woman died as well. It happened one month after she bought the girl home. The woman slipped down the stairs somehow and hit her head as she died," the old man answered.

He looked towards the stairs of the hotel as a look of reminiscing flashed before his eyes.

"That woman happened to be my wife. Anyway, after that point, there was no doubt that the girl. Was cursed. Everything understood that." He continued.