Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 984 - 984: Weakness Of Illusion

"And don't expect to stay with her at night without defeating me?" the Emperor told Long Chen as he brought out another sword.

"And don't expect me to go easy on you. You asked for it," he added as he revealed the crystal-like blue sword to Long Chen. 

"An Earth Grade weapon? Is that your best?" Long Chen asked the Emperor as he frowned. 

The Emperor had said that he'd use his best weapon, but he was using an Earth Grade Weapon? Could this actually be his best friend's weapon? He wondered. 

"You're using an Earth Grade weapon, so I'll use an Earth Grade Weapon as well," the Emperor informed Long Chen. "You want equality; I want the same."

"As for how I know the strength of your weapon, don't worry. I have a skill for that. I don't know what happened to this sword, but it has digressed a lot if it's an Earth Grade weapon now. How unfortunate for such a mighty weapon to come down so much," he added as he shook his head. 

"Anyway, the sword in my hand is not my strongest weapon, but it's something I believe can match your sword at that level quite well. Moreover, stay wary of its cut. It will paralyze you. I don't want the battle to be over within minutes."

Long Chen nodded his head as he gripped his head.

He tried running his Cultivation at full only to be reminded again that his Cultivation had actually grown weaker because of the restriction. 

He formed a best plan in his mind to take care of the Emperor without showing all his laws while still finishing the fight faster.

'This is a Higher World. They should also have laws. I don't think I need to keep all of them hidden. The Law of Illusion is the weakest, but it's also my secret weapon in emergencies,'

'I can't show it. The Law of Darkness works if I use Dark Sacrifice or when it's night. As for the Law of Space, that's a rare law,' he thought as he rubbed his chin, wondering which law he should reveal before the Emperor in case of emergency. The only choice was between the Law of Space and the Law of Illusion. 

"Done with forming the plan? Whenever you're ready, come attack me. I'll give you three free attacks without attacking you. Have fun," the Emperor told Long Chen. 

"Don't mind if I comply," Long Chen replied as he flew towards the Emperor with his sword immediately after the Emperor had finished speaking as that moment happened to coincide with when he finished forming his plan. 

The Sword of King remained in his hand, which he thrust towards the emperor's left shoulder to make sure that it didn't harm him gravely even if the attack landed. 

The Sword was about to close in on the Emperor's shoulder, but just before it could penetrate his chest. Unfortunately, the Emperor seemed to have disappeared and appeared a few meters to the left. 

The Sword passed through the place where he used to be standing but didn't harm Emperor Lu Junwei, who was standing on the left now. 

"Oh, I forgot to remind you. I have a movement skill that is somewhat good, I'd say. So you'll have to work hard on the attack," the Emperor told Long Chen as he grinned. 

Even if the cultivation of Emperor Junwei was restricted, he still had his powerful skills of a Saint Realm Cultivator that were trained through thick and thin. 

"Do you regret not taking the handicap I was giving now?" He asked Long Chen as an amused smile appeared on his face.

"I couldn't defeat my master when I went through the same test, even when I was considered to be a prodigy. The same thing will happen here. Potential is good, but it can just as easily fail against experience skills. You can treat that as a lesson for today," he added.

Just as the Emperor had spoken, he noticed Long Chen's grin. 

Just at that moment, he felt something sharp and cold touching the back of his neck. 

"That's right. But it's also true that potential can trump experience as long as it's the right kind," a cold voice fell on his ears. 

"Wha- how?" The Emperor exclaimed in confusion as he recognized that Voice. It belonged to Long Chen from what he understood, but how was it possible? Long Chen was standing in front of him, grinning. 

He soon understood everything, though as he saw the Long Chen that was standing in front of him start disappearing. 

"Illusion, clever," he muttered as he smiled wryly. 

He understood the truth now. The sharp thing that was touching the back of his neck was the sword of Long Chen.

Not only that, but he was also standing behind him at the moment. As for the person he thought to be Long Chen, that was an illusion. 

"Very clever. But to make such realistic illusions, you just have the Law of Illusion. There's no other option for you to make something that can even fool me briefly," the Emperor added, without turning back. 

That was the truth. Long Chen had decided to expose his Law of Illusion instead of exposing his Law of Space. But that wasn't all. He had mixed the Heaven's Shroud with that to hide his real body even better because he wasn't sure if this would work on a Saint Realm Emperor. 

But apparently, that worked in hiding his real body. Maybe because the Emperor wasn't as serious in fighting him, it might have been different if he was serious and more alert. 

"That's right. In any case, my sword rests on your sword. A single thrust, and you'll be dead. Shall I don't this as my victory?" Long Chen asked the Emperor softly. 

"Hahaha, I wouldn't be that sure about that. In a real fight, I would have known about your attack because of your killing intent. But because you had no intention of wounding me, it helped you. But even if you had a single thought of killing me, things would be different. That's the weakness in the Law of Illusion," the Emperor told Long Chen with a thoughtful look on his face as if he was trying to teach Long Chen. 

"Make sure you keep this limitation in mind in the future. As for now, you did manage to touch me with your weapon, so I will accept defeat," he added as he smiled wryly. 

Long Chen lowered the sword, which was in his hand after the Emperor accepted the defeat, but he still didn't send it back in the Storage ring as if this wasn't the end.