Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 842 - 842: Dark Arts

" You don't need to worry about my sword. What does it matter if it's the Saint Killer sword or not? All you need to know is that the sword will be killing you," Long Chen told Ming Lu, who was the last Heavenly Realm Warrior.

"Such arrogance! You might have killed others, but I'm kicking like them. I'll burn you such that even your bones won't be left anymore!" Ming Lu let out as he raised his hand towards the sky.

A cloud of flame appeared above his head, which started spreading out in every direction.

"It's the rain fire! Elder Li's most powerful skill. I think even that guy will have a hard time against it!" one of the Sky Realm warriors said.

Princess Zhu just watched without commenting. Even though she didn't express it openly, she was supporting Long Chen in the battle since Long Chen was the one who had saved her life. Not only that, but she also thought that Long Chen was from some High Ranking Kingdom and her death would be really bad for her Kingdom.

"A cloud of fire?" Long Chen muttered as he observed the cloud.

Without caring for the cloud, he started getting in his Sword Stance. The only reason he had called out his King's Sword was so he could use the Qi Skill, which he couldn't with the Sword of Time.

"Do you think you have time to finish your skill?"

As soon as Ming Lu saw Long Chen getting in his sword stance, he smirked.

Tens of flaming spheres came out of the flame cloud and flew towards Long Chen.

"I knew it would be something like that. The cloud that can attack the enemy on its own, but you really underestimate me," Long Chen called out, shaking his head.

"Not only you, but even your father also can't stop me!" he said as he disappeared.

He appeared on the east of Ming Lu as he continued his movement. More flame spheres came towards him, but he disappeared again.

Long Chen kept teleporting, and with each Teleportation, he continued his skill without stopping. It was as if the space around him kept changing, but he was in the same position doing as he wished.

"This skill is so annoying!" Ming Lu cursed as his veins bulged. He started using more of his energy to attack more places at once. The Flame Spheres kept flying in every direction except the one where the Princess was standing since he didn't wish to harm her.

Unfortunately for him, that was precisely the place where Long Chen had appeared next.

Long Chen appeared in the direction where the Princess was standing. He was fully prepared.

"First Form of Dark Sword: Annihilation!" Long Chen roared as he slashed his sword.

A dark arc of light left his sword, moving towards Ming Lu.

It made the space around him unstable wherever it passed through, and surprisingly, it even switched its position like the attack itself was able to Teleport.

Ming Lu had seen this attack for the first time. He hadn't even heard about anything like this existing. He didn't know where he needed to move to dodge since the Teleportation of this attack was so random. Sometimes it was left, sometimes it was right. The only constant thing about it was that it was moving in his direction.

He made up his mind since he could only dodge in one direction. He jumped towards the left, thinking that he would be safe; however, he was wrong. He paid the price of his wrong guess with his life as his body was cut in half.

The man didn't know that even if he had Dodged to the left, the outcome could have been the same since he was the target.

"Not bad. The skill that you made is really powerful," Xun complimented Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

The Dark Sword Art was something that Long Chen had created by using his comprehension of Seven Forms of Sword Saint. He had added evasion skills of his Space Law. He even used the Law of Darkness properties. 

It was something that he had been working on since the moment he had comprehended the Seventh Form of Sword Saint. After comprehending that to the fullest, he came up with an idea to combine his skills to make a skill that was perfect for him.

It took months of practicing and comprehending to perfect the skill, and he named it the First Form of Dark Sword since his plan was to come up with more skills like this and improve it even further.

He wanted to form an entire skillet that had different specialties. This one used Space and Darkness, and he had been working on adding Illusion to the mix as well. He was thinking about calling that skill the Second Form; unfortunately, that skill wasn't even halfway completed yet. 

"Yeah. It was the first time using it against a proper opponent. It wasn't bad. It was everything I thought it to be. I can still work to improve it, though. The Darkness element of this skill is supposed to give it an explosive destructive power, but it isn't potent yet. When it's ready, this skill would be much more powerful," Long Chen muttered as he looked at his sword. 

"I suppose that's true,"  Xun muttered, nodding her head.

Long Chen glanced back at the others who had been standing in the back.

"So, Princess. I killed your brother and your Heavenly Realm Warriors. What do you want to do next? Oppose me with the army you have? Or being more help? Because anything is fine with you. However, I can't say the same for your kingdom. Everything depends on your decision," Long Chen told the Princess.

"We don't wish to fight. My brother offended you. I take full responsibility. Our kingdom had nothing to do with it, so please don't harm any more people. You killed everyone who tried to hurt you. Everyone who remains is innocent," the Princess answered.

"Oh, do you want me to trust you and let you leave?" Long Chen asked.

"No. I know you can't trust us so easily. That's why I have an offer. How about you lock us in here and leave? It'll be hours before father worries about us not returning. By the time guards find us, you will be long gone. Isn't this good for you?" Princess Zhu suggested.

"Not a bad offer. Let's do that," Long Chen nodded his head as he agreed.

He brought everyone to the Prison Tower of the Xie Clan.