Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1290 - 1290: Ending At Once

"As if defeating you would be hard?" Long Chen asked, smiling. "You might be strong, but I would certainly win this time," Long Chen let out, smirking. 

"Well, that's quite some confidence. Unfortunately, words don't matter. Only action does. Since you're weak, I'll give you another advantage. I won't count the old score. I have already killed many times more beasts than you, but we'll just ignore them. Start anew," Zhu Chang said arrogantly. 

He was so confident in his ability that he didn't mind giving more advantage to Long Chen. 

"Don't regret your decision later on," Long Chen reminded Zhu Chanh, smiling. He teleported outside the barrier, appearing high in the sky..

"And so we begin!" He declared, smiling. 

He raised his King's Sword high in the Sky, using the skill of Saint King. 

At the same time, Zhu Chang lowered his Barrier, preparing to attack as well. 

Both of these people had taken a different side of the field, so they didn't interfere in each other's battle. 

As Long Chen had raised his sword, hundreds of illusory swords appeared high in the sky. It was the same attack he had used against the Blood Dragon Skeletons in the Dragon Temple. 

Hundreds of swords came striking down, crashing on the ground. It was an attack that even managed to destroy the Blood Dragon Skeleton in the sky. These were powerful attacks, capable of easily destroying the Snow Wolves. 

The hundreds of Swords dropped down, impaling more than a hundred Snow Beasts. 

Seeing an attack take out hundreds of his soldiers, the Snow Beast King grew surprised. Who were these people? Only of them destroyed the Snow Giants while the other killed so many Snow Beasts at once?

He knew that his Guards weren't as strong as him, but still, for them to die so easily, it was evidence of the strength of these intruders.

Moreover, the barrier of Zhu Chang was something that was resisting thousands of attacks. None of the attacks had managed even to crack the barrier. 

He knew that even if he were facing many attacks at once, he would've been in danger. But these people were still perfectly fine. They certainly weren't ordinary humans. Moreover, it didn't seem like these people were from mortal worlds. 

The Beast World was said to be one of the strongest mortal words. To dominate the Snow Beast so badly, the enemy couldn't be from the Mortal World, he believed. 

Unfortunately, it seemed like it was too late. He couldn't back down now. Moreover, it didn't seem like these people were here with goodwill in the first place. In fact, they had made a competition of hunting the Snow Beasts, which was insulting for the Snow Beast King. 

Just as the Snow Beast King was lost in deep thought, Zhu Chang also attacked, taking out hundreds of Snow Beasts too. He and Long Chen continued killing Snow Beasts in droves. 

"Today might be the last day of Snow Empire, but even then, I won't take it sitting down! I'll fight, even if it brings me closer to my inevitable death! I'm not going to let them do it! It doesn't matter if they're from the Immortal World! They can't use the strength from beyond a Mortal World! I can certainly kill them!" he exclaimed. 

Snow Beast King finally stood up as thousands of Snow Beasts were killed. The walls of the arena were also broken from where more Snow Beasts were coming in now. 

The king selected a target. As for the target he chose, it was Long Chen. 

He believed that Long Chen was the leader since Long Chen was the last person to join the battle. Zhu Chang seemed like his follower who was sent for battle first. 

His misconception made him select Long Chen. He wanted to take out the leader of the enemies to give him a better chance. 

"Hmm? That guy isn't half bad. He's really killing a lot of them. The way he was killing those giants slowly, I thought he had no chance, but if he kept going like that, he might really have a good chance of victory. 

"I guess I'll have to be serious now as well. I can't let him win. Calling a mortal boss would be embarrassing," Zhu Chang muttered, shaking his head. 

In the back, Blood Dragon Emperor shook his head, sighing. He couldn't understand this guy. 

'If I were in his place, I would've been worrying about being Long Chen's slave if I lost. He has also taken a heavenly oath, after all. On the other hand, this guy is more concerned about a minor thing like calling Long Chen his boss? I'll never understand him,' Blood Dragon Emperor thought, shaking his head in disappointment. 

Zhu Chang got serious as well, raising his hand towards the sky. He once again called out that massive shell in the sky, but this time, it was even bigger in size. In fact, it was so big that it encompassed the whole city. 

"I don't want to take the risk for fun. I'll finish the completion at once. I'll kill all the beasts of this city. No risk of losing then," he muttered, smiling. 

Long Chen looked up, noticing the massive shell above his head. It was covering the sky above the city entirely. 

"Did he go crazy? What happened to having fun? He'll kill us all!" Long Chen exclaimed, frowning. 

He disappeared, appearing behind Zhu Chang. 

Just as Long Chen had disappeared, Snow Beast King appeared where Long Chen used to stand. 

"That bastard! He's so clever! He noticed my stealth attack too? No one had managed to avoid me like this before. How did he know?" he exclaimed in shock, not knowing that Long Chen had left but not because of him. 

Long Chen appeared behind Zhu Chang, who was ready to bring the shell crashing down. 

"I knew it. Did I scare you too much? I apologize. I should've gone easy on you," Long Chen told Zhu Chang, smirking. 

"What nonsense! Why would I be scared of you?" Zhu Chang asked, stopping his attack. He turned to face Long Chen, casting the barrier again. 

"You weren't scared of me? Isn't that why you were ending the whole competition like this? I mean, you don't have to be embarrassed. If I was in your place, I might be scared too. Don't worry about it. There's nothing embarrassing in it," Long Chen continued, laughing. 

"Nonsense! I'm not scared. As for finishing the competition, I just got a bit too eager. Fine, I won't use it! I'll use ordinary attacks too," Zhu Chang said, his face turning red in embarrassment.