Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 187 - 187: Love In A Carriage(*)

Long Chen's eyes opened wide as he looked towards Mingyu. Noticing that she was in deep sleep, he relaxed a bit.

"That was a punishment for putting people on my trail" Long Chen told Zhiqing.

"Oh really? Why don't you punish me again then?" Zhiqing asked as she seductively smiled at Long Chen. She talked her foot light on the floor.

" Why? You did nothing wrong?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at her.

"You're in my carriage and our guards are following you because of me... Isn't it the same crime?" Zhiqing chuckled softly as she said to Long Chen

"You know that repeating a mistake means that the punishment increases as well? Don't try teasing me or you might regret it" Long Chen brought his face closer to her ears as he whispered. 

"You have already received my first kiss and my heart. You made me your own... What's there to worry about now? " Zhiqing replied to Long Chen as she looked deep in his eyes. She suddenly placed her hand on his thighs as she started rubbing them. 

"I'm warning…ahmmm" Long Chen was saying something when she suddenly brought her face closer to his face as she closed the distance between her lips and his. Stopping his words Midway, she kissed Long Chen with full passion.



Long Chen could feel a fire burning sensation inside him as his sword began reaction. He began kissing her passionately as he slid his tongue inside her tiny mouth.

Inside his martial space, the Heart Demon cocoon started shining even brighter as it brightened the whole place.

Zhiqing lost herself in the pleasure as she and Long Chen played a game of hide and seek with their tongue.

"Mhmm..." Zhiqing moaned suddenly as Long Chen placed his left hand on her bountiful chest, as he began grabbing them, but her moan wasn't loud as her mouth was covered by Long Chen's lips.

He kept playing with her large mountain peaks, Squeezing them and playfully pinching them as he enjoyed the soft touch.

Zhiqing also moved her hands as she placed it on top of Long Chen's sword. She began moving her hands all over his staff making Long Chen enjoy the sensation.

He removed his hands from her mountain peaks as he found an opening on her dress. He inserted his hand inside her clothing. Soon, His hands were in direct contact with her bare chest without any clothing in between them. He could feel the silky softness of Zhiqing's chest as he moved his hand around her peaks and gently rubbed them.

Long Chen separated his lips from hers as he gazed in her slightly intoxicated eyes which looked drunk in pleasure.

"We can't do that properly in such a small space... so... can you use your mouth right now? " Long Chen whispered softly on her ears as he grabbed her hand which was on his sword. 

"What are you suggesting, love?" She asked softly with a red face.

Long Chen smiled as he brought his lips closer to hers and whispered something in her ears. Her face turned even more crimson as she heard his words.

Zhiqing silently nodded as she looked down. The carriage suddenly began feeling much hotter as their hearts beat faster.

She got off the seat as she sat on her knees near Long Chen's legs. She kept both her hands on his thighs as she drunkenly looked in his eyes.

She moved her hands towards his waist as she grabbed into his pants. Long Chen slightly lifted his waist as Zhiqing pulled his pants down.

'Can't believe I'm doing such ecchi stuff, that too for the first time and with such a young guy… But there's something about him...I can't stop myself ' Zhiqing thought as she pulled Long Chen's pants.

As soon as the pants came down, Long Chen's heavenly sword came into view in its full glory in front of her eyes. It stood tall like the tower of heaven as if showing off in front of the girl.

'So... Big... I've read and heard about s*x and stuff but isn't this size really big? ' She thought as her mouth opened wide.

She softly moved her hands towards Long Chen's sword. Her hand was somewhat trembling as she went on to hold something like this for the first time.

She held Long Chen's staff which twitched in her hands. Long Chen grabbed her hand which was grabbing his little Chen as he began moving her hand up and down. After continuing this motion for a few seconds, he freed her hand which kept moving of her own accord.

After a few seconds, she brought her lips closer to his little Chen as her eyes kept fixated at it.

She positioned her lips in front of his sword as she glanced in Long Chen's eyes. She brought her sweet tongue out as she licked the tip of his sword. She positioned her lips around his sword as she began sucking it like it was a lollipop.

Long Chen kept looking at her as she sucked and licked on his sword. He tried hard to prevent him from moaning.

Zhiqing was sucking in his sword when Long Chen felt a change in Mingyu's breathing. He could feel that she would wake up soon.


Long Chen suddenly felt like Mingyu was about to wake up. There wasn't much time to stop Zhiqing and get everything back to normal.

With a serious expression, he focused his mind as his eyes started shining. His eyes now looked like they were covered by white fog.

"Ummm..." Mingyu softly opened her eyes. She hurriedly sat straight up as she realized that she was resting on Long Chen's shoulders.

Zhiqing was stunned as she saw Mingyu waking up. She stopped right there out of shock and didn't move in the slightest. Long Chen's sword still inside her mouth.

"I apologize for sleeping on your shoulders," Mingyu said as she looked at Long Chen.

"It's perfectly fine. You can use my shoulders anytime you desire" Long Chen said to her as he smiled back.

" Hmm?" Mingyu let out as she looked at Long Chen.

" Why are your eyes looking misty?" She asked as she looked at Long Chen.

"It's nothing. Anyways, Did you have a good sleep?" Long Chen changed the topic as he asked back.

"Yea ... This journey was so silent that I couldn't help but fall asleep. Looks like Miss Zhiqing is also the same" She said as she looked towards Long Chen.

" Yea, she fell asleep soon after you" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the empty spot to his right.

Zhiqing looked quite confused as she heard their conversation. She couldn't understand what they were talking about.

'Can't she see me right here?' She thought with a perplexed look on her face.

Long Chen moved his right hand as he gestured Zhiqing to get up.

Zhiqing silently backed her head as she brought out his sword from her mouth. She stood up and sat on the right side of Long Chen and corrected her clothes.

Long Chen also pulled his pants upwards while Mingyu was looking out the window as she slid the curtains a little bit.

As they both got in proper positions, Long Chen closed his eyes. He opened it again as his eyes returned back to their normal color.

Mingyu looked back at Long Chen to ask him something but she noticed Zhiqing as she felt something strange but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"You woke up," She said as she looked at Zhiqing.

"Yea, I somehow fell asleep... I had such a good dream" Zhiqing replied to her with a smile on her face.

" Oh? What dream?" Mingyu asked with curiosity on her face.

"I was helping Master Chen" Zhiqing replied with a smile on her face.

"Helping in what?" Mingyu asked again with an interested look on her face.

"In fighting a powerful enemy… The enemy had a heavy sword which he used for battle but I took care of him and his big sword" Zhiqing chuckled as she said to Mingyu.

Long Chen had a wry smile on his face as he heard her words.

He closed his eyes as he decided to ignore them. He decided that he should use the time to comprehend space.

He shut his hearing senses as he focused on comprehension. He felt the space around him right now and tried to feel the difference between the space of this place and the space he experienced inside the Space Law Orb.

There was no visible difference that Long Chen found but he could feel that space was different depending on the location and only after understanding the difference could he unlock more mysterious abilities related to space and increase his already existing abilities.