Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 959 - 959: Leaving

"You can only blame yourself for failure if you died inside the trial, no one that," the Emperor let out as he shook his head lightly. 

"Anyway, the trial is finished, and the score is in front of everyone," He continued. 

"First place and the top rank goes to Du Liang with Two Golden Flowers, Two-Saint Realm Beasts, and seventy-five weaker beast killings. He also received bonus points for killing opponents," he declared as he gazed at the mirror.

"The second Position goes to my son, Meng Qian, for getting two Golden Flowers and dead bodies of two Saint Realm Beasts along with seventeen weaker beast killings."

"Third position goes to Pei Zen for one Golden Flower..."

"Fourth Position, Qian Yu..."

"Fifth, Meng Huling..."

He declared the names of the top ten even though everyone could see already. 

"Based on the scorecard, it's decided. The next stage will be in the world of Fengshu. Those who are selected, best of luck. You may stay here for two more days or leave right now for Fengshu. The ones who failed can go back to their worlds," he let out as his gaze roamed over the people present in the hall. 

After finishing with his declaration, he walked towards Ji Shan.  

"You three, come with me." He told Ji Shan and his sons before he turned back and started leaving. 

Long Chen watched Ji Shan leave. He didn't try to stop him. 

He still didn't understand why Ji Shan was here. What had happened to him, and why did the Emperor send him here?

In any case, he realized that it was much better not to do anything.

If he stopped Ji Shan now, everything was risky. If he didn't stop them, Ji Shan, Meng Qian, and Meng Huling were going to come to Fengshu with them for the second stage. 

That would be a place where he would have a better chance. Emperor Meng won't be there. He also won't be a wanted person. Moreover, he'll have a free hand. 

He would be able to do everything. 

"Should we leave?" the Guardian who was with Du Liang asked. 

"Yeah. The fun is already over. Let's leave," Du Liang let out as he nodded his head while giving the permission. 

Long Chen had a feeling that the Guardian was probably from Du Liang's Empire. That's why he didn't ask the permission of Qian Yu. As for him, the Guardian didn't even look at him. 

More and more people started leaving. The ones who had managed to qualify for the next stage because of their decent ranks were happy. The ones who failed were upset. 

"This is stupid! The ones who are higher on the rank aren't even alive anymore. Why do they take a position, and we have to be eliminated?" 

Some of the participants started complaining. More than half the people were dead, but the score they had achieved before dying was still kept intact. Because of that, their ranks were intact as well.

A lot of the names amongst the qualified ones were the ones that were already dead. 

A minister of the Esteria Empire had stayed behind. He heard the queries of people who were increasingly pointing it out. 

He opened his lips and started clarifying.

"We can do nothing about it. Ranks decided the ones who were selected in the next round. Even if the ones are dead, we can do anything about it. This only means that fewer people will take part in the next stage. Their death won't mean your success."

"That's right. If you were selected because of your rank and you died tomorrow. Will that mean your place will be given to someone else? Won't people try to kill candidates to get a position in the second stage? That's why it was decided by our and your leaders," he continued. 

"This makes sense. But still, doesn't this mean that only nine people are going to take part in the next stage? Only nine people will decide everything?" A youngster asked, still seemingly unwilling to accept. 

"We can do nothing about it. If you still have complaints, you can complain to your Rulers when you go back. It was decided by them after all," the Minister answered as he shifted all the responsibility to their leaders. 

He turned back and left as well. 

Seeing no chance to get into the good ranks of the next stage, the youngsters started leaving. It was useless to stay here. They could only complain to their rulers after going back. 

Du Liang also left with Long Chen and Qian Yu. 

They decided against staying here and left instantly. 

They walked straight to the depths of the Royal Palace, where a special Portal was placed. It was the same one from where they had come from. There was heavy security along the way, so much so that even Long Chen was amazed. He hadn't been to this part of the Palace because of lack of authority.

Now that he was with Du Liang and Qian Yu, he was easily able to enter. 

They reached a golden door which was guarded by two middle-aged guards. The guards didn't stop them. Instead, they opened the golden doors using their special key before they stepped aside. 

The door was opened, which revealed a small room inside. The room was only big enough to accomplish tens of people. There was a big formation carved on the ground from what seemed like blood as well as liquid gold. 

Long Chen took one last glance around before he stepped inside the room. 

'Time to leave this place. But I'll be back,' he thought as he clenched his fist before he stepped over the formation on the ground near Qian Yu. 

"Ready?" The Guardian asked everyone. 


The guardian started chanting a few words. The words were something that Long Chen tried to remember completely. After the chanting was completed, the formation started shining slowly. It shone brighter and brighter before it stopped. 

Even though everything seemed the same, including the room, Long Chen resized that they had just teleported. The Qi in the surrounding seemed different. It was not exactly denser or purer. But just the nature of it seemed different at its core. 

Long Chen stuck close to Qian Yu. She was the only one who knew about him. And she was also the one he had to fight. Until that, he didn't feel like he was at any risk. 

As for the battle, that too was not scary since he had faith in himself. It wasn't as if it was going to be a battle to the death.