Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1278 - 1278: The Formation

Long Chen sent the Blood Dragon Emperor back to his inner world, far away from the populated places. 

After dealing with the Blood Dragon Emperor, he finished the entire bottle of wine before moving to the small bed. 

He laid on the bed before calling out Xia to keep an eye on his body and to wake him up in case there was danger. He had already created a warning field in the proximity of the hut, which was going to make a noise if someone approached them. 

After telling Xia how to wake him up, he closed his eyes and sent his consciousness inside his Inner world. 

He appeared in the Long Clan in his Inner world, where he spent the night training the others. It was only in the morning that he left them to come back to the real world. 

Since the moment he found the cheat of the Sword of Time which helped his cultivation, he had basically stopped cultivating on his own. In a day, he rarely spent his time cultivating.

At best, he spends an hour in a day in cultivation. Instead, he spent most of his time trying to comprehend the skill he received from the Saint King. 

Those skills were the most powerful skills that the Saint King possessed. It brought him to the peak of Immortal World, so they were certainly very high grades. 

That wasn't all, as the Saint King possessed even more skills that he didn't use himself. Those were the skills that even Long Chen didn't find to be suitable for himself, mostly the skills that could only be used by women. 

He gave those skills to the ladies for them to master. He had already shared a skill that he wasn't going to use with Ji Shan. Some were even given to his father and mother. 

He didn't forget to give a skill to Long Xue Ying, who was also staying in the Long Clan. 

Long Xue Ying had been working extremely hard to get stronger so she could take revenge on the people who killed her father. Unfortunately, she only later got to know that Long Chen had already killed those people. 

It made her disappointed that she couldn't personally do it. She felt that Long Chen stole this opportunity from her, which made her upset and angry as well, but there was nothing to be done now. 

Even though she didn't have a reason to get stronger anymore, she didn't want to fall behind the others, which made her continuously work hard. 

Long Chen called out the Blood Dragon Emperor after coming out of the Inner World. 

"Did you have a good sleep?" He asked the Blood Dragon Emperor who was glaring at him. 

"As good a time as a person can possibly have," Blood Dragon Emperor replied sarcastically. "Anyway, answer me one thing."

"Ask," Long Chen replied. 

"Your Inner World... How did you create it? Why is it so different? And whose presence did I feel there? It wasn't ordinary, and it wasn't yours either," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"I created it the same way other humans create their Inner worlds. Nothing odd there. And what presence are you talking about? Speak clearly," Long Chen asked, confused about what this guy was talking about.

"I don't know whose presence it was, but it felt somewhat familiar. It wasn't yours though, that I'm certain of. Are you keeping someone in your Inner World that you shouldn't?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked.

"I don't think so. It's true that I keep some people from the outside world there though. But that's all. They're all ordinary humans, so it must be your misconception," Long Chen explained. 

"Are you sure they're all humans? If they are, then it mustn't be them; instead, it should be someone else whose presence I felt. That presence was too dominating if I could feel that," Blood Dragon Emperor said grimly. 

"As I said, it must be your misconception. I control my inner world. I know everything about it. There's nothing odd there. Anyway, let's not waste time. We need to get that formation ready while we have the time," Long Chen reminded the Blood Dragon Emperor, leaving the place. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor shook his head, seeing Long Chen not take him seriously. 

'Whatever, it's your Inner World. I won't care what happens with it. As soon as I get my body, I will be free. I won't have to care about anything at all,' the Blood Dragon Emperor thought, shaking his head. 

He stopped thinking about it. In any case, his connection with Long Chen was only a matter of mutual benefits. He didn't care what could happen to him in the future. 

Long Chen and the Blood Dragon Emperor stepped out of the small hut, standing under the bright sun that had just started rising. 

"So, what should I do first?"Long Chen asked the Blood Dragon Emperor. "Or are you going to create the formation yourself?"

"You just stay out of it. You'll only mess everything up for me. I'll be the one handling it myself," the Blood Dragon Emperor replied. "Just get the materials that I need."

"What materials do you need?" Long Chen asked.

"A formation brush. If I had my old body, I wouldn't have needed such a thing, but it's different now. I can't carve properly with this weak body. I'll need extra support for the tools that humans use. Get me one of those," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"Well, you're really lucky. I just found something like that," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

He brought out a brush from his storage ring. It was the same brush he had taken from the Ghost Town, not knowing that it was going to be of use in a situation like this. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor grabbed the brush with his mouth and started drawing. 

He started drawing the formation on the ground, which took him two whole hours to finish. 

A ten meters wide formation now existed on the ground that could easily be seen from the sky. 

"Now we just need to let it get energy from the sun. Within an hour, it'll be ready for taking us. That's why it was necessary that we did it in the morning," Blood Dragon Emperor explained to Long Chen, moving out of the formation. 

"You didn't add the ancient name of the Beast World, I think," Long Chen pointed out, unable to see the name of the Immoral World. 

"That's to be done after the formation is completely ready. So wait an hour.. Let it start getting enough energy to sync with the space," Blood Dragon Emperor explained.