Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1068 - 1068: Good Or Bad

"Your Highness, His Majesty invited you to attend the feast. It's time," the new general told Long Chen respectfully. 

"Ah, time passed so fast. I didn't even realize it was so late. Alright. Stay here. I'll get ready fast," Long Chen told the man before he closed the door. 

Walking back to the bed, he sat in the middle of the two ladies before he gazed towards Mingyu. 

"Mingyu, it's the time for a feast. Get ready."

Shifting his focus to the much more tired looking Zhiqing, he continued, "You too. Leaving you here would be risky. Get dressed. I'll send you back to the family. I'm sure they'll be worried, so tell them to calm down."

"Umm." Zhiqing nodded. 

"Oh right, the talisman I gave you last time, don't use it unless it's an absolute emergency because it would take you far away from me. Only use it when you're sure I'm dead," Long Chen further said. 

"Don't talk nonsense. Nothing will ever happen to you," Zhiqing commented. 

'Yeah, I'm sure nothing will happen to me. But still..."

His words confused Mingyu, who couldn't help but ask, "What talisman? What are you two talking about?'

"Nothing. I just gave her a Talisman, which would bring everyone inside the fake world back to the real world. But it's in case of emergency," Long Chen explained casually before he stood up and walked towards the shower. "I'll take a shower and get prepared. You two also do that after gaining some strength."

Watching the back of Long Chen, which was getting distant, Mingyu sighed, "I hope that day never comes."

She still remembered a vision she had last time a long time ago. She was arguing with Long Chen. That vision came true recently since she technically did that because of her family. Only a few minor differences were there, which often happened with her visions. 

But what she was worried about was the second vision. In her second vision, she had seen Long Chen losing himself in what could only be described as despair as he destroyed the entire city. 

She could only pray that the vision never became true. Anyway, the worst had already passed. The event with her brother was over. Now everyone was happy with him. So he had no reason to go through that again. 

So Mingyu believed that it wasn't going to come true. But there was something inside her heart which still worried her a bit. 


A man was sitting under the bright moon, gazing at it. Swift cold winds were brushing against his skin, making the atmosphere seem heavenly, but the eyes of that man were looking sharp as if he was lost in some deep thought. 

There was a boon in his hand while a half face mask covered his face, hiding his real looks. But whatever bit of his face was visible made it seem like he had beautiful features. 

"Hah, I thought that would work. But the darkness still hasn't completely swallowed him. I can't interfere. If only I had someone who could do something. If I interfere, I'll lose the protection of Destiny."

" I'll lose all my laws which would make me much less effective against the guy who was able to kill Wu Lia. This is... Complicated." 

The man seemed as if he was talking to himself when he heard the sound of footsteps, breaking the silence. 

Curious, he turned back to see the newly arrived person. 

"Wu Lia?" 

Two words escaped the lips of the man, surprised as he saw someone who looked like a young kid, but he was a fully grown up being. 

"Of course. Did you think I was dead?" Wu Lia asked, laughing. 

Reaching near the masked man, he sat down. 

"Of course I would think that. I couldn't see you. But I guess I know why. You lost your destiny protection?" The masked man said, sighing. "Tell me what happened?"

Wu Lia sighed as he heard the question. It was as if he didn't want to be reminded of what happened. The whole thing was a disaster. 

"I myself don't understand what actually happened. I was just playing around a bit with him. But it seemed as if he was possessed by some ancient spirit or something."

"His strength... It seemed out of this world at that time. The next thing I knew, I was standing in the middle of a desert, without being able to use any of my Laws. I had to travel a long way by using their portal to get to here."

Wu Lia described in short what had happened at that time. Up until now, he wasn't able to get his head around what actually happened. 

"Interesting. I did feel a bit of disturbance before you kind of disappeared. I thought you were dead. But about that possession, do you think he can do such things again?" The masked man asked, surprised. 

Further clarifying, he continued. "To destroy your destiny protection, not even the ancient souls should be able to do it without completely destroying themselves in the process."

"I believe you're right. To do what it did, that ancient soul is certainly forever gone. Or at least, it can't be possessed again. Unfortunately, my destiny's protection is also gone with it," Wu Lia said, sighing. 

"That's right," the masked man answered. 

"Do you think there is a way to bring it back? Without it, I can't use my Laws. And it's as if I'm missing a partlc my body without my laws. Help me," Wu Lia insisted. 

"I can't help you. What's gone is gone," the masked man answered as he gazed towards the sky. "But maybe it's for the good?"

"What do you mean?" Wu Lia asked, curiously. 

"I mean, just look at it this way; you're more free now," the half masked man muttered, sighing. "

"The fear of losing destiny protection is what keeps us from interfering in human matters. But now that you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to have that reason."

" This was exactly what we needed. You can go and get revenge. And if you can force him to be swallowed by Darkness, that would be even better. See? It's better," the half masked man said. A hint of a smile could be seen on his lips. 

"You do know why we need to take him out, right? It's for that. And now that you are free, it's easier. Moreover you can get revenge from him for making you suffer. What do you think?" He added. 

It was clear that he was trying to make Wu Lia do what he needed. And that was to kill Long Chen.