Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 991 - 991: Unmoving

"Take Lu Wang."

The Emperor suggested the name of his son as the one who was going to accompany Long Chen. 

'I knew he'd send someone with me but to send that guy?' 

Long Chen didn't know why but he didn't get any good feelings from Lu Wang. It was as if there was some part of him that didn't like the guy. 

Moreover, Lu Wang was the Prince of this Empire. He was much stronger than a normal guard and more resourceful. It was going to be tough to lose him to get some alone time. 

"It's fine, father-in-law. I don't have any specific places in mind. I just want to walk through the city. It'll be more fun when I'm alone." Long Chen shook his head as he tried to subtly deny the suggestion.

"Nonsense. Since you're going out, you need to have a good time and see the greatest places of our city," the Emperor refuted Long Chen. 

He continued to explain his reasoning, "You'll just waste time alone. Moreover, if you go with Lu Wang, you too can bond as well. It's a great outcome."


"No buts. If you want to leave, then you must go with him. If you don't go with him, then I won't allow you to leave. That's final.  And if you tried to pull a fast one on me and sneak out, I'll be really angry!" The Emperor warned Long Chen. His decision was final. 

Long Chen could do nothing but sigh as he shook his head. 

"Fine. I'll take your son with me," Long Chen unwillingly agreed. Even though it was going to be hard to lose that guy, it couldn't be impossible. 

"That's like my good son-in-law," the Emperor gave a hearty laughter as he nodded. "You can go back now. I'll tell Lu Wang to fetch you from your room in the morning."

Long Chen turned back and left the hall, walking back to his room. 

"What a mess. The old man just had to choose his son," he muttered in disappointment. 

He soon reached his room. Mingyu still wasn't back yet. 

Long Chen climbed over the silky bed and sat in a meditative position, folding his legs and started Cultivating. 

He was a Heaven Realm Cultivator, but he still needed to be stronger. Every moment counted. 


"I will take him? Interesting. Could this be the opportunity I was looking for?" Lu Wang was talking to himself as he sat in his room. 

He had just come back after meeting his father again, where he was told that he needed to accompany Long Chen on the trip to the city. 

He was somewhat happy that he was going to be with Long Chen as this gave him more chances to take action. 


The door of Long Chen's room opened, which was left unlocked by Long Chen to make sure that Mingyu could enter when she came back, knowing that he was going to be busy in Cultivation. 

In slow steps, a person stepped inside the house and closed the door behind them. 

"Sigh, I came back faster to be with him, and he already lost himself in Cultivation," Mingyu muttered as she saw Long Chen cultivating. 

"I must say, he looks so handsome even when he's not moving." Her loving eyes gazed at Long Chen, who had his eyes closed. 

She started walking towards him and sat on the bed. She also started cultivating with him. 


The night passed away with the arrival of the morning.

Long Chen and Mingyu both cultivated throughout the night. It was only now that they were disturbed. 

Long Chen opened his eyes at the constant knocking. Mingyu also did the same. 

"It's fine. It must be your brother. I'm going out to see the city with him today. You don't need to get up," Long Chen told Mingyu as he got off the bed. 

"You're going out? Should I come with you?" Mingyu asked Long Chen. 

"If you want to. But I thought you'll be accompanying your mother,' Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly. 

"I do have to accompany her. Her health still isn't fine," Mingyu muttered, remembering that she had to be with her mother. 

"It's fine. When your mother gets fine, the two of us can go together," Long Chen told Mingyu, seeing that she wanted to come with him while also wanting to stay with her mother. 

Mingyu didn't know what to do. 

Long Chen's words made her feel somewhat better. She smiled like a child as she nodded her head, "Un."

"That's like my good girl," Long Chen said as he walked back to her. He gave a quick peck on her lips before he walked to the door, which someone was constantly knocking at. 

Long Chen opened the door and saw Lu Wang standing outside.

"You take so long to open," Lu Wang told Long Chen. 

"Yeah, I was a little busy. But I did hear the first knock. Knocking constantly was a little too much," Long Chen replied, shaking his head. He stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. 

"Shall we get going?" he asks.

"Follow me." Lu Wang strode ahead of Long Chen and started walking. Long Chen followed behind him.

'This is better. If this guy is constantly ahead while trying to ignore me, I'll have a much easier time sneaking out. Not bad either. This might just work out easier than I thought,' Long Chen thought as he smiled. 

He left the Royal Palace with Lu Wang. Two horse-like beasts were waiting outside the Royal Palace for them. 

"Are we going to travel on them?" Long Chen asked as he saw Lu Wang climb over one of the two horses.

"Yeah. Don't tell me you don't know how to ride one?" Lu Wang asked Long Chen, squinting his eyes.

'It's like a horse. It should be simple,' Long Chen thought as he also climbed over the horse. 

"I know," he told Lu Wang. 

"That's better. I thought I'll have to carry you myself," Lu Wang muttered as he shook his head. His horse started striding ahead. 

Long Chen also tried to do the same, only to fail. The first just refused to bulge.

"Come on. Move. Aren't you like a real horse? Move. Don't make it even more embarrassing than it already is," he said as if talking to the horse, which didn't move again. 

"Lu Wang!"

Seeing no option, Long Chen yelled to call out Lu Wang. Surprisingly that's then the horse started running.

"Man, this horse. Why do I think that it's going to crash somewhere? I have no idea what I'm doing with it," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.