Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 686 - 686: Instant Invitation

" Oh, Zu Lai. You have a really good War Spirit. It's a really powerful one, but you must remember, the more powerful a War Spirit is, the more difficult it is to awaken it. You would need to work hard, but I'm sure you can do it. Your future is really bright," Elder Ming told the girl as he smiled.

"Now, I know that I should wait until the examination is over, but I've seen all I needed to. I want to invite you to join the Veritas Spirit College. You don't have to go through any more tests if you accept my offer. As you know, our Veritas Spirit College has a history of tens of thousands of years, and we can help you with everything. Please consider carefully," he added.

His words shocked not only the girl but other participants as well. The girl had already received the offer from one of the three Great Spirit Warrior Colleges, and the examination wasn't even over yet. They couldn't help but feel jealous.

The Elders sitting on the stage were also shocked as they saw Elder Ming taking the lead in inviting the girl. 

"Wait! You don't have to be so fast to decide. I am Elder Lin from the Thunder Spirit College. I would also like to invite you to join our college. As you know, the name of our college matches the name of your War Spirit, which is the Thunder Bird Spirit. You know why? It's because the War Spirit of our founder was a Thunder Spirit as well," Elder Lin said to the girl as he stood up as well. 

Elder Gu of the Thunder Spirit College also stood up.

" We also have the same lineage and history as the Veritas College, but more importantly, we have an extensive knowledge about Thunder War Spirits. If you join our College, your future would be amazing. We will help you reach your true potential," Elder Gu told the girl. 

"Join our Thunder Spirit College!" He added.

"Hmph, what's so special about having people with Thunder War Spirits. Our Silver Spirit Warrior College also has a few Elders who have Thunder War Spirits. We can give her everything you can," Elder Lia from the Silver Spirit College snorted as she stood up.

" Zu Lai, don't listen to these bad men. They are simply trying to sway you with false promises. Join the Silver Spirit College of big sister here. You'll get everything you want! Big sister will take care of you like you're my real sister. Come, don't think too much," She said to the girl.

Zu Lai looked at all of them as her legs started shaking. She never expected that she would get offers from all of the Three Great Spirit Warrior Colleges. She still couldn't believe her eyes. More importantly, she didn't know how to decide. She never expected that she could even get one offer, let alone more. She just wanted to try her luck with this examination, and now she was selected.

As she found herself in this overwhelming situation, she didn't know how to handle it. She knew that saying yes to one of the Elders would mean saying no to the other two, and she couldn't bring herself to do it.

" Don't worry, little Lai. Just select the Spirit Warrior College you prefer. No one would be angry at you. We all know that you're only a single person, and you can't select more than one college," Elder Ming of the Veritas College said as he noticed her hesitation. He understood what she was more worried about.

Zu Lai heard the gentle tone of Elder Ming, which gave her a familial warmth inside her heart. She clenched her fist as she made a decision. Amongst the three Elders, only one of them understood her concern. She felt like Elder Ming was the kindest person here. She had made up her mind to join Veritas College.

"I, ah, I would like to join Veritas College," the girl said as she nodded her head.

As soon as Elder Ming heard her confirmation, a smile appeared on his face. Simultaneously, the faces of Elders from Thunder Spirit College dropped as they sat back down. 

Elder Lia also sat down. Her smile didn't leave her face, though.

"Best of luck for your future, little girl," Elder Lia told the girl.

"Come here. You can sit behind me for the rest of the examination. We will go back to the college together after the examination is over," Elder Ming told the girl as he gestured to her to come near him.

The girl nodded her head as she walked over to the stage.

As she walked past Vermilion, she heard his words. 

"I look forward to your achievements. Best of luck," Vermilion told the girl.

The girl's face turned red at the compliment. She thanked Vermilion before she walked near Elder Ming. She sat on the seat that was placed behind the seat of Elder Ming.


The girl sat behind Elder Ming. Even though the other Elders were looking jealous at the sight of the girl selecting the Veritas Spirit Warrior College, they said nothing since there was nothing they could do if even the two of the top three colleges couldn't say anything as the girl chose the third college then what could the weaker Spirit Colleges do.

Most of the elders simply congratulated Elder Ming and Elder Gu for getting a great disciple for their college. Elder Ming looked pretty happy.

After a short round of congratulations, he told Mu Wan to continue the test. There was only one person whose Spirit was still left to be tested, but that person was the one that one of the greatest Spirit Warriors of this kingdom was here to see.

Vermilion looked at Long Chen with great interest, wondering what his War Spirit was going to be. The War Spirit of the son of his old partner, it intrigued him a lot. Not only Vermillion, but a lot of the Elders were curious about it as well.

"Alright. You're last. Do you need an invitation to come here? Come forward fast. Don't waste everyone's time," Mu Wan told Long Chen as he looked at him with disinterest.

"Sigh, this guy is really looking for a beating," Long Chen muttered under his breath as he walked towards the Mirror in the middle of the field.

He took the knife from the table and cut the finger of his right hand. The finger started bleeding. He made a drop of blood fall on the formation attached to the mirror.