Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1121 - 1121: Snake Monarch's Curse

"The snake is here, but where is that kid? I want to see who dared to kill the Elders of my True Dao sect," said another sect master. His true Dao Sect was the strongest righteous sect, and it controlled the port from where Long Chen had left the continent last time.

"Don't worry; he's still in the sect. But he isn't the problem. The problem is this snake. Once we take him out, everything else will be like child's play," a female voice came from the distance. 

"Beauty, so there you are," the Snake Monarch said, recognizing the voice.

He looked in the direction of the voice to find the Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect, who had started flying up as well. 

"And here I thought you ran away. I was sad that I didn't get to see you dance, but it's fine now. You're here," the Snake Monarch said, laughing. 

"The texts did say that High Grade beasts are able to speak, but I never knew high grade beasts that speak would have such vulgar tongue," the Sect Master of Dark Soul Sect said, scoffing at the Snake Monarch. 

"Hey, don't fly in air if I call you beautiful. I was just being nice. If I were, to be honest, thousands of true beauties of heaven would come at this Monarch's one whistle, to please this monarch," the Snake Monarch retorted in response to the lady. 

"You, you're nothing but an ugly one in front of them. I took pity on you, thinking that you just have had a hard time because of your bad looks, and now you call me vulgar? No one appreciates goodwill nowadays, even ugly people like you," he continued insulting the woman who dared to call him vulgar, but he didn't stop there. 

He continued talking, and soon he was cursing her seven generations.

The other sect masters stood stunned with their mouths wide open. These words of this snake were so sharp. They weren't the target of such words, and even they felt like their ears were bleeding after hearing this many curses.

On the other hand, the Dark Soul Sect Master had her entire face red. She had never felt this much insulted in her life before and that too, before all the sect members. 

She was the goddess of this sect whom everyone prayed to here. She was the star that no one could reach, and today, her seven generations were being cursed along with her. 

"You bastard snake! Just because you're strong, you think you can say anything! Today, you will die! And after you, he will die too!" The Dark Soul Sect master roared in anger. 

"Oh? Who will die, may I ask? Who is the sect master talking about?"

Just as the Dark Soul Sect master finished screaming, a powerful voice echoed all around, falling in everyone's ears.

The Dark Soul Sect master looked in the distance at the incoming Long Chen, who was walking with his wives and the others. 

"Lady, even though you called me vulgar, listen to my advice and watch your words when you talk to him. Because he's much worse than me," Snake Monarch watched the Dark Soul Sect Master. "I am yet to see your dance after all. I don't want you to die."

"You!!!" The Dark Soul Sect Master clenched her fist as she glared at the Snake Monarch. His words seemed like a taunt. 

Were her days so bad that she couldn't even talk to a kid? Especially if the kid was the reason, her son died? She was still upset about this. She had only found out about this after Long Chen had left the sect last time. Since then, she was regretting not killing Long Chen when she had a chance. 

Now she had another chance, and she wasn't going to miss it. 

"Long Chen! So that's why you came here? To free our prisoners? How dare you break inside our prison and free the beasts?" She asked Long Chen firmly. 

"Old lady, I'm telling you to watch your words.  The ones you call Beasts are my friend. The real beast was your son, who used the blood of mortals to cultivate. And an even worse beast was you who allowed this to happen! Don't think I don't know about all that!" Long Chen sharply retorted. 

"Blood of mortals? The sect master, really?"

"Is it true?"

"If the previous head disciple is claiming it, he might be telling the truth! I did hear the news that people in the distant village kept going missing when her son was alone, and it stopped when his son died."

"God, this is crazy! Even if we're Dark Sect, still, to use mortal blood? I don't feel good about it!"

As everyone heard about it, people started looking at the Sect Master with questioning gazes. Even some of the righteous sect masters started looking at her with disgust. 

"W-what nonsense are you talking about!" Dark Soul Sect Master told Long Chen as she glared at him. 

She looked at the other sect masters before she started giving an explanation. "Don't believe him! He's lying to distract us from our main objective! Don't forget; we're here to kill that snake and him!"

"That's right! First, we need to deal with the important matters, and then we can question her," the True Dao Sect Master said as he agreed. 

"Everyone, attack this snake!" He commanded. 

"Wait! Why do you want to fight my snake when his master is right here?" Long Chen asked calmly, stopping the Sect Masters who looked back at him. 

"He's, you're not my master! You're my right hand!" The Snake Monarch retorted. 

"But you don't even have hands, duffer," Long Chen commented. 

"That's why I have you as my hand. Common sense, kid. It's rare nowadays," the Snake Monarch replied as he rolled his eyes. 

Ignoring the conversation of the Snake and Long Chen, the Sect Masters asked, "What should we do then? Fight you? So that your Snake can attack us from behind?" 

"Attack you from behind? He won't," Long Chen answered calmly. 

"Yeah, I won't. I'll attack from the front," the Snake Monarch chimed in. 

"No, he won't attack from front or back. I'll command him that he won't interfere. How about that? Better offer, right?" Long Chen asked. 

"What are you planning? You want to save the life of that snake by putting your life in the line?" The Heavenly Slaughter Sect master inquired. 

"Putting my life on the line? Is my life in danger? Against who? I'm only facing you kids, as far as I know. Is someone what joining in too that I should actually be worried about?"