Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1282 - 1282: The Guest

"I know you can disappear, and I also know that it's because of some skill, but can you keep that skill up for days? I doubt you can.  We don't really know when, where, and if we'll find them. So it's impossible to stay invisible before them," the Blood Dragon Emperor snorted. 

"If only I had my old body, it would have been so much better. I can't describe how upset I am at you,"  he continued.

"Man, are you going to keep repeating that? I don't believe that it's my fault you lost your body. It was you who was fooled and lost his body, not me. So just be patient! You already waited for a million years; what's a few weeks of delay compared to that?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"I do have a better idea though. You were talking about the advantages of a big body, right? Don't you know the specialty of the Snake Monarch? You can get as big as you want, no problems at all!" he continued, thinking of an idea. 

"What are you trying to say?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, frowning.

"Think about it. If you get bigger, then I can sit on top of you. No one on the ground would be able to see me either. Even if the Snow Giant Saw you, your body will be massive, so you'll be safer for longer," Long Chen explained. 

"In the meantime, I'll go invisible and take it out before you turn to complete stone. It's a win win situation, isn't it?" he added. 

"No way! I'm not going to risk my life like that! I won't be your sacrificial lamb," Blood Dragon Emperor rolled his eyes, instantly rejecting the offer. 

"You won't be a sacrificial lamb! You won't die, don't worry. Just like you need me alive, I need you alive too, since I want that stone, and only you can lead me to that. This isn't risky at all. If everything you told me were true, nothing would happen to you!"

"Nope. I'm not doing it. I won't be risking my life for you," Blood Dragon Emperor firmly stated. 

"Isn't the alternative riskier since you're so small? As soon as we face the beast, we'll both be frozen. What will happen then?"Long Chen asked. 

"We'll both be dead! And even if you saved yourself from being frozen, my death will be your death, won't it? You'll still die in any case," Long Chen reminded the Blood Dragon Emperor, frowning.  

" So it's better if you stop arguing and listen to me. In any case, we'll be passing through the frozen land. The question is if you want to risk my death and in turn risk your own death, or do you want to get bigger and follow the safer place?" he asked, frowning. 

"Nope. Either we both die, or we both live. No way in hell am I putting my life in your hands. What if you're late in killing it, and we end up dead? No!" Blood Dragon Emperor remained stubborn, not listening to Long Chen. 

"Sigh, fine. If that's what you want, then so be it. I don't care either," Long Chen said, dropping the topic. He wasn't going to force it.

He increased his speed and started flying faster. The Blood Dragon Emperor remained behind him. 

The two of them flew for two straight days before they crossed the grasslands to enter the Snow Empire. 

Unlike the green planes, everything before their eyes remained white. The ground was covered with white snow. A few trees were also standing tall even in this extreme weather, but even those trees were frozen entirely.

"It's really cold," Long Chen muttered as the snowfall began. 

"What did you expect? This is the coldest place in the Beast World," Blood Dragon Emperor explained.

Long Chen spread out his Divine Sense and kept his eyes on the ground to stay alert. 

"What does that Snow Giant look like though? It must be tall; that's a given. What else? How will I recognize him if I see him?" Long Chen asked, frowning.

"Just keep an eye on a giant humanoid creature made of snow. There aren't any other Giant Beasts in the Snow Empire," Blood Dragon Emperor explained.

"How tall is that Giant?" Long Chen asked. 

"How would I know. I haven't seen one before, but I did hear that they are around thirty feet tall at least. Maybe they are taller, or maybe they are shorter. I can't personally verify," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"Thirty foot tall? I doubt I'll miss it, but you should stay alert too. Since you're not getting bigger to help me, then help me in another way."

"I know. I'll tell you if I find something," Blood Dragon Emperor said. 

"Oh, right. One more time. Why are you flying behind me for so long?" Long Chen asked, noticing that the Blood Dragon Emperor had fallen behind since they entered the Snow Empire. Instead of flying with him,  he was now flying behind him. 

"Is it because you're scared? You don't want to be the first one frozen? Don't tell me you want to use me as a shield?" He couldn't help but laugh at the thought. 

Was the Blood Dragon Emperor really being a coward?

"Nonsense! I just don't like the cold winds. When I'm behind you, your body stops some of them, keeping me safe. That's all. The thought that I'm scared of another beast is just nonsense!" Blood Dragon Emperor firmly stated, rolling his eyes. 

"If you say so," Long Chen smiled, shaking his head. "Don't worry though. You'll be frozen instantly too, since you're so tiny.  You're so unlucky. If only you were bigger, you would've been safer."

"Do you think I'm a kid? That trick won't work on me," Blood Dragon Emperor let out. "I'm not going to get bigger. Without strength, the size is useless. I'll just be a bigger target then. No thanks."


In the middle of the Snow Empire existed a river that was completely frozen. 

A spatial portal opened on top of the river, and a person stepped out of it, cursing constantly. 

"Those bastards! They keep chasing me! Will they never let me live in peace? I just want to enjoy myself in the mortal worlds for a little while! Why are they so hell-bent on bringing me back?" 

The man looked like an ordinary human, but he had beautiful green eyes and long black hair. His height was slightly shorter as he was not even six feet tall. 

His big muscles made him look even shorter though.. There was a strange tattoo on his back of a Black Tortoise which was hidden by the long black robe that he was wearing.