Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 219 - 219: Too Brutal

"Thanks, Elder Yi, but I'll be fine" Long Chen said in a confident tone as he walked towards the arena.

"You seem pretty optimistic for someone who's about to be crushed beneath my feet"  Prince Lu chuckled as he gazed at the masked boy.

"Well, I'm just happy that I won't have to hold back. Since you showed me that hurting others is allowed in the battles, I can go all out" Long Chen chuckled as he stood in front of Prince Lu.

"This battle would be pretty interesting. If only Long Tian was here… I would have loved to see his performance."  Long Ren muttered as he looked at the masked boy.

"The boy is really talented. I wonder which kingdom he is from. His family is really blessed to have such a kid." Royal Chief Jinjing said in a low voice as she wondered about his identity.

"Yea... His father and mother must be pretty talented to have such a kid." Long Ren further added.

"Enough Talk. It's time for you to die" Prince Lu said in a heavy tone. He held a red sword in his hand.

"Slash of Aztec!" He said loudly as the blade of his sword started burning with fire.

He picked his sword high up in the air and struck down. A vertical arc of flame moved towards Long Chen. The blazing arc of fire left destruction in its wake as it moved towards Long Chen.

As soon as the first arc of blazing fire left his sword, Prince Lu slashed with his sword horizontally as another blazing arc of fire moved towards Long Chen. It made a shape of + as it advanced towards Long Chen.

"Good attack." Long Chen muttered. Just as the fire reached near Long Chen, he jumped high in the sky and landed a few meters ahead, but the flames had passed him by then.

Elder Yu Tianhao stood outside the arena. He formed a shield as he stopped the fire grin striking others present in the arena.

"There's really a Flame Essence hidden in his fires." Yu Tianhao muttered as he looked at the crack that was formed on his shield. He gazed towards Prince Lu with great interest.

"How can he jump so high? Isn't their cultivation restricted to the 1st stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm?" Chief Jinjing asked Long Ren with a curious look on her face.

"Of Course his cultivation is restricted but the Essence and Laws don't fall under cultivation. Their cultivation is low right now, but their comprehension of their respective elements is quite good. That's why Tian Shen could jump that high despite only being at the 5th stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm. Similarly, Prince Lu's attack was able to create a crack in the shield of Yu Tianhao. It's all because of the Essence they learned." Long Ren explained to Jinjing as he continued watching the fight with great interest.

Long Chen didn't stop moving as he used his mind Essence along with the Earthly Monarch Effect. He disappeared from the view of others and appeared behind Prince Lu. He stabbed his knife towards the back of Prince Lu but before his knife could even reach near him, A Ring of fire appeared around Long Chen.

Prince Lu created some distance between him and Long Chen as he stepped back while Long Chen was trapped in the ring of fire.

"Thanks for falling into my trap. Now you should burn and beg for forgiveness! Only then shall I take you out. Don't that that you can escape my fire! I used my Flame Essence to create that Ring of Fire, It's impossible to escape from it with your cultivation restricted. Even your wind essence can't help you!" Prince Lu said with a bright smile on his face.

He watched the fire burning with full force and his smile didn't leave his face.

"I'll see how long you can hold on." He chuckled as he stared at the fire.

'You think your Flame Essence can stop me? Naive! You may have learned the flame essence but even if you had learned the actual Law of Fire, It wouldn't be able to do anything against the Supreme Law of space' Long Chen thought as he looked at the fire. 

His eyes changed color and now looked like starry space. A transparent protective layer formed around his body. It was like his body was in a different space altogether as the fire wasn't even able to touch him. Long Chen straight away walked out of the fire.

"This... this shouldn't be possible! How can you escape my ring of fire unharmed!!!" Prince Lu said as he took a step back. A look of disbelief had shrouded his face.

"You call that fire? Too weak." Long Chen said in a serious tone. To Prince Lu, that sounded like the voice of a grim reaper.

He gripped his sword as he ran towards Long Chen. He swung his sword towards Long Chen, but Long Chen disappeared from his position as he dodged the attack. He threw a knife towards the shoulders of Prince Lu, which he dodged easily.

"You used it the last time you fought! The same trick won't work on me!" Prince Lu said as he swung his sword towards his back where Long Chen had the highest chance of appearing.

"Wrong direction." Long Chen said in a soft voice as he grabbed his neck. Long Chen picked Prince Lu in three air and thrashed him on the ground.

A crater was created in the arena that was made from stone, but Long Chen didn't leave him. He picked him up again and once again thrashed him on the ground.

"Little friend Tian, That's enough. He is defeated." Long Chen had Prince Lu in the air and was about to thrash him again when a voice came in.

"Why should I? He still hasn't accepted his defeat." Long Chen chuckled as he replied to Yi Tianhao who had just talked to him.

"I... ac..." Prince Lu heard his words and was just about to accept his defeat when Long Chen again thrashed him on the ground without giving him a chance to complete his sentence. 

"I Surrender!" Long Chen picked up Prince Lu once again, but this time Prince Lu was much faster as he hurriedly accepted his defeat despite being in so much pain. Many of his bones were broken.

"Oh well, it was fun while it lasted." Long Chen muttered as he once again thrashed him on the ground.

Long Chen left Prince Lu behind as he got off the stage.

"You're too brutal." Yu Tianhao said with a frown.

"You should have said that when someone's hand was cut off. I might have misunderstood your silence as it being allowed." Long Chen said with a chuckle as he faced Yu Tianhao.

Some servants came on the stage and took Prince Lu for treatment.

"Alright, Exams are over! The reward and selection ceremony will begin in 5 hours right here." Yu Tianhao said as he turned back and left the arena.

Long Chen and the others rested right there in the arena. Elder Yi had stayed behind with Long Chen.

"We still have 5 hours. How about I give you a tour of the Sect? We have some pretty amazing places." Elder Yi told Long Chen with a wide smile on his face.

"It's fine Elder. I don't feel like going anywhere."

"Oh, right, Will all the sect masters come here for the ceremony? "

"Yup, all 5 of them will come." 

"What about the people from Thunder Giant Sect? I heard that they came here to watch the exams. I didn't see them here?" Long been asked with a confused look on his face.

"They have a special status, thus we gave them a spectators mirror. They watched everything from the comfort of their room. I'm sure they will come with the Sect Masters."

"Oh, that's good," Long Chen said as he smiled behind his mask.

"Little friend, Do you want to join the Thunder Giant Sect?"

Without waiting for Long Chen's response, the Elder again spoke.

"I'm sure that you will be taken to the Thunder Giant Sect, but you should join our sect before that. Our sect master will arrange for your transfer to the Thunder Giant Sect." Elder Yi said with a smile.

"Oh, Don't worry. I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to do" Long Chen said as a serious look appeared on his face behind his mask.

Time kept passing away and soon the 5 hours were over. The arena was slowly filled by the elders who stood in lines to welcome the Sect Masters.

After a short time, The sect masters of 5 great sects of the Xuan Kingdom entered the arena. All of their gaze was on Long Chen.

Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect was at the front followed by the sect master of the striking sword sect then the sect master of Earthly mountain sect behind him was the sect master of Floating cloud sect.

They all wore luxurious clothes and a heavy aura surrounded them which showed off the incredible strength that they possessed.