Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1230 - 1230: Giving Redemption

Long Chen gently placed the brush back in his pocket as he stood in the center of the room.

"What fireworks?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning.

"You'll see soon. Just don't stay there if you don't want to die. Come near me," Long Chen reminded the Snake Monarch, gesturing for him to come closer. 

Snake Monarch came towards him, inside the formation that Long Chen had carved. 

"What next?" He asked. 

"Just wait. Don't go over the circle," Long Chen told the snake monarch as he bent on his knee. He gently placed his finger on one of the formation lines and started supplying the energy that was needed for it. 

As more and more energy was supplied, the formation started shining brighter and brighter until the whole room was filled with light. 

Snake Monarch didn't understand what was happening, but he soon saw something straight. A bright ray of light left the formation. Making a hole in the roof, it went to the sky. 

One after another, more and more such lights left the formation from the outer formation line, which was circular. These lights kept making holes in the roof until a big circular whole was on the roof. 

As they passed through the roof, they completely disintegrated the roof. Through the circle, Long Chen was able to have a clear view of the sky. Snake Monarch also looked up, amazed at what was happening. 


Fu Qua's team had just stepped out of the maze. They were all sitting on the ground, breathing heavily. Some even brought a bottle out of their storage ring and started drinking water as they wiped the sweat off their forehead. 

"If just the start was this bad, how bad is it going to be later? I thought we were never going to come out of that place."

"I thought the same. But we can't lose now. We can pass any obstacle lift like we passed that one. Isn't it right?" 

"That's right. Rest for five minutes, and then we'll..."

The men were talking amongst themselves when they all looked up. They had seen a beam of light shooting towards the sky from a distance. 

Not only them, but everyone else who was inside also saw the same thing. They could see the light shooting towards the sky. And one after another, more and more beams of lights kept doing the same thing. 

"What's happening?"

"I don't know. I studied extensively about this, but even I don't know about this. I don't think this ever happened before."

" It's coming from the core region. I don't think anyone could have gotten there so fast. What could have caused it?"

Even the people who were outside the town saw the strange light. Fu Qua and Hu Liman looked at each other, both seemingly confused. What was happening? What was it?

"Do you know anything about it?" Fu Qua asked. 

"Not a single thing. But I think it's coming from the central region of the Ghost Town. Only one person has the potential to reach there so fast. We both know who that person is... Don't we?" Hu Liman inquired. 

"You mean him? What is he doing?" Fu Qua wondered. 

"Could it be he is trying to give redemption to the spirits? That was what he said his goal was, wasn't it?" Hu Liman let out, laughing. 

"Didn't he say he'll wait until everyone is out? What the heck is he doing! If he did that, the entire town would be gone and all the treasures..." Fu Qua grew visibly upset as she saw what was happening. 

Even then, she wasn't sure that this was actually what he was doing; she still thought the worst. 

"Maybe he lied to you? Or maybe he changed his mind? In any case, he is too strong. We are no one to stop him. Let's just hope it's not true. If it is, we'll never get the brush from inside. It'll be gone forever," Hu Liman said, sighing. 

"I hope he isn't doing that," Fu Qua muttered as she observed more and more arcs of light going in the sky.

From the place she was standing, she could only see the light collecting in the sky. But only from where Long Chen was standing could someone have a clear view of what it actually was. 

In reality, the light was forming the same Formation that Long Chen had created on the floor on an even bigger scale. 

After five minutes, the formation was completed. 

"Let's take all the treasures here. Can't be late," Long Chen said as he picked up all the treasures in the room and kept them in his inventory, including the brush. 

Snake Monarch, on the other hand, kept looking at the formation in the sky. After the formation was completed in the sky, it kept getting bigger and bigger. Soon, the formation surrounded the entire town, and everyone realized what it was.

It was a large-scale formation that covered the entire town. 

Even all the Spirits looked towards the sky, staring at the formation. The Spirits that were attacking others had stopped as well. 

Everyone was looking at the sky. 

The formation covered the entire town and started flashing brightly. 

The whole place kept getting brighter and brighter until it was too bright. The humans were forced to close their eyes if they didn't want to go blind. 

Even Fu Qua and the others closed their eyes. Despite being outside the Ghost Town, they couldn't bear the light. 

It was only after ten minutes when the formation started dimming. Soon, it disappeared entirely as if it was never there. 

Everyone slowly started opening their eyes only to be gobsmacked. 

There was nothing there. There was nothing at all. They were standing on what seemed like a barren land. There were no houses. There were no roads, and there were no streets. 

Everyone looked at each other, wondering what had just happened. 

Soon, they all looked in the direction where that first beam of light had come from. Long Chen was standing there with his hands behind his back like an expert. 

Fu Qua clenched her fist in rage and frustration. She understood Long Chen had done it. He actually destroyed the Ghost Town even though he had promised to do it after the exploration of everyone else was over. But he didn't wait at all. 

It hasn't even been a few hours, and it was already done. There was nothing left here. The town was gone. And all its treasures were gone as well. She wasn't sure of it, but she believed they were never going to see the Ghost Town again.