Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1116 - 1116: Please Leave

"And you, white-dressed beauty standing in the middle of the old men! I am getting bored! Start dancing for me!" He said to the Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect. 

Hearing those words, even Long Chen couldn't control his laughter. 

"Hahaha! Snakey, you're too much," Long Chen said, laughing out loud. 

His laugh was heard even by the people on the ground. 

The Sect Members were already surprised that the giant god-like snake could talk, but when they heard a second voice, they grew even more stunned. 

"Someone is on top of this beast?" One of the Grand Elders asked.

"Why does it feel like I heard this voice before?" The Sect Master muttered to herself as she tried to remember.

The voice seemed awfully familiar, but she couldn't place her finger on it. 

Chu Miao also reached there as she stood behind the Grand Elders and looked up. 

CIs Long Chen really back? He was being chased by all the Major Sects, but no sect was able to catch him as he disappeared, never to be found again. 

Was he finally coming back?

She could also hear the laughter of a man coming from the top of the Snake Monarch, which gave her a feeling that it was actually Long Chen. The voice matched perfectly. 

Even though she realized that it was Long Chen, she didn't say anything. She didn't want to say anything and expose him if he didn't want to come forward. 

She just looked up, wondering if he was going to show himself. 

Long Chen finally stood up on top of the Snake Monarch before he jumped down, landing on the ground, revealing himself.

The Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect saw Long Chen and her mouth opened as she realized why she found this voice familiar. 

"Long Chen, it's you?" She exclaimed in shock. "How did you get such a strong beast?" 

"Greetings, Sect Master; I'm surprised you're still in the sect. I thought you would have been kicked out by now," Long Chen replied as he smiled innocently. 

"Long Chen? Is he Long Chen? The boy who was our previous head disciple? I heard about him, but I never got a chance to see him. Is he the same guy?" One of the disciples asked his fellow friend, stunned.

"That's right; he's Long Chen. The legend of our sect who became the Head Disciple within months of joining our sect. He really was a legend," another disciple replied.

"Wasn't he being chased by the top sects, including the True Dao Sect and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect! He still dared to come back?" The first disciple asked while keeping his voice low. 

"What dared to come back. Can't you see the beast he was riding? It's such a strong beast; if it were my tamed beast, even I would've dared to do anything. I wonder how he tamed such a strong beast," the second disciple answered. 

"Long Chen, I had really thought that you were dead, killed by Mi Yao. You really fooled me at that time. Why do you come back now? Just because you got a strong beast, you think you can take on all the major sects?" The Sect Master asked Long Chen. 

"Please leave this sect. Your Heaven Realm beast might be strong, but it can't face eighteen Heaven Realm Sect Masters that want you dead. And I can't face their wrath either. If they knew that their enemy was here, they would destroy our Sect!" She further said, pleading with Long Chen. "Please leave! Don't bring trouble to us!" 

As for the reason she was talking with such respect and pleading with him, it was because she was influenced by the Snake Monarch. The Heaven Realm beast that was flying above her head was really effective against her since she knew that she alone couldn't handle it. 

If the Snake Monarch wasn't here, let alone talking with such respect and pleading for Long Chen to leave, she might have even imprisoned him. 

Her son was killed by Long Chen, after all. 

"Don't worry, Sect Master. No one will destroy this place as long as I'm here. The only one who can destroy this place is me, and I won't do it since this is the beloved sect of someone," Long Chen told the Sect Master as he started walking in a different direction. He had already seen the one he was looking for. 

One of the grand elders watched Long Chen coming towards him, and he grew surprised and somewhat concerned. Why was he coming to him? He wondered. 

As Long Chen reached him, he didn't stop as he walked past him and stopped before Chu Miao, who was standing behind him. 

"Your growth isn't bad, already in the First stage of Sky Realm. I thought you'll be in the Peak Earth Realm, pretty good," Long Chen told Chu Miao as he observed her Cultivation.

"What can I say to you, I can't even see your cultivation, but I'm sure your growth has been better than mine. It was already monstrous when you were here," Chu Miao replied.

She glanced at the Snake Monarch and continued, "As for that big guy, I don't think I can even talk about his growth. He has grown so strong."

"Don't tell that to him, or his arrogance will grow more. It's already hitting the sky," Long Chen replied as he smiled. 

Mingyu and Zhiqing also stood up and jumped down the Snake Monarch before they walked to Long Chen and stood behind him like jealous wives.

"Aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?" Zhiqing asked as she tapped Long Chen's shoulders. 

"Sure, Mingyu, Zhiqing, she is Chu Miao, the girl I told you about," Long Chen told his wives as he introduced Chu Miao. 

"And Chu Miao, these two are Zhiqing and Mingyu," Long Chen said as he introduced his wives, but he didn't forget to add to the introduction. "They are my wives."

"Wives?" Chu Miao seemed a bit taken aback at the revelation. As she allowed Long Chen to go away last time, she has chosen the sect instead of him. But only after he left did she realize that she was in love with him. Unfortunately, it seemed too late at that time. 

She always regretted her choice, but now that Long Chen was back, she had thought that she had another chance but the way 

Long Chen introduced his wives; it was clear from his eyes that he loved them. The way he looked at them was different from the way he looked at her. Just from that gaze itself, it was clear to her that she had lost her chance.