Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1268 - 1268: The Statue

"Ah, that is a Snake Monarch, right? It's been so long since I last saw him. So that's the friend you were talking about?" Tribe Leader Hua asked, looking at the Snake Monarch. "I thought they had gone extinct."

"Gone extinct, or you made them go extinct?" Long Chen asked.

"Same thing. It doesn't matter though. They were just beasts. It was fun hunting them though. The only thing I hated was how much they talked. I mean, seriously, I was hunting them. Instead of being scared, they not only kept fighting back but also kept cursing us," Tribe Elder Hua exclaimed. 

"We never had this problem with other beasts. But then again, that's what made these ones so unique."

"In any case, why do you care if they died? They were just some random beasts that are of no importance. For these wild beasts, you came here to face your death? How stupid can you be?" He asked. 

"But then again, you're certainly good at stealth. No wonder you were so arrogant in coming here. It won't work on me though."

"You know something?" Long Chen asked as the man finished. 

"What?" Tribe Elder Hua asked.

"You talk too much," Long Chen replied, sighing. 

"Fine. I won't talk now. I'll simply kill you and then skin that snake alive," Tribe Elder Hua exclaimed, bringing out a spear from his storage ring. 

The woman inside the cell was sitting near the wall, scared. 

She was surprised that anyone could dare to stand against the Tribe Leader of Dark Tribe, that too for a beast. She hoped that Long Chen was going to win.

'Huh?' Suddenly, she grew confused as she saw Long Chen moving. 

Long Chen simply walked to the other side, but Tribe Leader Hua wasn't keeping his eye on Long Chen. Instead, he kept his eye on where Long Chen was standing before.

Not only that, but Tribe Leader Hua also started running towards empty air, confusing her even more. 

He thrust his spear towards the place where no one was standing. On the other hand, Long Chen simply stood on the side with the sword in his hand. 

'What's happening?' The woman thought, not understanding a thing. It was as if Tribe Leader Hua had gone crazy. 


Tribe Leader Hua attacked Long Chen, who stood in front of him with a smirk on his face. He didn't even move as the spear came towards him. 

The spear soon stabbed the chest of Long Chen. Tribe Leader Hua didn't face any resistance to his Spear as he stabbed Long Chen as if he had just stabbed empty air. 

A sense of impending doom engulfed him, making him jump back. Unfortunately, as soon as he jumped, a sword came from the back, stabbing him. 

"Urgh!" The Tribe Leader coughed out a mouthful of blood, looking down at the sword which had penetrated his heart. 

He flew ahead, letting the Sword come out of his chest. He hastily swallowed a healing pill, holding his bleeding chest. 

"I'm faster than that pill." Long Chen's voice fell in his ears again as Long Chen teleported behind him, again swinging his sword to separate the head of Tribe Leader Hua. 

"Enough!" The Tribe Leader once again prepared to dodge, but that's when he felt like time had stopped. He froze in place. It lasted for a short moment only, but that much time was enough for Long Chen to kill the Tribe Leader. 

Tribe Leader Hua's head rolled on the ground. His body also dropped. 

"See? What would you have done without my help? You're lucky to have a mentor like me."

"Come on; I couldn't handle him without your momentary time freeze. He wasn't that fast. I simply overestimated him from all I heard about him. This guy was nowhere as strong as me. No credit to you."

As the Tribe Leader died, the banter between the Snake Monarch and Long Chen began for the credit. 

"I-is he dead?" The woman in the back asked. 

"Yeah. He died," Long Chen replied. "You're all free now."

The woman looked happy to hear that she was free, but her eyes became dim again. 

"What happened? Are you not happy that you're free?"

"What free? We aren't from this city? Even if we leave, we'll be caught by the Royal Guards before we can even get out of the city. They'll frame us all for what happened here," the woman replied. "We're going to die anyway."

She looked towards the body of Tribe Leader Hua, "At least we can be happy that this bastard is dead."

Long Chen rubbed the back of his head, thinking something. 

"Do one thing. Free all the women from the cells and wait outside the tower for me. I'll help you. Might as well do something nice," Long Chen said, shaking his head. He left the tower.

The woman in the cell wore her clothes after Long Chen left. She approached the clothes of Tribe Leader Hua and took the master key, which could open all cells in this tower.

Standing up, she left her cell to help others. 


Long Chen went to the fourth and the last tower, which also had a few people, but it was also a place that intrigued Long Chen the most. It was the treasure tower.

As the Dark Tribe was a very old and powerful clan, it possessed many treasures. They also received the benefits because they were associated with the Northern Emperor, who gave them plenty of treasures. 

The Treasure Tower contained a lot of treasures that were of the peak quality. Each treasure that was kept here was enough to make even the greatest cultivator lust after them. 

Long Chen didn't know what most of these treasures were or what they did, so he simply kept them all in his inventory as he kept going from floor to floor in search of Dark Tribe members. 

Just as these people had hunted the Snake Monarch Clan, killing almost all of them, he wanted to kill all of them. 

After climbing all the floors and taking thousands of treasures, Long Chen stopped at the highest floor, which was already empty. There was only a man's statue at the top. 

"Another statue? Man, don't tell me this one is also possessing an ancient soul?" Snake Monarch asked, approaching the human-like statue.

"There can't be that many coincidences. But still, just to be safe, don't break this one," Long Chen reminded the Snake Monarch, approaching the statue as well. 

He touched the statue to feel its texture. 

"Name: Long Chen

Age: Twenty-three

Height: Six Feet

Species: Human


As soon as Long Chen touched the statue, it started speaking, talking about him.