Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1320 - 1320: Like A Sect

"Crimes? I guess that's what they called it. I didn't do anything though. I simply slept with the wife of a Heavenly Warrior. Who knew that the situation was going to get so bad that they would toss me here?" Zia Uzhi let out, rolling his eyes. 

All the prisoners were walking towards the left of the corridor. 

"Ah, you really slept with a Heavenly Warriors wife? No wonder you're here. I mean, anyone could have guessed this if that was what you did. I can't blame the Heavenly Warrior," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head.

But he also found it amusing. The man had basically put a green hat on a Heavenly Warrior. No wonder the Heavenly Warriors got pissed.  .

"Hey, it's not because I wanted to sleep with that lady. You can't blame me for that," Zhi Uzhi let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Then why would you?" Long Chen asked. 

"It's because I wanted the Book of Tempura from the lady. Her husband had found it, and he was going to hand it over to the Heavenly Emperor as soon as he left his Cultivation Chamber."

"Until then, he kept the book safe in his home. One day, I entered his house to steal the book when he wasn't there. And I was caught by his wife," Zia Uzhi explained. "And you can guess what happened next. She fell for my charms and instead of exposing me, promised to let me take that book if I satisfied her for one night."

"Nonsense. With that body?" Long Chen didn't believe the story. The man looked like a twelve year old kid. There was no way a lady was going to ask him for that with those looks. 

"Calm down, kiddo. I didn't look like that at that time. I used to look like a handsome young man. It's only after I was caught by the Heavenly Warriors that I used my skill to turn me into a kid, thinking they won't punish me after seeing my cute looks."

"Who knew they weren't going to melt? I was sent here to spend my entire life trapped. Moreover, I can't even go back to my old looks since the effect of this skill lasted for five hundred years. So until then, I'm stuck in this."

As Zia Uzhi talked, he made it feel like he was really sad and upset because of what had happened. But to Long Chen, the story sounded childish. 

Most people were probably here for big crimes while this man was here for sleeping with a lady? 

He scratched the back of his head. "Can't say I don't pity you. You're here for a small crime like that."

"Save your pity for yourself, kiddo. At least I'm here for a crime. You, on the other hand, are here for no crimes. You're in a more pitiful situation than me," Zia Uzhi retorted, rolling his eyes again. 

"That reminds me. What was so special about the book you wanted to steal?" Long Chen asked. 

"That book? I have no idea. It was found in a newly discovered ruin, so I thought it must be special. That's why I stole it," Zia Uzhi answered.

"You didn't even read it after stealing?" Long Chen inquired, stunned. 

"I couldn't. I was being chased by the Heavenly Warriors as soon as I received the book. So I hid it to make sure that they couldn't find it. I didn't have the time to read," Zia Uzhi replied. 

"That's sad. You got so close to the treasure, even getting to prison. In the meantime, the book landed in the hands of the Heavenly Warriors while you couldn't even read," Long Chen muttered, sighing.

"Book landed in their hands? Nonsense! Even their grandfather can't find the book in a place where I hid it," Zia Uzhi retorted. 

"How can you be so sure?"

"Who can be if not me? Those people come every month, trying to convince me to give up the book's location, saying they'll have my punishment decreased by a hundred years in exchange," Zia Uzhi answered. "That can only mean one thing. They haven't located the book!"

"They can have your published decreased? Why don't you accept the offer then? Isn't it better than spending life in prison?"Long Chen asked. 

"Kiddo, do you have any idea what my prison sentence is? Hundred years from my sentence is like a water droplet in the sea. It's useless." 

"I want them to remove my complete sentence, but they don't listen either, saying it'll set a bad precedent where people will think that sleeping with their wives was fine. That's right; they don't listen. That's also why we're stuck in a stalemate."

"Wait! So you have contact with Heavenly Warriors?! You can help me then! Can you talk to them about my problem and tell them how I'm innocent? Or get Heavenly Emperor to talk to me somehow?" 

"Sorry, kiddo, but that won't help. Moreover, meeting Heavenly Warriors isn't that hard. In fact, you'll meet a few where we're going. You can talk to them, but as I said, it'll be useless. They aren't going to listen," Zia Uzhi explained, sighing. 

"I can't give up without even trying," Long Chen said, clenching his fist. "So, where are we going?"

"Where are we going? We're going to have our freedom," Zia Uzhi said, smiling. 


"That's right. Well, what's left of it at least," Zia Uzhi clarified. "What I mean is that we are allowed to leave the binding in the morning, so we could go outside."

"Outside? Can we use our powers there?" Long Chen asked. 

"Hahaha, did you think they would let us?" Zia Uzhi asked, bursting into laughter.

"When I said we're allowed to go outside,  I meant outside this building, not outside the person. The Heavenly Prison has a huge area that includes the arena outside, gardens, training grounds, libraries, and many more. In fact, it's no less than a sect," Zia Uzhi exclaimed. 

"When we look at that, it's not really that bad a place. The only restriction we have is that we aren't allowed to leave the Heavenly Prison in its entirety. Well, we couldn't even if we wanted to, since there is a powerful barrier outside, cast by the Heavenly Emperor himself!"

"If the barrier even touches you, you'll be turned to smoke! So don't even try!"

"What do you mean this prison is like a sect?"

"Is it that hard to guess? You can think of this place as a sect where you can climb the hierarchy to get more facilities. You can think of us as the outer sect disciples. We live in the cells at night, unable to leave the cells, but there is a different set of prisoners too!"