Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 993 - 993: Caught In Scheme

Lu Wang and Long Chen stepped inside a beautiful room that was decorated with beautiful plants and seemed to have a nature theme. 

A beautiful silver table was placed in the middle of the room, whereas two golden glasses were placed on the table. 

"Please take a seat. We'll have the food served right away," the women told the two Royals before they left the room. 

Lu Wang took one of the chairs, whereas Long Chen took another chair as the both of them started waiting for the food to arrive. 

"So, this is a nature-themed restaurant?" he asked the Prince.

"Yeah. It's the most famous place here. The food here is something that you'll find nowhere in this continent," Lu Wang told them. 

"As for the wine, it's a special whine that is only available in this place. People from far away come here to get the taste of that wine, but only the Royals and Nobles can taste that," he added as he placed his right hand on the table. 

"You're a part of us now. So this place is where we'll start the trip."

"So I'm a part of this exclusive club?" Long Chen asked, finding it somewhat amusing. This place was known for its food. That was understandable, but Lu Wang was making it sound like it was a miracle place. 

'I'm curious, though. Maybe the food actually might be amazing,' he thought. 

Lu Wang gazed towards the door and acted as if he suddenly remembered something. 


The sound of screeching filled the room as he slid the chair back while standing up.

"Stay right here. I'll be right back."

He strode towards the door and left the room, not forgetting to close the door behind him. 

"Did he forget something?" Long Chen muttered, wondering where this guy was going. 

He also thought that it was the perfect time to leave. His whole purpose of coming out of the palace was to have some alone time so he could talk to his family and tell them the situation. 

Now that he was alone, he could escape. 

He also stood up and left the place. 


"You understand what you have to do?" 

Lu Wang was sitting in a different room.

In the chair before him sat a voluptuous woman who was gazing at Lu Wang with his misty eyes. 

"I understand Prince Wang, but still, don't you think it's too much?" the woman asked Lu Wang. 

"Doing that to someone who is now a part of the Royal Family?" She muttered in uncertainty. "If someone found out the truth, I'll be killed."

"Don't worry. Nothing like that will happen. You just do as I say. I'll handle everything," Lu Wang told the woman. 

"Sigh, fine. If you say so."

The woman nodded as she stood up. 

She left the room. 


The voluptuous woman reached the room where Long Chen was supposed to be in. A tray was in her hand that was filled with the food.

She pushed the door open and stepped inside, only to be stunned after finding the room empty. 

"Where is that guy?" she wondered. 

After a long time, she nodded her head. Even though that guy wasn't here, she could still put the plan in motion. Too bad that the impact wasn't going to be as such. 

"Why should I care? That guy will handle everything," she thought as she nodded her head. 

She walked closer to the table and placed the tray on it before she took a deep breath. She walked back to the door and locked it.

She started tearing off her clothes while revealing her fair skin. Soon, she was stark naked. Shreds of her clothes were lying on the ground, all around the room. 

She started grabbing her breasts and her arms to make hand marks on them. She even left some scratches on her body. 

"Sigh, this is so embarrassing," she muttered as she scratched herself before she used her hand. Bringing her hand between her legs, she used her finger to pleasure herself as she laid down on the ground. 

Within a few minutes, she had her orgasm—shiny liquid-like substance laid on the ground between her legs. 

"Preparation complete, time for the final step."

She brought a pill out of her storage ring and swallowed it. The pill was enough to make her lose consciousness. She remained on the ground, unconscious. 


Lu Wang was standing with a few women who worked in the Flower Pavillion. 

"You did good in finding my ring," he nodded his head in appreciation as he looked towards the woman. 

As he had walked inside the Pavilion previously, he intentionally dropped his ring. After leaving Long Chen, he met with the voluptuous woman before he came to these workers and asked them to find his time. 

These people searched for some time before eventually finding the ring. 

After getting the ring, he started walking back to the room they were provided with. 


Lu Wang opened the door of the room and stepped inside, only to find the woman lying on the ground, unconscious. 

"Where is that guy? Did he run away in fear?" he wondered. 

'Whatever, time to attract attention.'

He took a deep breath before he yelled out loud, "Long Chen, you bastard!"

His scream, filled with Qi, attracted the attention of the workers of the Pavillion along with the other guests. 

They all came running towards him only to hear him scream again. 

"You Bastard! Despite being married to my sister, you dared to **** another woman, that too, a commoner who was just serving food here? Not only that, you dare to run away!"

"What? The Prince Consort raped a commoner?"

The guests were shocked and couldn't believe it. They walked closer to Lu Wang to look inside the room where they saw an unconscious woman. 

The liquid between her legs was showing that something intimate had taken place here, but her clothes were saying that she was probably forced?

She was also unconscious. Did he use some sneaky trick? They wondered. 

The women that had greeted Long Chen and Prince Lu Wang also seemed disgusted. 

They ran towards the woman who was their fellow worker and tried to cover her with clothes. 

"What the heck? He seems so decent! Who knew that he was actually a monster inside that gentle disguise?" One of the women snorted with a hateful gaze. 

"I pity the Princess. She married a guy like that? How sad," another Woman thought as she frowned. 


Long Chen had just finished the conversation with his father in an isolated place to update him on what had happened with him and how he was safe. He even told him that he probably couldn't meet them for a few months or longer before he walked back.