Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1288 - 1288: Forced To Involve

"Send the Phoenix Queen inside," the Black Tortoise Master told her men who left, hearing the order. The men soon left to inform the Phoenix Queen. 

The doors once again opened as a red-haired lady stepped inside. Her hair seemed to be the same shade as the brightest flames. As for her eyes, they were a darker shade of red. 

The woman was wearing a flaming red gown as she walked proudly.

"Greetings. How did the glorious queen of Phoenixes decide to visit this old man?" The Black Tortoise Patriarch asked, frowning. 

"Zhu Cheng, are you messing with me? What Glorious?" The red-haired lady asked. "As for why I'm here, can't I come to visit you?"

"Of Course you can.. I'm just curious as to why you came now and not once in the last three thousand years," the Black Tortoise Patriarch asked. "Enough going in circles. Tell me how I can help you?"

"Fine. I'll tell you straight. I need your help!" The red-haired woman let out, getting to the topic. 

"For you to ask me for help? Something big must have happened. What is it?" Zhu Cheng asked, frowning. 

"I want you to help me find someone," the red-haired woman replied. 

Her request forced Zhu Cheng to sigh. 

'I'm unable to find my own son at this time. How can I help someone else?' he thought, smiling wryly. 

"Fine. Who do you want to find? I'm not sure if I can help you, but I can certainly try," he ultimately said. 

"It's about my daughter. She ran away from home," the red-haired woman said. "I'm already taking the help of everyone in my clan to find her, but I know that's not enough. So I came to ask you for help."

"Your daughter ran away from home too?" Zhu Cheng asked, stunned. "Why is it that everyone is running away from home nowadays?"

"Hmm? What do you mean everyone? Did your daughter run away too? Wait, you don't even have a daughter as far as I know." The red-haired Woman grew confused at his words. 

"I know. I'm talking about my son. That idiot also ran away."

"Huh? Why would your son run away? Were you also trying to get him married?" The Phoenix Queen asked. 

"Get him married! My son is only a kid! How can I get him married? Instead, he ran away, saying he wanted to visit the mortal worlds and have some fun since he was getting bored here," the Black Tortoise Patriarch explained. 

"Ah, right. I forgot you have a different life cycle. When people turn adults in our clan, they're still kids in yours. Anyway, I don't think you need to be concerned about it. He's young. He just wants to have fun."

"After seeing all the Mortal worlds, he'll return. Now it's different in my case. I don't think my daughter will ever return. I need to find her!"

"Why did your daughter run away?" The Black Tortoise Patriarch asked. "Wait, because you were getting him married? Was she upset? Were you forcing her?" 

"Ah, probably. She's old enough to marry. I also had a good guy in my mind. I just told him that it would be good if she got married. I might have said it a bit too many times though," the Phoenix Queen accepted, sighing deeply. 

"A few days ago, I found a letter in her room," she added as she gave a letter to the Black Tortoise Clan Master. 

The old man opened the letter and started reading it.

"She said that she was annoyed by my constant talking about her marriage and that she's leaving to live an independent life. She also said that she's never going to return."

"That's why I need to find her! I need to bring her back so I can apologize to her," the Phoenix Queen explained the contents of the letter even when the Black Tortoise Master was reading them. 

"Your situation does seem bad. But the result is the same. Both of our kids are away from home," The Black Tortoise Patriarch said. "I think your daughter should be in the Mortal World too. That's the best place to hide for her. There are many choices there."

"What do you think?" he asked. 

"Probably. I doubt she would go to any higher worlds. But if she were to go to a higher world, she would choose the Heaven. So she is probably hiding in Heaven, Immortal World, or the Mortal Worlds. I don't think she would go to other Beast Realms." Phoenix Queen agreed. 

"I'll tell my men to search for your daughter too as they comb through the mortal worlds," the Black Tortoise Patriarch agreed. "As for the Immortal World and Heavenly Realm, you can send your people. My resources are already thin since my men are searching thousands of Mortal Worlds."


While a long-range search was being planned in the Black Tortoise Realm involving two Heavenly Beast Kings, one of the targets was inside the Beast World, facing enemies. 

Zhu Chang had already restricted his strength so he could make the Battle more challenging. 

Two Snow Beasts ran towards him. The Claws of the Snow Beasts increased, becoming longer and as sharp as blades.

One of the Snow Beasts reached Zhu Chang and slashed with his claws, attacking the neck of Zhu Chang. 

The speed of the Snow Beast was so fast that all the Blood Dragon Emperor saw was a shadow before he found the Snow Beast's claw just inches away from the neck of Zhu Chang. 

He could barely see anything at all.

"You're too slow," Zhu Chang commented, sighing. He grabbed the hand of the Snow Beast just when it was about to slice his neck. "And people call us slow? This world is so biased."

The Snow Beast's eyes opened wide as her eyes turned redder. He slowly looked down, realizing that Zhu Chang's hand was stuck inside the hand, grabbing his heart. 

Before he knew it, Zhu Chang pulled his hand out, bringing the heart with it. He crushed the heart of the Snow Beast right before his eyes

"I must say, I expected your heart to be a little colder, like your hands. I'm disappointed," Zhu Chang said, tossing the crushed heart to the side. 

He also tossed the body of Snow Beast at the same time before glancing at the next Snow Beast, who was frozen in place, stunned. "Why are you standing there? I've also restricted my strength now. What more do you want?!"

Standing in the back, Long Chen observed the battle of Zhu Chang, which looked less like a battle and more like a mocking event.