Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 224 - 224: I Was Late

His eyes opened wide in shock as he saw the long family walking on the streets in front of his hotel. It looked like they were shopping.

There was Long Ren, Long Xue Ying, Xue, Mei. They stopped in front of a shop as they began looking at things.

Long Chen stood still behind the window as his eyes never left them. His grandfather... One of the two important family members he actually cared about... Then there was Xue and Mei, whom he already considered his woman. Long Xue Ying... his first kiss... the woman he still held some feelings for. The feelings that he himself couldn't understand.

"I... I have been gone for a long time… They must be worried. I must talk to them so that they aren't worried. Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect has left, and no one knows what the killer actually looks like. It should be alright for me to go out now." Long Chen said to himself to convince himself.

He turned back and left the room. He went down the stairs in a hurry and crossed the threshold of the hotel, stepping his feet on the street outside the hotel.

He looked towards the direction where he saw them standing previously, but the spot was empty. His family wasn't there anymore.

He ran in that direction.

"Ah.. The people that were standing here a little while ago... where did they go?" Long Chen asked the shopkeeper.

"The people that were looking around? They went in that direction and turned left at the first turn." The shopkeeper pointed towards the other end of the road.

"Thank you for the help!" Long Chen thanked him and ran in the direction he was told.

"What??? Are you saying that he killed the disciple of a Sky Realm cultivator in front of his eyes?" Back at the Glorious Blossom Sect, Prince Lu had woken up after being unconscious for the whole night.

He couldn't believe it when he was told about the events that transpired after he lost consciousness.

He felt a chill run down his spine when he was told about it in great detail.

"I...I offended someone who was possibly from an empire?" His head was aching the more he thought about it. His heart was beating faster and he found it hard to breathe.

"Yeah... Even though he left you alive, We can't be sure if he will never come back to you. You better stay with me for the next few days! " The Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect said to Prince Lu in full seriousness. 

He had seen how easy it was for that masked boy to kill people, he couldn't let his nephew die as well. He was a grade 6 talent after all.

"Please, God! Don't let me see that calamity ever again." Prince Lu prayed to god as he tried to control his shivering.

"Those necklaces look good. Do any of you want those? I'll pay." Long Ren noticed a small shop that was selling jewelry. He said to the girls as he pointed towards the soap.

"Sure! Xue, Mei Let's go check it out! I am now the outer sect disciple of the Glorious Blossom Sect. It's my treat!" Long Xue Ying said with an excited look on her face as she grabbed the hands of Xue and Mei. She took them to the Shop. Long Ren followed them with a smile.

All three of them looked around the shop for a long time before they finally selected a necklace for themselves.

"How does it look on me?" Long Xue Ying showed the necklace she had selected to Xue and Mei as she asked for their opinion.

"It looks quite good." Came the reply, but it was neither the voice of Xue nor the voice of Mei that said it.

All four of them turned back in the direction where that voice came from as their mouth opened wide.

"Little bastard, We finally found you!" Long Ren said as a smile bloomed on his face. 

Long Chen was standing in front of him. 

The eyes of Xue and Mei had already begun getting wet as they gazed at the face they longed to see for such a long time. To them, it felt like they hadn't met Long Chen for years.

He took a step forward and placed his hands on the shoulders of Long Chen.

"I'm not letting you run away again, you hear me? Do you know how worried I and your mother have been?" Long Ren said as he chided Long Chen.

"I know grandfather, but..." Long Chen said to him.

"No, but! You don't need to explain. It's already good enough that we found you." Long Ren cut him off in the middle as he said.

"Oh, right, You came here to participate in the sect entrance exam, didn't you? Then why weren't you there?" Long Ren asked Long Seeing Long Chen here made him believe that he was here for the exams.

He wondered why he didn't see Long Chen in the exams.

"I… Well, I got l here just now. Apparently, I was late." Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

"Oh, It is alright. You're still young, you can take part in the exam after 4 years as well. Anyways, You'd be glad to know that our little Xue Ying has managed to enter the top hundred of the Sect Entrance Exam. She is now the outer sect disciple of the Glorious Blossom Sect!" Long Ren said with a bright smile on his face.

"Wow, really? Glorious Blossom Sect… That's Amazing!" Long Chen said with a shocked look on his face. Although he had already known about it, since he was already there at that time, he still pretended to act surprised.

"Congratulations Miss Ying! " Long Chen said with a bright smile on his face as he looked towards Long Xue Ying.

"Ah... right. Thank you..." She responded after looking blankly at him for a minute.

"Xue… Mei..." Long Chen shifted his gaze to the side and gazed at Xue and Mei.