Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 848 - 848: Let The Play Begin

"Do it!" Wu Lia said, insisting Xu Liang to stab Ming Lan, who was frozen in time.

Xu Liang stopped hesitating since he knew that he needed to do it.

Without waiting for even a second more, he closed his eyes and thrust the knife towards the chest of Ming Lan.

A smile appeared on the face of Wu Lia.


Blood started dripping on the ground.

Xu Liang opened his eyes slowly with a complicated look on his face. 

Wu Lia also seemed to be stunned. How did this happen so fast? How was he here?

The two boys saw someone that shouldn't be there.

Long Chen was there. He was standing right beside Ming Lan. His right hand was holding the rusted black sword while his left hand was holding the blade of Xu Liang's knife.

As the knife was sharp, Long Chen's skin was cut. The blood was dripping on the ground, but Long Chen didn't make any noise.

"What did you think you were doing!" he thundered furiously as he glared at Xu Liang. He took the knife and threw it to the side.

"Is this how you treat us after all we did for you? You actually tried killing the woman who treated you like her real son?" he roared.

"What did you do for me? What the hell did you do for me? You took everything from me! You caused my grandma's death! You took her life all so you could use me! Why should I care for you? Why should I care for your fake care?" Xu Liang yelled in anger as he stepped back.

Long Chen was stunned to hear his words. How did Xu Liang know that his Grandma was dead? Even if he knew, why was he blaming him? Even if he remembered the lost memories, it didn't make sense. 

Didn't he see his Grandma die with his own eyes? Didn't he see Long Chen killing the culprit with his own hands? Why was Long Chen blamed? He didn't understand.

"What are you talking about? Why are you blaming me? Your Grandma was killed before you! You saw it with your own eyes. I just happened to be there. I was the one who killed all the bandits there as well! How am I responsible for her death?" Long Chen asked.

"More lies! Didn't you say my Grandma was alive? Didn't you say you talked to her? You only lie and nothing else!" Xu Liang raged.

"I only said that because I didn't want you to worry! You are a kid, and I felt pity because you lost everything! That's why I took you along with m-"

"Enough lies! Stop telling lies after lies! I am not going to believe any lie!" Xu Liang roared as he again lost his control.

A powerful energy wave left his body like the first time when Long Chen had faced him.

"Oh F*ck!" Long Chen cursed as he realized what was happening. He immediately moved before Ming Lan and hugged her tightly, so she wasn't hurt. 

He could've Teleported, but he didn't have enough time, and he couldn't take Ming Lan while teleporting anyway. So he did what he thought to be the best option and shielded her with his body.

"Interesting," Wu Lia muttered as he saw the energy wave. He also felt like it was too powerful since it wasn't affected by his power of time. To not be hurt, he disappeared. He appeared outside the hotel.

As soon as he left the hotel, the time-stopping power stopped. Ming Lan and everyone else was finally free as time started moving again.

"Long C-" Ming Lan was stunned. As soon as she came to her senses, she saw Long Chen hugging her, but before she could say anything, she was pushed back. She and Long Chen were tossed back. The two of them happened to crash through the window and fell outside.

Long Chen's back was burnt, but he used his Demon Monarch physique to keep himself safer. Fortunately, none of his bones were broken; however, he felt pain. His back was bleeding.

Long Chen and Ming Lan were falling outside the window. 

Four beautiful wings appeared behind Long Chen that was made using the Heavenly Demon Wings Skill. With the help of the wings, he started flying upwards to make sure that they didn't crash on the ground. He was still holding Ming Lan in his embrace.

There were still people walking here and there on the streets of the city. They heard the sound of glass breaking and looked upwards only to see what they felt like was an angel from the heavens.

Long Chen's wings were looking beautiful. His body wasn't looking to be in his best condition, though.

Long Chen flew straight up and landed on the roof of the hotel.

"W-what happened? Who attacked us? Why are you injured? Where is Liang'er?" Ming Lan asked.

As she was stuck in time, she didn't know that Xu Liang had tried killing her by stabbing her. She didn't know this at all. All she knew was that they were attacked by someone and fell outside. She couldn't help but worry about Xu Liang.

A wry smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he heard her concern.

As his left hand was cut, he didn't wish to touch Ming Lan's face with that. He shifted his Sword of Time in his left hand and freed his right hand.

He placed his right hand on Ming Lan's cheeks and squeezed them before he said, "My dear wife. He is perfectly fine, and so am I. It is just an enemy that tried to sneak an attack in. Now that I am outside, I'll take care of him."

Before Ming Lan could say anything, he continued, "Now I would appreciate it if you take a rest inside the Fake World so I can fight more freely."


Ming Lan was about to say something, but before she could finish, she was sent back to the Fake World.

"Sigh, I guess using the kid as a partner was a bad idea. I only ended up making him an even bigger enemy. I guess killing him is the best option after all," Long Chen muttered as he walked to the edge of the roof. 

Looking down, he saw another kid on the street that had been standing behind Xu Liang previously.

"Is he the one with the Law of Time? The one who caused this all?" Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Wu Lia.

Wu Lia gazed straight back as a smirk formed on his face.

His lips opened as if saying something.

Even though Long Chen couldn't hear, he felt as if the boy was saying, "Let the play begin."