Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1072 - 1072: Giant Formation

Making preparations in case he needed to leave, he turned back to look at Mingyu. 

"I'm sorry, but I have to send you to the Fake World, for now, to keep you safe and to make sure things go smoothly. Alright?" He asked. 

To his question, Mingyu nodded lightly. Since he said it was necessary, it must be. In any case, it was implying that he might need to leave to escape if it was a strong enemy. If that weren't the plan, he wouldn't have sent her to fake world instead of letting her stay safe beside her father. 

So she realized what he was trying to do. In any case, she had already decided that if he wanted to leave, she was ready. The war was over. And his parents were safe. She didn't need to worry about them anymore. 

"Wait, what are you saying? Where are you sending my daughter?" The Emperor asked, hearing his words. He knew that it was the day Long Chen died, and he had to keep his daughter as far away from him as possible. 

Without focusing much on the Emperor, Long Chen reached out his hand to touch Mingyu's face. Before anyone could understand anything, she disappeared. 

After finishing up, Long Chen finally looked at his father-in-law and said, "I sent her to someplace safe."

"What? What nonsense are you talking? Where did you send her? Bring her back! She's safer here!" The Emperor said, agitated. 

"She is safer with me. As for where I sent her, it's a place where no one can harm us. I'll tell you more after I see who it is that is trying to harm me. Bye for now," Long Chen responded before he smiled. 

But his smile changed to shocked expressions as he realized that something was wrong. He... He couldn't Teleport. 

He had tried to Teleport outside the palace after he finished speaking to see who it was that was calling him out, but it didn't work. It was as if there was some kind of an invisible power that was messing with his Teleportation. 

"Did you use that scroll again? Are you really planning to take me out now?" Long Chen asked the Emperor as he clenched his fist. These restrictions on his Teleportation, seemed pretty annoying, but it was also the same as the one he faced when he had gone against his father-in-law. 

At that time, Emperor Lu had also used a scroll that had a strange formation carved on it to stop him from teleporting. 

Only after he destroyed that Teleportation formation was he able to Teleport again. If it was the same, then it was undoubtedly some scheme of his dear Father in law who certainly seemed like he had a hand in it from the way he reacted. 

"Preposterous! Why would I use something like that against you now! I'm here, trying to help you! Tell me where my daughter is right now!" The Emperor said furiously. 

He knew who the enemy was. But now that his only daughter had also disappeared, he knew that Long Chen couldn't be allowed to die without answering. 

"Sorry, Father-in-law. But I'm keeping that information with me. Wherever she is, she is safe," Long Chen replied before he started flying out of the palace. 

It didn't matter if he could use the law of space or not. Hiding inside a closed space against an enemy that could blow up the entire building was more dangerous either way. 

"Wait! Tell me about my daughter!" The Emperor called out as he flew after Long Chen as well.

The only reason he was separating from Long Chen before was because he wanted to bring the scroll to stop Long Chen from teleporting. But Long Chen had already confirmed that he couldn't Teleport. So there was no need for that scroll. 

"I did tell about Long Chen's spatial abilities in my letter. I guess that's why they already took precautions to stop that. I underestimated them. But I can't let them kill Long Chen right away. I need to find out about Mingyu first. 

Long Chen stepped out of the Royal Palace a few seconds before Emperor Lu stepped out. But both of them saw the enemy at almost the same time. 

In the distance, a young boy could be seen flying in the sky. Dark clouds were covering the entire sky, and some mystical lines could be seen forming all around, creating what seemed like a web. 

Seeing that boy, Emperor Lu nodded his head. 

'It's confirmed. He is an envoy from the Immortal World. I feel he is stronger than me as well. He can only be from the Immortal World. Not good! I can see the killing intent in his eyes. He's certainly not here to catch Long Chen but to kill him,' the Emperor fell in a deep thought as he saw the boy. 

"He is too strong, but why does he look like a young kid? Some Cultivation skill?" He thought, curious. 

"Wait! I can't watch! Since he is here to kill Long Chen, he would kill in a single attack! I need to tell him not to kill!' 

The Emperor had decided to chime in. If it weren't for Mingyu, he wouldn't have done anything at all. He would have just stayed in the back and watched a Heavenly Demon clansman being killed. But he couldn't do that anymore. 

While the Emperor had some thoughts, Long Chen had a few of his own. 

He recognized the boy! It was the same boy that he had seen with Xu Liang. He was pretty sure that he was also the one that had made Xu Liang go against him by telling him the truth about his family being dead. 

Things were finally falling into place now. So this was the guy that had been after him for so long. This was the guy who was responsible for all his problems. 

"Who are you? Why do you want to harm me again and again?" Long Chen asked directly. 

"Don't worry, kid. It's not because you did something wrong. It's only because your death will bring us salvation. So please die for us and let us be free!" Wu Lia told Long Chen as a grin formed on his face. 

While keeping him engaged with his question, Long Chen had tried to think of a way to get out of it. There was a problem here. He couldn't Teleport. And seeing the lines in the sky, he was sure that it was because the entire Royal City was under some kind of strange Teleportation blocking formation.