Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1095 - 1095: Healing

Both Zhiqing and Mingyu pointed their swords towards the newly arrived person who had just entered the hut. 

Seeing two strangers in her home pointing their weapons at her, the owner of the house dropped the things that were in her hand.

"Take everything you want! Don't kill me!" She exclaimed with a pale face as she took a step back in fear.

Long Chen noticed the things that had fallen to the ground and realized that these were his clothes. The phoenix blood robe was also present there. 

He raised his gaze to look at the person and saw an old lady who seemed to be in her late seventies.

Long Chen couldn't help but glare at Xun. 

"You were calling this seventy-year-old woman a hot lady? You never cease to amaze me," Long Chen said sarcastically as he glanced towards Xun.

"What hot lady?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen as she heard his words. She looked at him suspiciously. 

"Hot lady? What do you mean? I said, lower your weapon and don't scare the innocent lady! She is the one that helped me when I was in danger!" Long Chen said, correcting his previous words. 

"Oh. You said you needed our protection. I thought we were in enemy territory," Zhiqing said as she lowered her Sword. 

She and Mingyu kept their swords back before they stepped towards the old lady. 

"Grandma, don't worry. We aren't here to rob anything. We are his wives. We are extremely regretful for pointing our weapons at you. We thought you were an enemy. Please forgive us," Mingyu told the old lady gently. 

"Ah, you're his wife? I'm so glad he is finally up. I was starting to get worried if he was ever going to wake up or not. I tried everything I could to help him. If he hadn't woken up today, I might have gone to the city to bring a physician," the old lady said as she stepped forward and picked up the clothes she had dropped. 

"Grandma, may I ask why you saved me? And where did you take my clothes?" Long Chen asked the old lady. 

"Saving you? It's because I saw you lying near the pond where I went to take water. You were heavily injured, but you were still alive. I just couldn't get myself to leave you dying there. I brought you back and gave you some treatment I could," the old lady said as she placed the clothes on the ground near Long Chen. 

"As for your clothes, they were covered in blood. After seeing them lying for so long like that, I decided to wash them," she said. "So, how are you feeling, young man?" 

"I feel like I'm dying. My entire body hurts, and I can barely move my hands and fingers, nothing else," Long Chen answered. 

"Of course. With the kind of injuries you had, you're lucky to be alive. I'd be surprised if you can walk in a few months. Your healing would be long," the old lady said, sighing.

"Only the miraculous healing pills can help you, but I'm too poor to be able to afford them. You'll have to heal on your own. I can only give light treatment," she added. 

"Don't worry. You already helped enough. In any case, even the best of healing pills are useless to me now. So it's fine even if you don't have a pill," Long Chen replied. 

"But months... I can't afford to stay in bed for months..." 

"Don't worry. You won't stay here for months. Your body and your natural healing is better than others. You'll heal faster," Xun reminded Long Chen. 

"God, I hope time moves fast," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the roof of the hut. 

Unfortunately, the time moved as it always did, extremely slowly. And it felt even slower to Long Chen, who was lying on the bed with nothing to do. 

Fortunately, even when he was in a condition like that, he could still cultivate, which helped him pass the time.

Throughout the day and night, he cultivated as long as he wasn't sleeping. As for the food and the rest, that was handled by Mingyu and Zhiqing, who stayed with him. 

During that time, Long Chen also told the two women about what had actually transpired. He talked about Mingyu's father and her mother being killed by the enemy. He didn't tell her about the betrayal of her father since that didn't matter anymore. It wasn't as if he had killed her father. 

If he talked about her father's betrayal, it was only going to show that he has a reason to kill her father. 

The news came as thunder inside the calm heart of Mingyu, who had thought that her family was alive. In just a moment, she had become an orphan with no family left. 

Fortunately, at the moment, Long Chen and Zhiqing were there to comfort her and remind her that she still had another family. 

For a few days, Mingyu remained sad, but with time, she came to terms with it.

The hut of the old lady wasn't big enough for all four of them; they had set up a tent right beside the hut where they had shifted Long Chen to not disturb the old lady longer.

The tent which they had was much bigger with all the facilities, including a soft and big bed. 

Time continued passing as days became weeks. The season changed as summer left as winter arrived in this place as well. 

Fortunately, within three weeks, Long Chen had finally healed enough to be able to move around. He could move his hands and legs. He could even walk for a bit but not for long. 

"At this speed, you should fully heal within a few more weeks. Then we can leave," Mingyu told Long Chen as she checked his arms. 

"A few weeks? No need. We can leave tomorrow," Long Chen replied. 

"What? Don't be so hasty. You're still not fully healed," Zhiqing chided Long Chen. 

"So what? I can move well enough. Anyway, it's not like I am going to be running a race. I'll be sitting on top of the Snake Monarch as we travel. The rest of the healing can be done on the way as well," Long Chen answered. 

"We still need to get back to our old world to see what the Saint King Tomb holds. The journey will be long anyway. With this, we can hit two birds with one stone. Utilize the time of travel for my healing," he further said. 

"Sigh, alright. We'll leave tomorrow."