Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1204 - 1204: Taking Something

Seeing all the women running towards him without any weapons, Long Chen could only pity them since he knew he could easily beat them, but he decided against fighting them. 

Instead, he simply teleported near the Princess again. ​​

The women that were trying to attack him were stunned as they saw him disappear again. They didn't understand where he could have gone. 

It was only when they looked towards the Princess that they realized that Long Chen was standing behind her. 

"Princess, be careful!" They called out. 

Princess Mimi also noticed Long Chen by now. She hastily created distance from Long Chen as she jumped away from him. 

"Princess, I don't think you or your friends can even get close to me, let alone break my legs. At Least not until I let them get close to me myself," Long Chen said, smiling. 

"If you want to continue this game, I don't have a problem either. I can play around all day. At Least I won't kill you," he further said.  

"You! Surrender yourself!" The Princess said as she pointed her finger at Long Chen. "You have no way out! You can't delay for an eternity!"

As she raised her hand, the towel that she had wrapped around her dropped to the ground, making her face turn red. She hastily bent forward and picked it up again as she covered her. 

"Oh, you'll be surprised at how long I can delay it for. Especially if you're going to compensate me like that again and again," Long Chen let out, smiling wryly.  

" At Least now that I'm free of any restriction, I don't need to be in a hurry," he further added. 

"You! I'll kill you myself!" the Princess said as she ran towards Long Chen, trying to beat him herself. 

Her speed seemed to be even faster than lightning as she moved; unfortunately, her towel again dropped. She didn't even realize it as she was more immersed in attacking Long Chen. 

She appeared near him and attacked as another key blade appeared in her hand. She was going to attack his non-vital areas to not kill him while also punishing him at the same time. 

Even though her movements were fast, to Long Chen, they seemed pretty slow. He could see even the most minor of details in her movement. 

He was amazed as he saw her movement skill. He could see that she was using a combination of flying and landing on the ground to execute this skill, but despite all that, her skill was being executed without any flaw. 

At Least not any flaw that he was capable of finding. 

Despite being amazed by the speed of Mimi, Long Chen still had an advantage of perception. His speed was also much faster than her. 

The Princess moved so fast that even her guards couldn't see her, but Long Chen moved even faster as he caught her hand, which was coming close to hitting his shoulder.

Grabbing Mimi's hand, Long Chen turned her hand backward, holding it against her back. 

"As I said, Princess, I can do it all day. It's not like I'll mind this closeness," he whispered in Mimi's ears, holding her hand tightly. The Qi knife dropped from her hand, disappearing. 

But Long Chen didn't hold her for long. He again freed her as he appeared in the distance. He stood with his back resting against the wall while folding his arms as if he hadn't done anything and he was just here for a show. 

" I'm giving you a chance again. Leave this place and forget about me. Because I already freed you twice. I won't free you a third time without taking something from you," he told the Princess, who clenched her fist. 

"You're too arrogant! Just because the Princess took a heavenly oath and went easy on you, you think you can talk to her like that! You're nothing but a coward who keeps running from us," one of the women told Long Chen arrogantly. 

"I was running? I guess you're right. Alright. I won't run anymore. How's that? If that satisfies you, then so be it. But remember it, I'll count it as the third try. So know what I said before," Long Chen retorted. 

"We'll see!" The women said as they started running towards Long Chen. 


Three minutes... Three minutes as all it took for Long Chen to bring every guard down on their knees, and that was all when he wasn't even serious. 

He hadn't actually hurt them since he found it to be a fun atmosphere. He really wasn't upset. In any case, it was his fault. 

"Princess, do you want to give it a try as well?" Long Chen asked the Princess, who was clenching her fist. 

"We lost. We'll leave you alone. You can leave," she told Long Chen. 

"Ah, Princess.  I think you're misunderstanding something. It's not you who can let me leave. It's I who needs to decide if I let you leave or not. It's the third attack on me, after all, even after my warning. I can't let it go just like that," Long Chen responded, seemingly amused.

"What do you want?" The Princess asked, squinting her eyes.

"What can you give?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"Gold, heavenly treasures, miraculous medicines, name it. What do you want? We'll just think we gave it to a beggar on the way," the Princess said, scoffing. 

"Ah, so I'm equivalent to a beggar here," Long Chen said, laughing. 

"You are. Despite being so strong, you fought with us youngsters, and now you even want to extort us. A cultivator as strong as you who's still hungry for treasures despite reaching that level, what can he be if not a beggar!" The Princess said, shaking her head. 

"Is that so? Alright. I've decided what I want," Long Chen said, smiling.

He stepped closer to the Princess, who was staring at him. 

He only stopped when he was a few inches away from the Princess. 

He raised his hand as if he was going to ask for something, but his hand didn't stop rising. Instead, he placed his hand behind the Princess' head as he suddenly pulled the Princess close, who was stunned. 

Before Mimi could even realize what was happening, she found a man's lips touching her own lips.

Long Chen kissed Mimi's lips, giving her the first kiss of her life. 

Mimi's eyes opened wide as she received something she hadn't expected before. A man's lips were touching her lips. 

As Long Chen kissed her, he kept her body close to him.