Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 913 - 913: Love And First Sight

Long Chen seriously gazed at the talisman that had beautiful lines. The lines certainly seemed mystical, as if they were created by a really knowledgeable person who made it effective as well as pretty like a work of art. 

'Mid Stage Heavenly Realm Cultivator? That's useless for me even if I was serious about buying it. I can already protect myself against people like them. Those aren't even a threat anymore. It would be a different matter if it could protect against attacks of Saint Realm Cultivators. It's useless as it is too low in defense,' he thought as he shook his head. 

The man noticed Long Chen's disinterested look and saw him shaking his head. He was certain that Long Chen wasn't interested in this certain talisman.

"We have some even more interesting protection talismans if it doesn't attract your fancy. Here, turn your attention to this one. This might not look as beautiful as the previous ones."

"The lines look crudely drawn as well, but it's certainly one of our best pieces. It was created by a very unorthodox Talisman maker who was very famous for his style once in a time. People said that he didn't know how to make proper lines, but despite all that, his Talismans certainly had the best defensive properties. Many people tried to copy his style, but none were able to."

"There was certainly something unique in him. Our shop paid a really good price to buy this from a seller," the man explained to Long Chen. 

Such praise and explanation certainly attracted the attention of Long Chen to this talisman. The history was very intriguing. This talisman could be anything but simple when created by a man like that. 

He asked, "What are its effects?"

"You remember how the previous talisman was able to stop one attack of mid Heaven Realm Cultivator? This talisman is completely the opposite. It can't stop any attack," The man answered.

"Hmm?" This answer made Long Chen completely stunned, as if the man was making a fool out of him.

How was this a better talisman if it couldn't stop any attack? Was this even a protection talisman or just a useless piece of paper with ugly-looking lines? He wondered.

"How is this better then?" Long Chen asked.

"That reaction is completely understandable. Many people react the same way when they hear the specialty of this talisman," the man laughed as he acknowledged Long Chen's reaction. 

"I'm sure they do. Now can you answer? What's better in this?" Long Chen asked again.

"Certainly. This talisman is special because even though it doesn't protect against attacks, it protects in a different way. A great man once said that a good offense is the best defense. This talisman uses the same principle. It created thousands of bows around the user, which shoot out towards the person that attacks you," the man answered.

"How is it a Protection Talisman and not an Attacking Talisman then? It doesn't protect but only attacks," Long Chen asked, seemingly confused.

"That's because it's not all it does. After attacking the enemy with the Arrow, it also acts as a Teleportation talisman and Teleports you five hundred meters away from that position. So it can save you from the attack that's coming towards you by Teleportation while simultaneously attacking the enemy," the man answered as a smile bloomed on his face.

"Interesting. This talisman is certainly useful. That man used the combination of two things simultaneously," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

'It kind of followed the same principle as the Sword Skill I created. While I used two laws simultaneously in an attack, this guy used two talisman effects in once.' he thought.  'He basically mixed Teleportation Talisman with attacking talisman without compromising on the effects.'

'Exactly. As I said, master certainly has a keen eye," the man said in a flattering tone.

"How much is its cost?" Long Chen asked, feeling genuinely interested in buying this item.

"It's cost is only three thousand Esteria Gold," The man answered.

"Hmm? Not bad. Stay here. I'll be right back with the money," Long Chen answered.

He didn't have the money to buy, so he actually wasn't going to come. The only reason he wasn't delaying any longer was because it was the right time to leave. He had seen the person he wanted. It was the perfect time to leave now.

"Sure. I'll keep this talisman ready for your return," the store helper nodded his head happily. He was happy that he had sold an expensive item. Even though it wasn't as expensive as the items downstairs, it certainly wasn't cheap. He was sure that he was going to get a good share of the money.

Long Chen pushed the door of the shop and stepped out of the shop right when a group of people was walking from the front of the shop.

He happened to hit the person before him. The mask that was covering his face fell down on the ground, revealing the handsome face he had created using the mask of mischief.

"Don't you have eyes?"

He had hit a blue-haired woman who glared at him, scolding him for being blind.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't looking," Long Chen answered as he apologized without delay while turning towards the girl.

He was making it seem like it was a complete accident while accepting his mistake. His acting was so good that it didn't seem like it was all planned by him at all.

The blue-haired woman saw Long Chen's face as he turned towards her; however, she only grew stunned as she saw the heavenly-looking face. Her face flushed red as her heart started beating faster as if it was going to pump out of her chest.

She had fallen for Long Chen. It would be more accurate to say that she had fallen for the handsome face that Long Chen had created using the Mask of Mischief. He had made it so handsome with the intention of making the girl fall for him.

He also covered his face with a half-face mask to make sure he didn't attract the attention of random girls. The only girl he wished to attract was the lady who was standing before him.

The blue-haired girl was none other than the girl who was about to fight the tiger-clawed woman from the Beastkin Empire. She was a contender for the ranking that was part of the Lightning World Team.

Long Chen looked at the ground innocently to find the mask. He picked up the half mask and covered his face again.

"I'm really sorry," he apologized once again before he started leaving.

"Wait!" The blue-haired woman called out suddenly.