Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1089 - 1089: Help Of Golden Sword

As for the lacking in the weapon, the man's strength made up for it. 

The Dark Sacrifice of Long Chen had increased Long Chen's strength by multiple folds, making him comparable to Peak Saint Realm Experts, but the man, on the other hand, didn't need any boost. 

His basic Cultivation itself was already higher than Saint Realm. Also, the Destiny Protection and the blessing was also giving him more strength, keeping him unaffected against Long Chen's darkness.

Moreover, when it came to Laws, both of them were already at the top of their game. Long Chen was a little lacking, and it seemed because even if he could use the laws he had to perfection, he only had a limited number of laws. 

As the swords of these two Warriors clashed, the outcome seemed clear since Long Chen was the one that was forced to take a few steps back. The man, on the other hand, stood calmly in his position. 

"Even your darkness can't help you," the man told Long Chen before he started walking towards Long Chen. 


Long Chen raised his Sword of Time which he threw towards the man. 

The Sword of Time advanced towards the man like a spear, intending to cut his body. 

"Useless," the man muttered as his figure flickered. He appeared two steps to the left as he continued walking. 

As for the Sword of Time, it continued flying as it missed the target. 

Since it wasn't a Spirit Sword, it couldn't come back on its own. 

"Tossing the Sword was probably the worst decision you could have made. Whatever, it only makes things easier," the man told Long Chen as he appeared before him and swung his sword.

Even though it seemed like a simple attack, it wasn't since Long Chen didn't see one man. He saw a mirage of ten of him, all surrounding him.

Tens of Swords were coming towards Long Chen from all directions, making it impossible for him to realize where to escape to. 

It was expected that Long Chen would Teleport away to escape. 

The man had already planned something against it as well. He had placed a temporary lock on the space, making it impossible for him or Long Chen to Teleport. 

In essence, he had sacrificed his ability to Teleport in exchange for Long Chen's ability to Teleport temporarily. 

These abilities could only be resumed if one of them died. Without that, none of them could actually Teleport. 


A shocked look appeared on the man's face as he realized that Long Chen hadn't tried to Teleport. Instead, Long Chen raised his hand towards one of the ten figures. 

Surprisingly, the figure he chose was actually the real one, unlike the nine fake ones. It was surprising that he managed to find the right one, but that wasn't shocking. 

Watching Long Chen's hand come towards him wasn't surprising since he was already attacking Long Chen. It was easy to slice Long Chen's hand right now. 

Despite having an opportunity to cut Long Chen's hand, he continued letting his sword move in the trajectory that was going to cut Long Chen's neck. It was evident by now that Long Chen wasn't going to dodge, which he appreciated since that made it better for him. 

It was the perfect time to kill this man. Unfortunately, the man felt danger. There was a sense of doom inside him that was telling him to stop the attack and escape. 

His sword was also resisting this attack as if telling him that it was a wrong plan. Since the Sword was made from the Sword of Destiny, he believed that not attacking was the right choice. The sword was certainly telling him not to attack at the moment. 

Listening to his inner voice, he stopped the attack just when the sword was a little distance away from Long Chen's skin. 

The man jumped to the side as soon as he stopped the attack without a single moment of delay. 

As he jumped to the side, he realized that a black sword had come flying to Long Chen's hand, which he caught from the sharp end. 

If the man hadn't dodged at the right time, the sword had stabbed his heart. 

The Sword of Time was back in Long Chen's hand. 

Even though the Sword of Time wasn't a Spirit Sword, and it couldn't fly on its own, it was still easy for Long Chen to bring it back. 

As soon as the Sword of Time flew past the masked man, Long Chen created a small Spatial Portal inside which the Sword of Time entered. Similarly, another portal was created from which the Sword of Time came out, advancing back. 

If the masked man hadn't dodged, he would be dead by now. He had underestimated the Sword of Long Chen, thinking that it couldn't come back. Thus the Golden Sword really helped him. 

"You're weak, but you're pretty annoying. In any case, I don't believe you can last in that form for much longer. The Darkness will run out sometime certainly," the masked man said as he stood up. "But killing you then will make things disadvantageous for me."

His eyes were staring at Long Chen as if gazing at the depths of his soul. 

Not replying to the man, Long Chen again tried to attack the man by teleporting near him.

Only now did he realize that he couldn't Teleport. Without thinking twice, he started flying towards the man, intending to attack.

The battle once again resumed, getting even more fierce. Golden light and dark light could be seen clashing left and right. The residue of their attacks was not only making each of them injured, but it was also destroying their surroundings. 

As they continued flying through the City, attacking each other, only rubble was left behind in their wake. 

Wherever their battle reached, thousands of people died, not because Long Chen or the man were Intentionally killing them but only because the destruction was just too much. 

In fact, both of them didn't even care about the ones that were flying as the consequences of their battle. 

The masked man was the only one who cared about killing innocents because of the risk of losing his protection, but at the moment, there was no risk of that either because of the current situation of Long Chen. 


Right outside the city, Orion was lying unconscious, not knowing that his life was in such a grave danger. If Long Chen hadn't arrived on time, he would be dead. 

At the moment, he was finally starting to wake up slowly.