Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 828 - 828: Age

" Hah? So you only want to accompany us to kill an enemy? Are you for real? You can ask for anything— wealth or power, but you are wasting this opportunity?" The Prince exclaimed in surprise as he heard Long Chen's request.

"Money is useless to me as I don't intend to stay in this Kingdom. As for treasures, I have no greed for them. I am satisfied with a few that I own. And as far as it comes to power, I am searching for the power of my own, but the power I desire is not something that you can give me. The power that comes with a position or a few Cultivation resources is useless to me. My journey is much longer," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

"I wouldn't have even stopped in this kingdom if my friend wasn't here, imprisoned. So I wish that you can only fulfill my one desire. Let us go inside the Xie Clan without being obstructed," he continued.

"Interesting. Killing that person must be really important to you. What if I disagree? The Xie Clan dared to capture my sister and Imprison her. We have just as much right to kill all of them for our revenge. Why should we leave someone for you? What if we disagree? What will you do?" the Prince inquired as he released some of his aura, trying to put pressure on Long Chen.

If it were any mortal, he would already be on his knees by now. Even Gold Core Realm Cultivators would be sweating under the intense aura by now, but Long Chen was different. He looked as comfortable as he could be, as if he couldn't even feel the Aura.

The Prince was surprised. He had thought that Long Chen didn't have much Cultivation, but his carefree attitude made him think otherwise.

" Prince, I requested you for your permission not because I couldn't enter without your permission. Honestly, if I wish, I can easily go inside and outside, and you or your men won't be able to stop me. I only asked you for permission because you're from the Royal Family that rules this Kingdom, and it's only good manners to ask before doing something here that involves you. I just don't wish to step over your sovereignty in your lands," Long Chen answered without backing off.

"Honestly, it wouldn't change anything if you say yes or no because the outcome would be the same. The only thing that would be different is that you will start hating me, and the Royal family will start sending their men after me, which is not threatening at all considering the Power Level of this Kingdom. Secondly, as a Prince, you would lose all reputation since you promised to grant me my wish, but you couldn't even grant such an easy wish. I leave the decision to you," he continued.

As he talked, he released his aura but not only that. He also used Heaven's Shroud, which he hadn't in a long time. 

It was a skill that could fake his Cultivation and let the other person see a Cultivation that was one major realm higher than his actual Cultivation.

"H-heaven Realm Cultivator? You really hide your strength, didn't you? How can such a young person be a Heaven Realm Cultivator? Ah, I get it. You must be an old Monster that is using some Martial Skill to look younger. Hah, no wonder you're so arrogant. You do have the right to be," the Prince let out after the surprise he got. "Out Kingdom also has Heaven Realm Cultivators, so don't think I'll be intimidated with just that."

"I am not intimidating you. I'm just telling you as it is. I leave the final decision to you," Long Chen replied.

' Heaven Realm Cultivator? Sigh, He really didn't wish for anything then. He has such a high Cultivation; he could easily get a high position in any kingdom. He wouldn't need to help me or trick me.  So he really was a person that helped me of his own volition just for helping without wishing for anything in return. I am so ashamed that I misunderstood him,' the Princess thought as she looked at Long Chen with a shocked gaze.

' Is he really an old monster? Wait a minute, Ji Shan was talking to him so casually as if they were the same age and Ji Shan is actually younger. We had his bones tested before giving him the permission to join the Royal Trainee Program. If these two are friends, their age can't be that apart. Could it be that he actually is young and isn't using any tricks? Such a young Heaven Realm Cultivator? He is a Genius. He must be some genius from the Higher Kingdoms. No wonder he doesn't want anything. The things we can offer should be nothing for him.' 

The thoughts of the Princess stayed on Long Chen, trying to understand his secrets.

" So, what did you decide? Can we join or not?" Long Chen asked.

"We? Who else is coming with you?" the Prince inquired.

"Just my friend that was trapped here. I'm sure you can understand why he would wish to accompany as well,' Long Chen answered, without telling that it was Ji Shan.

"Fine. We give our words that you and your friend can accompany us inside but don't interfere in our matters," the Prince agreed.

He stopped talking to Long Chen and shifted his focus to his army.

"Men, today we are here to wipe the traitor Xie Clan that dared to act against the Royal Family. There shall be no arrest! Kill everyone that you see! It doesn't matter if it's women or men! No one from the Xie Clan shall leave this place alive?" the Prince commanded.

While the Prince was commanding the army, the Princess walked closer to Long Chen as she asked, "How old are you really?" 

"My age? I stopped counting a long time ago," Long Chen answered, sighing.

'Going in various Bloodline Temple trials, I have a messed up sense of time,' he thought.

'He stopped counting so long ago? So he really is an old guy?' the Princess assumed from his words.

"If I were to give you an estimate, I am twenty years old at the moment," Long Chen answered, stunning the Princess.

'What the heck? He is so young? He says he is twenty years old, yet he stopped counting? Man, why don't you just say you become a saint at two years old,' the Princess thought as she smiled wryly, but she believed his words.