Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1047 - 1047: Demands

"Why would I leave a big fish to come to a small fish?" Long Chen asked sarcastically. "Also, why are you talking as if you're some deity? You're nothing but a child-eating bastard. I heard a lot about you after coming here. Everyone already knows about it. They might be scared of you, but I am not."

General Wuki's face turned pale at being called out. The event was being seen in twenty worlds. It was even worse now.

"So it was right. He did eat kids. How evil."

There was only one Emperor here from another world, but even he was feeling disgusted. As for the other Emperors who weren't here, it was mostly certain that they would be feeling the same. 

General Wuki's reputation took a deep hit with this public accusation. And his reaction almost made everyone certain. Moreover, the Emperor of Tricion also lost some of his reputation now that it came to light at higher levels. It meant he knew about it, but he didn't do anything about it, which was even worse. 

"How little bastard! You dare accuse me? Who do you think you are to talk down to me?" General Wuki raged. 

"Who am I?" Long Chen asked as he smiled mockingly. "I'm your father. Anything else? I must say, I'm ashamed to have you as my son, though. I wish I had pulled out on time."

He had heard the Snake Monarch use this line before as an insult. This felt appropriate here, so he used it. 

His single line sent a wave of laughter in the crowd, who were all laughing at General Wuki. 

With General Wuki's negative reputation, almost all citizens of Tricion hated him. Now that he was being called out and mocked, people were enjoying it. Moreover, it was also making the crowd feel the goodwill for Long Chen, who was calling out injustice. 

"Little Kid, insults are fine but can you tell us why you took Emperor Meng as a hostage? What do you want?" Emperor Du chimed in to calm the atmosphere. 

"We are having an important tournament here. We would like to get back at it. So tell me what you want. What are your demands?" he asked. 

"My demands are simple. I don't want much. You all can easily give me what I want since I only need three little things," Long Chen replied calmly. 

"If they are as simple as you say and don't require any loss of life, we'll give you what you want. Tell me your three demands," Emperor Du said as he stepped forward, taking the role of a mediator between Long Chen and Emperor Meng. 

"The first thing I want is the necklace that Meng Qian is wearing. I find it quite beautiful. It would suit me better, though," Long Chen replied, starting with easier demands. 

"Prince Meng, is it fine? Please hand over your necklace for the safety of your father," Emperor Du told Meng Qian. 

"This... But it's mine!" Meng Qian replied. "Why are we even listening to this guy?'

"Qian! Father's life is in danger, and you are more concerned about your necklace? It's an ordinary necklace. I know that as well. Just give him the necklace!" The Crown Prince scolded Meng Qian for even having to think about handing over the necklace. 


"Second Brother, give the necklace. Can you forgive yourself if something happened to father because you refused to hand over the necklace? Just give him the necklace!" Third Prince Meng Huling also chimed in. 


Frustrated, Meng Qian agreed. He took off the necklace.

"Here, have it!" he said as he tossed the necklace towards Long Chen, who caught it. 

Catching the necklace with his free hand, Long Chen kept it in his storage ring right away. 

'That's better. Now I have both the keys to Saint King's Tomb. I can finally see what it is that he left inside his tomb. What needed so much effort?' Long Chen thought, pleased at getting what he needed. 

He was saving for the main demand for the end so he could easily leave after taking Ji Shan when he was free. 

"Alright. We fulfilled your first demand. What's your second demand?" Emperor Du asked. 

"My second demand is that I want the Amplifier Stone of General Wuki. He is an evil Cultivator who used kids for his Cultivation. He shouldn't possess such a thing as an Amplifier Stone," Long Chen said, adding an additional excuse to make it seem like he was not simply greedy but wanted to do a good deed for the world. 

"Alright. General Wuki, please give him your Amplifier Stone," Emperor Du told General Wuki, who was flying in the sky. 

"What? No! I don't want to hand it over! This is my greatest treasure which is even more important than my life. Only I remember how hard I had to work to find it. Why would I give it away to save the life of someone from another world?" General Wuki said as he refused to hand over the item. 

"General Wuki, don't be greedy! Listen to me and give the stone!" Emperor Du said, frowning. 

Seeing General Wuki still not comply, he shifted his focus to the Emperor of Tricion. 

"Tell your General to hand over the stone! No matter how bad or good Emperor Meng is, he is still a guest of this world! Don't let your guest die in your Empire, especially when that guest is a leader of a world! Tell him to think with a sane mind!" General Du told the Emperor of Tricion, who found himself lost in thought. 

It was true that if Emperor Meng were killed, their world would lose even more of its reputation. People would say that they can't even save their guests. 

Even worse was that some worlds would accuse them of working with Long Chen to kill their enemy Emperor. That's why they didn't help. It was not a good look for them who were looking to expand outside. 

"General Wuki, give him the stone," Emperor of Tricion finally said with a deep sigh. 

"But Your Majesty..."

General Wuki was shocked to see that even his Emperor wasn't siding with him. 

"I'm telling you, give him the stone. I'll try my best to give you other rewards in exchange. Who knows, you might even find another stone like that. In any case, hand over the stone for now," Emperor of Tricion insisted. 

General Wuki still didn't want to give his treasure stone away, but he had no choice now as he realized. If he refused, he'd be seen as a traitor to the throne, and he would be killed. In any case, he would lose his stone. Losing only stone was better than losing Stone with his life.