Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1168 - 1168: No

"I'm sorry, but you can't," Long Chen replied as he took his hands from her soft breasts. 

As he had expected, he was in control now that he had released some of his excess energy. He didn't need to go all the way. 


"No, but. I really don't want that at the moment. It's not that you aren't beautiful or something. You're really beautiful. It's just that I'm not ready to be with another girl yet. Please leave," Long Chen told the girl. 


The girl seemed to be disappointed, but she didn't force Long Chen. She got off the bed. 

"You're not ready yet. Does that mean there's a chance in the future?" She asked Long Chen. 

"I haven't seen the future, so I can't comment on that," Long Chen answered, shaking his head. 

"I'll take that as a yes then," Gu Lin said smiling. She turned back and left after arranging her clothes properly.

Long Chen was still sitting in the bed. He wore his pants properly again.

"Finally, I feel better. Xun, you really are annoying. It would have been so much easier if you had said the truth before!' Long Chen told Xun as he sat on the bed. 

"Alright, alright. I know I was wrong now. I won't do it again," Xun replied. 

"That's better," Long Chen answered as he again started meditating.

The night passed away in the silence, and soon, it was the time of day. Long Chen was once again invited for breakfast. And for the one that came to invite him, it was again Gu Lin. 

This time, Long Chen took Ji Shan with him too, forcing him out of his room. 

"I wanted to study more. I can have breakfast later too," Ji Shan told Long Chen, sighing. 

"You can study later too. Nothing is running. Accompany me for the day. We'll have breakfast and then go to see a special event. You'll like it," Long Chen replied

"Sigh, fine," Ji Shan said, agreeing.  "Anyway, did someone get inside your room too?'

"What do you mean?' Long Chen inquired. 

"Last night. A few girls entered my room. They said they were sent to keep me company,"  Ji Shan told Long Chen. "Did someone enter your room too?"

"Did that happen?" Long Chen asked Gu Lin. 

"Yeah. We sent a few girls to keep him company since we thought he might need their service," Gu Lin replied. "I apologize for that."

"It's fine. Don't try it again. Actually he wants to stay away from girls as much as he can," Long Chen told Gu Lin, talking to him without any anger. 

He didn't even need to ask Ji Shan about what he did since he was already sure that Ji Shan had probably kicked them out. 

He and Ji Shan were taken to the courtyard of the Patriarch again, where they had breakfast.

"When are you guys leaving?" Long Chen asked the Clan Master as they finished breakfast. 

"In two hours," Gu Wang answered Long Chen. 

"We'll be in our rooms then. Tell us when you're leaving. I guess we'll see as well," Long Chen told the Clan Master before he left with Ji Shan. 

Watching Long Chen leave, Gu Wang stood up. He was grinning. Happiness was evident in his eyes. 

"He's coming with us. Today is going to be a good day. Make sure to stick close to him outside, so people know that something is going on between you and him. That'll make them think twice before going anything against us in the future. They'll know our reach," he said, looking towards his daughter. 

Gu Lin nodded her head as she said, "I will, father."

"How did last night go? Did you manage to get him?" Gu Wang further asked to which his daughter shook her head. 

"He is a gentleman, it seems. He says he can't do it at the moment. I guess he wants there to be romantic attraction first, not the lustful one," Gu Lin answered. 

"Then give him what he wants. I don't care how you do it! I want him as my son-in-law," Gu Wang told Gu Lin before he left. 

"I also want him as my husband, father. I'll do all I can," Gu Lin said, clenching her fist. 

Soon, two hours passed. Long Chen and Ji Shan were both sitting in the same room when they were informed by Gu Lin that it was time to leave. 

The two of them stood up and left the rooms as they walked with Gu Lin. 

The three of them were walking when Gu Wang also joined them.

"Sister Lin, I have been looking for you for so long. Where were you hiding?" Gu Ren inquired. "I heard you went to the market with him yesterday?"

"I did," Gu Lin answered. "It was fun too."


Gu Ren didn't know how to say his next words. He wanted Gu Lin to say that it was a lie. He had only recently heard about that from others. People said that she was with a dark-haired guy on the horse, sticking close to him. 

He believed that was a lie. Gu Lin never got close to anyone, let alone touching them. But to see that at least the first part of the story was true, Gu Ren was stunned. 

"What do you want? Say directly. Father and the others must be waiting outside!" Gu Lin reminded Gu Ren, who was stuttering. 

"Ah, nothing. It's nothing. Let's leave," Gu Ren let out as he decided not to speak. 


Long Chen and the others left the clan to find tens of Flying Eagles standing in a row. The Gu Clan members were standing there as well as if waiting for someone. 

"Ah, you are here. We can finally leave. Come, sit with me in the lead. I have arranged for an Eagle for you as well," Gu Wang told Long Chen, laughing. 

"And him?" Long Chen asked Gu Wang as he pointed at his friend. 

"He will have to share with you, I suppose. Since the Eagles don't let anyone weaker than them ride them. One strong person needs to be on the Eagle to keep him in control," Gu Wang told Long Chen. 

"It's fine. We'll come on our own," Long Chen answered, smirking. "You take the lead; we'll follow."

"Your beast? Which beast is it?" Gu Wang asked, curious. 

Long Chen brought out the Snake Monarch that was already told everything. 

Long Chen had already told him to keep his cultivation hidden while also remaining in his biggest size possible. 

As soon as the Snake Monarch came out, he covered half the sky above the city. 

"W-what?" Gu Wang's mouth dropped open as he saw the Snake Monarch.