Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1132 - 1132: Treasures

"I don't know much about these, but Xun, you should know. Are these two enough to make me strong?" Long Chen asked Xun, glancing at her. 

"Two are enough for you. Because I doubt you could absorb any more than that without blowing up," Xun answered, smiling. 

She had genuinely expected that Long Chen would only get one, but two weren't bad. 

"Alright, now kid, listen to me carefully," the Saint King said as he attracted the attention of Long Chen. 

"I would have loved to give you an explanation about all the treasures in the ring, but I'm sure you'll find about them in due time. I don't have that much time either, so I'll only tell you about the important stuff."

"I understand that. Tell me about what you can," Long Chen responded. 

"Firstly, as you may already see, the flowers will help you achieve breakthroughs here but don't depend on them in the future. The cultivation that you earn yourself is the one that is much better than something you gain with treasures. So be careful in the future, or you might limit your potential," Saint King told Long Chen. 

'Don't worry about my potential. The bloodline takes care of that.' Long Chen thought but didn't say out loud. 

"I'll keep that in mind," he said to Saint King. 

"That's better. Now next, you'll see the red book in the ring? That's the skill you're after, but don't even think about it. You can't read that, let alone understand. It was only because of the skill I was born with that I could read it."

"So instead, pick up that yellow book that's right beside it," Saint King told Long Chen. 

"What's in the yellow book?" Long Chen asked, confused. The skill was in the red, as he said after all. 

"The yellow book contains my writing. It's a book that will teach you the language that's written in the red book so you can read the red one," Saint King answered.

"If you wrote a whole book to understand the language of the red one, couldn't you have just written a translation instead?" Long Chen asked, rolling his eyes. 

"That wouldn't have worked. There are some things that can't be understood from translation. So if you want to read the red book, you must read the yellow one. I can't say anything other than that," Saint King replied. 

"Anyways, that aside, the next item you need to keep an eye on is that scabbard," Saint King told Long Chen, smiling.

"The golden one?" Long Chen inquired. 

"That's right. The golden one. That's my treasured scabbard. Let me just say, if you keep my Sword inside that, you will be surprised in the future," Saint King explained. 

Hearing the words, Long Chen started trying to find the sword inside the ring. The Saint King was the strongest warrior of the Immortal World, so his Sword must be of the highest grade too. Even though he had a god-grade weapon, having more strong weapons was always good. 

" I don't see a sword in the ring?" Long Chen asked, frowning. He had found many weapons in the ring, but there was no sword inside. 

"Hahaha, that's what we call having things in your pocket but searching the whole world," Saint King answered as he chuckled.

"I'm talking about my sword that you used to get into this place," he explained.

"You mean this sword?" Long Chen asked as he brought out the King's Sword. 

"That's right. That's my precious Sword. Please keep that in the sheath to bring it to its old glory. Anyway, do that later. Listen to the next item now."

"Do you see the item now..."


For the next ten minutes, the Saint King kept talking about the important items in the storage ring. The more he talked about it, the more Long Chen grew amazed. These items were really the treasures of the highest grade. 

Amongst his treasures, only the Sword of Time was more precious than these treasures. 

"That's all the important items. As for the rest, they're pretty ordinary. You can find out about them yourself," Saint King told Long Chen as he finished up. 

Even though the Saint King called the other items ordinary but for ordinary people of the Immortal World, they were precious treasures, so Long Chen didn't underestimate them. 

"Thank you for giving me your inheritance," Long Chen thanked the Saint King as he bowed his head slightly in respect. Even though this guy messed with him a bit, he was actually a good guy. Moreover, he was not less than a master since he was giving his everything to Long Chen. 

"No need for flattering. Just remember to make sure that the Northern Emperor dies a gruesome death. If he doesn't, my soul won't be at peace, and I might come back to haunt you," The Saint King answered as he laughed out loud. 

"I will. You can rest in peace knowing that," Long Chen answered. 

"That's good to know. Soon, it'll be my time to leave. The last remnant of this old man will be gone too. Don't stay here for long then since the whole tomb will be destroyed, taking my body with it. Alright?" Saint King said as he walked closer to the coffin. 

He closed the coffin before he placed his palm on the center formation of the coffin. 

As soon as his palm touched it, the coffin started burning. 

As the coffin burned behind the Saint King, he glanced at Long Chen. A happy smile could be seen on his face that was tinted with the sadness of his last. There was also hope in his face that he might be able to meet his wife and his kid again. 

"Wait, I have one more question! When you came here, you could have found an heir instead of making a tomb and waiting. Why didn't you find an heir right then?" Long Chen asked as he saw the Saint King burn.

The Saint King's smile widened as he heard the question. "Best of luck, Long Chen."

He didn't even answer and only bid his farewell before his soul burned out. The body of the puppet that the soul was occupying fell on top of the coffin, lifeless as it also started burning. 

"He could have at least answered. This question will haunt me throughout my life now," Long Chen muttered as he saw the coffin burn. 

"Ah, Long Chen?" Xun called out to Long Chen. 

"Yeah?" Long Chen replied, glancing back. 

"Aren't you forgetting something? You need to get out of this place since it'll be destroyed soon. So leave if you don't want to be buried alive," Xun reminded Long Chen.