Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 886 - 886: Saint King Xianwu

"It's a world which is similar to this world. I can't even point out the difference if you ask. I had been wondering in this journey how similar this world was to that. It's only a little bit smaller, I suppose," she continued. 

"Is there a shortcut to get there?" Long Chen asked the girl. 

Long Chen was asking her a question when he suddenly noticed a man step out of a nearby shop.

It was a young man who was wearing a shield-shaped necklace. He usually wouldn't have been so shocked at the sight of even the smallest purest of artifacts, but he was now because that shield-shaped necklace was the token of Saint King Xianwu that he needed to get into his tomb back at home. 

He had seen a carving of this item on the walls, and he got to know that this was what the token looked like. It was right before his eyes.

He only needed two things to entertain Saint King Xianwu's Tomb, according to the guard of the tomb. One was the Saint King Sword that he already possessed, and the other thing was that necklace.

'I had already given up hope of finding this token, but I already found it. What's it doing here, though?' he wondered.

He started walking towards the youngster to ask him if he could exchange something for that necklace, but before he could get there, he saw the man step inside a beautiful carriage that was being pulled by three horned rhinos that were known to be an Emperor Level Beast.

Xun watched Long Chen ignore her, and she stopped talking. 

Long Chen walked over to the shop where the guy had come out of. He stopped before the guard and asked, "Excuse me. Who was the guy that just entered the carriage?

"Are you new to this Empire?" The guard asked in return as he looked at Long Chen from top to down. 

"Yeah. I just came today," Long Chen nodded his head as he answered.

"That makes sense. That can be the only reason you don't know about Prince Qian," The guard let out, laughing.

"Prince Qian? Is he the Prince of this Empire?" Long Chen asked.

"Yeah. He is the favorite son of His Majesty and the younger brother of the Crown Prince. He is Second Prince Qian," the guard answered.

"Thanks," Long Chen replied as he turned back and started walking back to the girls.

'Second Prince of an Empire. There would be nothing that he's lacking. He won't exchange with me at all. This makes things a little complicated,' he thought as he gazed at the Carriage that was moving towards the North of the City where the Royal Palace was supposed to be.

"Did you see someone you recognize? Who was he?" Mingyu asked Long Chen, wondering who the young man was that managed to attract Long Chen's attention. 

"He was the Second Prince of this Empire," Long Chen answered Mingyu.

'Oh, right. Xun, You didn't answer. How can I get to Mingyu's world?' He asked.

Xun materialized near Long Chen; however, she seemed upset. She asked, "Oh? Do you finally remember that you were asking for my help? Didn't you stop focusing on me and ran away just when I was answering?"

'Forget about that. I saw something that stunned me. You know as well as I do how lucky it is to find the second key of that tomb,' Long Chen answered. ' Anyway, leave that for later. Answer me first. How can I go to Mingyu's world.'

"It is simple, actually. The barrier between mortal worlds isn't as strong as the barrier between the mortal world and the Immortal World. It's pretty easy to travel to mortal worlds," Xun answered.

"Many worlds already have portals established between other worlds. You can easily use the portals to get to those worlds," she continued.

"Where can I find the portal that leads specifically to her world? That in itself seems like I tough task," Long Chen muttered as he frowned 

"If I'm not wrong, the Emperor of this Continent must have a few portals himself. I'm not sure if they are connecting to Fengshu World or other worlds," Xun lamented. 

Long Chen heard her words, and suddenly his mind clicked as if he realized something. "Ah, right! That makes sense. Now I understand."

"So that's what happened." He muttered.

"What do you mean?" Xun asked.

'Saint King Xianwu! It was said that he fought Aliens that invaded our home. It was said that he saved humanity, but I had always been wondering why the people of this continent called him Saint Killer,' Long Chen told Xun.

"Oh? What did you understand then?" Xun wondered.

'About how the history of the continents differs. Still, to confirm my theory, I need to read their history books,' he thought.

"Mingyu, I have a way to get to your world. We only need to find a portal. Don't worry. I will get you home," he told Xun.  "But first, I need to do something for myself. Come with me."

He stopped walking towards the North. Instead, he walked towards the East, where he had heard the Library was situated.

He took both the girls with him to the library of the Empire, which had all the books.

"What are you looking for, young man," the librarian asked Long Chen as soon as he stepped inside 

"Ah, sir. I wish to read about the cruel Saint Killer and how our Continent faced his cruelty and the history," Long Chen told the librarian.

"Oh? It's good to see youngsters taking an interest in our history. Good. Come with me," the man said as he laughed. "I have a book just like that."

The man walked over to one of the shelves and returned with a book after some time.

"You'll find everything you're looking for in this book," he let out. 

"Thank you."

Long Chen thanked the man as he took the book. He walked over to one of the empty tables and sat on a chair. Mingyu and Ming Lan also sat around him.

Long Chen opened the book and immersed himself in reading. The girls only watched Long Chen, who was reading the book.

After a few hours, Long Chen finished reading the book entirely as he turned the last page as well. He released a mouthful of breath as if he was tired after reading so much.

"So that's what happened. It's kind of similar to what I thought it would be. That's why the history of two continents differ," he muttered as he closed the book.