Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1289 - 1289: Best Offer

He was mocking all of them so openly. He certainly was strong though. 

"Are you coming or not? Zhu Chang asked again, realizing that the second Snow Beast wasn't moving at all. This time, he moved himself, appearing before the Snow Beast within the blink of an eye. 

He grabbed the neck of the Snow Beast, crushing it before tossing him away too. 

"I'm warning you all last time! Attack me properly! Let me have fun! Either you get serious and try to kill me, or I'll get serious and wipe you all before you realize what just happened! Last warning! Make it fun for me!" Zhu Chang yelled, glaring straight at the Snow Beast Emperor, challenging his authority while issuing a threat. 

"Nonsense? What do you think of yourself! Just because you killed two guards, you think you can do anything! Enough is enough!" The Snow Beast King stood up, stomping his foot on the ground. 

" There are no limits now! Everyone attack him! Whoever kills him will get a special reward from me! Show him the strength of the Snow Beast Empire!" he continued. 

"Now that's what I'm talking about! That's fun," Zhu Chang grinned, cracking his knuckles.. 

The door of the arena opened as more beasts came out. This time, there were Ten Snow Giants that had entered. All ten of them looked at the group of intruders, letting their Snow Gaze take effect. 

"Hmm? This again?" Zhu Chang muttered, realizing that his feet had started turning to ice. 

Not only him, but even the Blood Dragon had also started turning to snow. Since he was in a compact size, before he even knew it, half his body turned to snow. He started getting bigger to protect himself and to give him more time. 

"What are you doing! Kill them before we all turn to ice!" He yelled at Long Chen, whose feet had also turned to ice. 

"They just had to involve me too, didn't you?" Long Chen asked, frustrated. He wanted to stay out of this battle, but now that he was in danger, he got involved too. 

He disappeared instantly, appearing behind one of the Snow Giants. He didn't bring out his Sword of Time since he wasn't sure if Zhu Chang would recognize it. 

Instead, he brought his King's Sword out of his time, slashing it at the Snow Giant. His sword sliced the head of the Snow Giant, but his feet didn't return to normal. Instead, his knees were also turned to snow by now. 

"Man, this is annoying!" Zhu Chang muttered, looking at his freezing legs. At the same time, hundreds of Snow Beasts ran towards him, attacking at the same time. 

"Wait a minute. Let me deal with them first!" Zhu Chang exclaimed, casting a barrier around him. Hundreds of attacks landed on the barrier, but they hadn't even succeeded in casting a single crack on the barrier. 

At the same time, Zhu Chang raised his right hand towards the sky, casting one of his skills. 

The same tortoise shell appeared in the sky that had crushed the Wolves at the entrance of the Snow Empire only recently.  The only difference was that this shell was even bigger, and it appeared above the Snow Giants. 

The massive shell started falling. 

Long Chen noticed the shell falling above him; he had already killed seven Snow Giants, leaving only three of them who were also on the verge of being killed when Zhu Chang attacked. 

At the last moment, Long Chen teleported near the Blood Dragon Emperor, dodging the attack. 

The massive shell fell on three Snow Giants and around fifty snow beasts, killing them all. 

"You almost killed me too!" Long Chen yelled at Zhu Chang. 

"Meh, I saw you teleport to them. I know you can dodge that attack. Don't worry; it wasn't anything serious. Also, I didn't want to leave my destiny in your hand," Zhu Chang replied. 

"Anyway, what really matters is that you joined the battle. Also, I thought about it. I know how I can make it more fun! Let's make it a completion. Let's see who can kill more of them? I liked sixty already. On the other hand, you killed seven! Let's continue!" He added, smiling. 

"What will I get if I win?" Long Chen asked. 

"Hah, you can win that guessing game, but we're talking about the battle here. There's no chance you can win," Zhu Chang retorted. 

"But what if I do? Unless there's no worthy prize, I won't join after you almost killed me! I'm still angry!" Long Chen exclaimed 

"How about it, if you win, I'll do any ten things you ask me to do! Moreover, I'll also start calling you boss! Since it's not going to happen, I don't care about how many things I offer."

"You can never win in this, even when I've restricted my powers!" Zhu Cheng let out, laughing. He was still inside the barrier that he had extended to Long Chen. 

Outside the barrier, hundreds of beasts were attacking, but Zhu Chang didn't even care about them. 

"So you'll call me your boss, and you'll do any ten things, I ask? No matter what those things are, you'll do it?" Long Chen asked, surprised. This was a good offer.

"Yes. Even though I know you won't win, I'll clarify that in one in a hundred billion chances, if you win, you can ask me anything, and I'll do it. As long as it doesn't involve killing myself! I take a Heavenly Oath to keep my promise! Do you accept it?" Zhu Chang asked, excited for the tournament. 

He was someone that always looked for him, and now he believed he had something that could make things fun. He didn't care about giving incentives to Long Chen to get this enjoyment. 

"Alright. I accept the offer. Whoever kills more beasts wins this battle!" Long Chen let out, smiling. He believed he had received the best thing he possibly could.

If he won the contest, he basically got a genie who could grant him ten wishes, one of which could certainly be about receiving phoenix blood. 

Just like a phoenix was a heavenly beast, Zhu Chang was also a heavenly beast. He could certainly defeat an ordinary phoenix to get their blood for him! And with that blood, he could awaken the bloodline of the Snake Monarch.

It was as if things were falling into a perfect place. 

"Are you already imagining your victory? Don't dream too much," Zhu Chang laughed, rolling his eyes. "You still need to defeat me."