Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1109 - 1109: Moral Of The Story

"May I ask your purpose for coming here?" The City Guards asked Long Chen, who had left the carriage, to talk to them. 

"We are migrating here from the Distant Trichy Kingdom."

"Oh? That's alright. Have a great time in the city then. By the way, just to remind you, you would need a lot of gold to be able to buy the land in the city. And if you don't own a land, you won't be allowed to stay in the city for longer than a month. That's the only rule. Please remember that. You may enter," the guard informed Long Chen as he stepped aside. 

'Of course, I know that. I know all about this world and even you,' Long Chen thought as he stepped back. 

He could make as much money here as he needed, so he wasn't worried. 

Moreover, he had made sure that this world had ethics. There was no corruption in the world he had created, at least not on a significant scale. 

There was no need to bribe anyone or give any money to the Royalty to be able to get the right to buy land here or anything else that could be troublesome. 

Since the explanation of entry was found suitable, the carriages were allowed in after an explanation of all the rules. 

Long Chen went straight to a big mansion that was left empty. He had already arrived in the city before meeting up with his family and paid the money to the owner of the Mansion to purchase the Mansion. 

The Mansion was one of the biggest in the city after the Royal Palace, but the money he paid was just as much. 

Now that he already owned the land, he had no problem as he made his family settle down in the vast mansion that was so big that it could easily accommodate thousands of people inside.

The neighborhood was also very good and seemingly rich, where people stayed without any fights. 

"Alright, Grandfather. This will be the place where the Long Clan is established. I'm sure you can spread the reputation of our clan all around. I won't interfere here, but I believe you can handle it."

"First, go meet the King of this Empire tomorrow and share a decent Cultivation skill with him. Any Earth Grade Cultivation Skill would be enough since those are too rare."

"Also, make sure that your impression is that of a Great Cultivator that is free of greed and just interested in spreading the art of Cultivation around while also showing a bit of your strength to make sure that the King knows and respects you."

Long Chen gave a lot of advice to Long Ren since he was going to be the Clan Leader here. He wanted his grandfather to have all the achievements in establishing the clan here. He knew that if he interfered, things would be easy, but Long Ren would probably feel that he wasn't worthy of being Clan leader. 

He wanted things to be back like they were in the Shui Kingdom, where his Grandfather was one of the Strongest Experts in the family and in the city. 

"I will do it. Don't worry. You can rest assured," Long Ren told Long Chen, confidently. 

"That's better. As for me, I would need to leave since I need to keep an eye on the outside world as well. I would regularly keep visiting now that I have the power," Long Chen said to his grandfather before he bid farewell to everyone. 

He couldn't stay here since having his consciousness here meant that his body was unmoving in the real world without consciousness. It was risky to leave his body defenseless for a long time even though the Snake Monarch was there. 

After a short farewell to everyone, he departed. He had faith in his family and knew that they were going to rise in this world to the peak, and they would finally feel like prisoners. Moreover, he could also put his mind at ease about his family. 


As Long Chen woke up in the real world, he found himself to be on top of the Snake Monarch that hadn't stopped talking for even a second. 

"And then I finally let her begin, even though she begged me to marry her. I told her straight away that this Monarch wasn't in her destiny," the Snake Monarch said proudly. 

"And that's the story of the first Princess that came after me to marry her. Did you understand the moral of the story?" He asked. 

'What is the moral of the story? I don't even know what you said,' Long Chen thought but didn't express. 

"What's the moral of the story?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch as he brought a bottle of water out of his storage ring. 

"The moral of the story is simple. It's that girls will come and go around this Great Monarch, but no girl exists who can steal my heart. So you don't have to be jealous of my handsome looks," the Snake Monarch said. 

"Cough! Cough!"

Long Chen happened to be drinking water when he heard the answers of the Snake Monarch. He couldn't help but cough out extensively at the answer. 

"Thank you for the reminder. I will remember not to be jealous about your superior looks," he said sarcastically as he breathed a sigh of relief. 

"That's right. So don't worry about anything.  It's not your fault that your looks are not comparable to my handsomeness. Why even compare to me. It's like comparing to the gods. Compared to others, you're pretty good looking. So be happy," the Snake Monarch said.

"Thank you for the advice," Long Chen replied as he rolled his eyes. 

"Alright. No talking now. I'm going to start Cultivation. Only wake me up if there's any problem or when we reach the boundary of this continent," Long Chen said as he closed his eyes.

He started Cultivation while the Snake Monarch finally closed his mouth and stopped talking. But he was also beginning to get bored. Only he knew how he was able to survive without talking. 

He kept silent for thirty minutes before he finally couldn't bear with it anymore and started talking. 

Hearing him talking again, Long Chen didn't stop his Cultivation; instead, he stopped focusing on his voice as he shut his hearing senses. If there was a problem, he could still be woken up since all his other senses were still working. 

The time kept passing slowly as the journey continued, accompanied by the constant talking of the Snake Monarch. 

During the travel, Long Chen occasionally stopped his Cultivation to go inside his Inner World to see how things were progressing with the setting up of his clan.