Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1214 - 1214: Both Sounds Fun

"In fact, I'll make it so that he goes back without any clothes. Just know how insulting that would be. I'm sure you can imagine," Long Chen said. 

"I leave the rest of the decision to you. I welcome both outcomes since both sound fun," he continued before he stopped talking.  ​​

He turned back and walked back to the Snake Monarch.

"Come, Snakey. Let's see how our room is," He told the snake monarch as he walked towards the stairs. The Snake Monarch followed after him. 

The people of the lotus sect were standing on the stairs, but as they saw Long Chen coming towards him, they started sweating as they moved aside to clear a path for Long Chen. 

"You kids are better than them. More sensible. You'll go far," Long Chen told the youngsters as he smirked. He climbed past them.

Long Chen landed on the first floor and went to the room which he had received. 

Entering inside the room, he sat comfortably on the bed. "Not a bad room."

"That was good. Exactly how I would have handled it. You're learning how to do things in style," Snake Monarch told Long Chen. 

"Hah, is that so?" Long Chen asked, laughing. "It's just the start."

"Man, it really feels so good to have the strength to get what you want. If you don't have the strength, you can just bow down to every arrogant cultivator,"  Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he laid on the bed. 

"But when you have strength, you don't have to bow down to anyone. Instead, you can be the arrogant cultivator who makes everyone bow down to him," he continued as he sighed. "Let's just enjoy life the way it is now. Without being scared of anyone."

"That's right. Even if the Emperor comes, we can just smack him to the ground," the Snake Monarch affirmed. 

"Hah, that's a little far-fetched, actually. We can't defeat the Emperors that easily. We aren't strong enough yet," Long Chen said, signing. 

"But that doesn't mean we have to be scared of them either. After my breakthroughs, by Laws are much stronger. I believe if I want to leave, even the Emperors won't be able to stop me. Moreover, I have the Sword of Time to boost me further," he added. 

"So yeah, even if it's the Emperors, we can at least protect ourselves if not more," he continued.

" So what's the plan after getting what you need here? Another secluded cultivation session in the mountains?" The Snake Monarch asked. 

"When have you ever seen me doing something like that? You know I can't stay at a single place for too long. So I won't stay in one place. Instead, I'll use my cheat," Long Chen replied, laughing. 

" What do you mean?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"I'll use the Sword of Time to increase my cultivation. Since I can't use the Tribulations, I'll just use the slower method. I'll find the strong cultivators that are said to possess Origin Skills and fight them," Long Chen replied. 

" I can pretend to be a lone cultivator who goes from city to city, looking for a powerful opponent that can defeat me. I doubt anyone would be suspicious of my true intentions," he further said. 

"Not a bad plan either. So instead of secluded Cultivation, you'll use the Sword of Time and enjoy your time in the Immortal World. Hah, this Monarch likes it. Brave plan," the Snake Monarch said, laughing. 

"When has my plan been bad?" Long Chen asked, rolling his eyes. 

"Do you have a book with empty papers?" Snake Monarch asked, curious. 

"Why?" Long Chen inquired, confused. He wondered why the Snake Monarch was asking for a book.

"I wanted to ask for a page to write how many times your plan went wrong, but then I realized that a page wouldn't be enough. So I need a book full of pages," the Snake Monarch said, making Long Chen glare at him. 

"You're blowing things out of proportion," he said, rolling his eyes. 

"Is that so? Your plan to take care of things in Mingyu's home?" The Snake Monarch asked, chuckling. 

"That's one isolated incident where it went wrong," Long Chen retorted. 

" What about the time when..."

The Snake Monarch finally started speaking and talked about all the failures in plans that they had went through, making Long Chen look at him blankly. 

Only now did he realize that he had made his fair share of mistakes. At Least more than he has thought.

"And those are just the times when I was there to see it. I'm not even counting things I didn't manage to see," The Snake Monarch said, laughing. 

"Don't worry; I can mention those things." It was the time Xun jumped in as she started mentioning things that the Snake Monarch hadn't mentioned, making Long Chen sigh. 

"Come on! Those aren't plans gone wrong. Those are just some miscalculations," Long Chen retorted. 

"Anyway, Stop talking and rest. It's going to be a big day when the Ghost Town appears. You need to be prepared," he added as he sat up. 

"Keep an eye on the room and inform me if someone comes up to us. Other than that, don't do anything," he reminded the Snake Monarch as he got off the bed and went to take a shower. 


While Long Chen's life had returned to normal upstairs, the lower floor was deadly silent. 

The Dark Moon Sect members were sitting in silence, not knowing how to react. Their Elder was just thrashed brutally, and one of the disciples was beaten right in front of them. 

Even the Lotus Sect disciples didn't bother to mock them as it would imply that if they were in the place of the Dark Moon Sect, they might have been able to do something which wasn't what they wanted to show. 

They knew if they did that, it might offend Long Chen, who might come after them for acting as if they could have defeated him. 

They didn't even interfere as they silently went outside, not willing to intervene. 

The Dark Moon Sect Elder had stood up by now. He had also eaten a few pills to heal his injuries which weren't deadly serious.

After healing himself, he walked to the old man who was sitting on the nearby chair. For a moment, none of them said anything.

"Do you know who that guy was?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked the old man. 

"I don't. He came just a few minutes before you. He looked like an ordinary person that wasn't too strong."