Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 437 - 437: Trying Again

"Don't worry about that. I'll think of a perfect plan for you. You just have to play your part, and everything will be done," Lang Jing told Long Chen.

Long Chen looked at him in confusion. At the moment, he just wanted the old man to leave so that he could kill Lang Jing and pass the trial, but with that old man around, he wasn't able to.

"You have that illusion thing, right?" Lang Jing asked.

He had already seen that on the first time he had fought Long Chen. He would've been killed if he wasn't alert. Even he wasn't able to see through Long Chen's illusion.

"Yes," Long Chen answered.

"I want you to use that on the Sect Master. As long as it works on her, everything else would be a child's play," Lang Jing said.

"He knows Illusions? Will it work?" The old man asked in surprise. He hadn't known about that.

"It should. His illusions are really good," Lang Jing told the Old Man.

"I want to see if it works or not. Test it on me," The Old Man said.

'This would be such a good opportunity to kill them both, but that old guy is just too strong. He's even stronger than the Snake Monarch. I'm not even sure if his skill would work on the old man. I'll just go with their plan for now until I get an opportunity. Then it's bye-bye to this sect,' Long Chen thought.

He looked towards the Man and used his law of illusion to make the old man see a flying bunny.

Long Chen could feel more strain on his mind as he casted his illusion on the old man.

Even though the illusion worked, the strain was too much. The difference in their cultivation wasn't minor either, so that was a given.

The illusion worked on the old man who couldn't help but laugh.

"Hahaha, It's surprising to see someone who could use something like this on this continent. If the Myriad Mirage Sect knew about the boy, they would have taken him as their disciple in a heartbeat. Being able to cast an illusion so successfully on a Half Step Heaven Realm cultivator despite being an Earth Realm cultivator is not an easy feat," the Old man let out.

"Did you comprehend the Law of Illusion? I've met someone from the Myriad Mirage Sect. That's what they study as well. Surprisingly, you attained such profound comprehension despite being so young. If I take you to Master, he might be happy," the Old Man said to Long Chen.

"Kid, If you do this thing right, then I promise you that your future would be brighter than what you can imagine. I would take you with me to a much bigger place. Your life will be set. You would be destined for greatness," the Old Man said.

"Take me where?" Long Chen asked.

He wanted to get more information out of the man while he had the chance.

"It's a place that is not linked to this backward continent. You will see how big the world is. But that is only if you succeed. If you can't even help us, then I don't see a reason to help you," the old man said. "I'll tell you more after you do it."

"Alright," Long Chen nodded his head.

"Here, Take this suppression pill. It would take care of the poison for a week. If you help us, you will survive and reach greater heights, and if you fail, you'll die. You can go back now. I'll tell you what to do and how to do after everything's ready on our side," Lang Jing told Long Chen.

Long Chen looked at them briefly before he stood up and left the place.

"Father? Are you really going to take him with us to that place?" Lang Jing asked the old man.

"Yes. You don't know how great he can be with that law of illusion. You would know when you get there. The Myriad Mirage Sect is not a small place. It's one of the overlords there. That boy is more talented in illusions than most of their disciples his age. If we can take him with us, Master would definitely be happy with us," The Old Man said as he looked towards the door with a slight smile on his face.

Long Chen walked back to his courtyard. His frown never left his face on the way.

He got back to his courtyard and entered his bedroom.

"Just my luck. That old man just had to appear out of nowhere to create trouble for me. It would've been so easy to kill Lang Jing if he wasn't there. I just had to bring him out, he would've trapped Lang Jing in his position, and I could've killed him. Everything is spoiled now," Long Chen muttered as he laid down on his bed.

"If I'm not wrong, that man had been staying in the sect. He definitely wasn't there when I went to Lang Jing's courtyard last few times. That can mean that he can leave and come to the sect without anyone finding out, which isn't strange seeing his cultivation—a half step Heaven Realm cultivator. The Sect Master and the Prime Elder should be 1st stage Heaven Realm cultivators then," he let out as he looked at the roof.

"I can't take too much time. The news of what happened near Divine Heaven Sect might reach the sect. The only thing that's good is that no one knows the location of the Dark Soul Sect. The news would definitely take a long time, but I can't delay too much. Should I try going to Lang Jing's house tonight? That old man isn't there every time. He might not be there at night. If it's like that, I can solve most of my problems. I can kill him and then get the restriction on my strength removed."

Long Chen closed his eyes and fell asleep. 

He slept for only 5 hours before his eyes opened. It was around 1 am. 

Long Chen got off the bed and stepped out of the courtyard.

The night was silent. Only the sound of leaves hitting against leaves could be heard, coming from nearby trees. The cold wind was flowing, making the leaves move.

The moon was high in the sky, but the moon wasn't shining. It seemed to be much darker today. The moon also seemed to be much bigger. The sky looked somewhat grim tonight.

Long Chen pulled out his spirit sword and stepped over it.

The sword flew high in the sky, carrying Long Chen with it. 

As he flew high in the sky, he could see the guards on the ground, patrolling. The guards weren't keeping an eye on the sky, though.

The guards that kept an eye on the sky were assigned on the borders of the sect to prevent anyone unauthorized from entering the sect using the air, but inside the sect, the air wasn't protected so strictly. The guards occasionally looked up, but they focused more on the ground.

Long Chen flew without any worries. It was also a good thing that he had this sword. Now he didn't have to use the Sun Destroying Condor to fly as the wind moved because of its wings, which might have alerted some guards in the ground. 

His Heavenly Demon wings, on the other hand, shone brightly, so that might have been a problem as well. Now Long Chen had three choices for movement, and he chose his sword.

Even though the speed of his Sword was slowest when compared to his Heavenly Demon Wings or the speed of his Sun Destroying Condor, it was the best solution in a situation like this.

It didn't take him long to get to Lang Jing's place.