Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1249 - 1249: Both At Same Time

"Why can't I be here?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

He acted perfectly calm in front of Royal Guards as if he did nothing wrong, despite actually being the one who robbed the Royal Treasury. 

"Is that so? Aren't the ones who take part in the scholarship event generally very poor? At Least poor enough to not be able to afford any cultivation resources? It's just strange to see one of them inside such an expensive room?" The Guard expressed his concern. 

"Yeah. I actually couldn't afford this room. I am able to stay here all thanks to the Princess. Since I performed well today, she rewarded me by letting me stay here," Long Chen answered, smiling. 

"If not for her help, someone like me couldn't even think of living in a place like this," he further said.

The other guards searched everywhere inside the room, unable to find anything strange inside.

There was nothing here that they could see. Nothing was out of place. And there was no strange phenomenon happening here. 

"This place is clear," they returned to the gates and informed the other guards. 

"Strange. Not even this room? Then where? We checked all the rooms. And the strange phenomenon was certainly signaling towards this place. Amusing indeed."

The guards left, continuing their search on other floors.

Long Chen closed the doors and walked back to the bed. 

He sat on the bed, breathing a sigh of relief. It was so close. He was almost caught. Fortunately, the Qi absorbing process was over. All that was left now was to give the Cauldron more time. 

Long Chen had sent the Cauldron inside his Inner World since there was no need to control anything now. 

Since there was no control needed, he just sent it in his Inner World temporarily. 

As the guards had left, he again brought the Cauldron inside his room. 

He glanced at the beautiful cauldron which was sitting before him.

"Xun, In a few hours, your body will be completed. Are you excited? I made it based on my imagination, but I'm sure you'll like it," He told Xun, who was also sitting before him, staring at the Cauldron blankly, not knowing what to do. 

She wanted it. She had always dreamt of it. 

"Ah right. There's one more person who wanted to be part of this happiness. Can't forget him," Long Chen let out, waving his hand. He called out the Snake Monarch from the Beast Region. 

"The king is back. Did you all miss me?" Snake Monarch asked proudly as soon as he came out. 

"You're back in the room. And I see a cauldron before me. Did you succeed?" he asked Long Chen. 

"Did you really think I could fail?" Long Chen asked, smiling. "There's no way I would fail in something like this."

"So finally, this Xun you speak of will get her body. We can finally see that invisible girl," Snake Monarch said, laughing. 

"Yeah. You can see her. I'm sure you'll like her. She also likes being stupid just as much as you do," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Anyway, most of the process is already complete. Only a few hours are needed, and you'll meet this old lady here," he let out, glancing at Xun.

He got no response from Xun though. 

"Come on, even when I call you stupid or old, you're not responding. Are you sick or something?" Long Chen asked Xun. 

"Let me guess. Are you worried that you won't be able to Control the Storage Ring and the Bloodline Temple if you get a real body? Is that why you're concerned?" 

Xun simply nodded her head. 

"Then you don't have to worry about it. I forgot to tell you, but that body is special. Unlike a real body which you can't leave, this one will be like a suit that you can wear and take off," Long Chen explained to Xun. 

"You can certainly go in it. Enjoy the human life, and then if you want to go back to the ring, you can leave the body and do that. You can also keep switching back and forth. It's not really that bad. So no need to be concerned about something so special," he added 

" You mean I can be a human and a treasure spirit at the same time?" Xun asked, surprised. If that was the case, it solved all her concerns.

"Exactly. I'm a hundred percent sure of that," Long Chen nodded. 

"That's just perfect then!" Xun's eyes lit up as she exclaimed in excitement. 

She could finally experience having a human body without any concerns. 


"Your Majesty, we found what's missing. According to the list of items in the treasury, only one thing is missing," Standing before the Western Emperor; the Western General started giving an explanation. 

"And what would that thing be?" The Western Emperor asked. 

"It's the Dried Spirit River water!" The Western General exclaimed. 

"That thing? It was a gift to me from the Saint Emperor when I was made the Emperor of the Western Empire. The river doesn't exist anymore. That's why every droplet of that water is as rare as it can get! That thief just had to steal that thing out of all?" Furious, Western Emperor stood up enraged. 

"Yeah. It doesn't seem like he even touched anything else, despite there being so many treasures. I think it especially came there for that water," the Western General suggested. 

"I know our men are searching for him, but I genuinely doubt they could find him after he left the Royal Palace. No one has seen him before. He could only be caught at the crime scene. Other than that, it's really hard to catch him," he further said, describing that Western Emperor should keep his expectations low. 

"I know how hard it is. But I just can't believe that someone was able to sneak inside our Royal Palace and steal something from right under our nose!" He fumed. 

The Western General didn't say anything and simply kept his head low. 

" How did that guy even know we had that water? Only a few people knew about us receiving it. If we hadn't given you the list of items inside the treasury, even you wouldn't have known we had it. So how was he able to know? It is clear he certainly came for that thing," the Western Emperor muttered, losing himself in a deep thought. 


At the same time, Glaze was also sitting in his room, punching his pillow. 

"I can't believe someone stole what I wanted! What is happening to this world? Can't a person even steal in peace now?" he let out.