Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 939 - 939: Darkness Race

'I understand. You call Demons the Immortal Demon Race. That's all fine and well. But my main question still remains. What can it even do?' Long Chen asked, confused. He wanted to know what it did. Why was it so special?

Instead of telling its abilities, Xun told him all about its history. Although the history was fascinating, it wasn't something that Long Chen wanted to know. 

"It's better to know the importance of these words before knowing about what it can do. So stop complaining. As for its abilities, this is a complex field since only the Immortal Demon Prince that possessed these eyes can know its full abilities," Xun answered.

'So you don't know about the abilities. You just know that these are special? Did you even need to show off so much? Simply say you don't know why they are special, just know they are special,' Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes. He even controlled his urge to facepalm himself.

Why was she stretching this for so long when she herself didn't know what it was able to do. It was understandable that it was scary because it was possessed by the Prince of that race that can compare with the Heavenly Immortals. 

'You duffer, that's not what I mean. Of course, I know its abilities. Do you think it's even possible for people to not know about these things? Of Course, it is well known. I also know its abilities!" Xun's angry voice echoed in Long Chen's head. 

Long Chen found it strange. By now, Xun should appear before him. Why was she still not coming out?

He soon got the answer to this question without even asking as Xun said her following statement.

"The first specialty of a person with the eye of death is that he can see treasure Spirits and even normal spirits," Xun said.

'Hmm? He can even see treasure Spirits? I also saw a Spirit last time, so I think it's not strange but seeing the treasure Spirits of other people? That's really incredible,' Long Chen let out with a surprised look on his face. 'Is that why you're not coming out?'

"That's the least special thing about it. The extraordinary thing is that these eyes give the user power of blood," Xun told Long Chen.

'What is the power of blood?' Long Chen asked.

"The power of blood is the ability of a person to control blood. When the eyes of Death are activated, the possessor of these eyes can take control of the body of any being that has blood," Xun answered.

Long Chen almost cursed out loud as he heard about this ability? What kind of overpowered ability was this? A person can take control of anyone who has blood? Doesn't it mean he can control him against his will?

"Don't worry. He can't control the beings who aren't mortals," Xun added.

"The Immortal Demon Prince was someone from the Demon Race. He could use the Origin Energy, which amplified his abilities. He was also generally stronger than others, so he could even control some of the strongest of cultivators," she continued. 

Furthermore, she added. "Still, he couldn't control the Heavenly Race. So the ability and strength of the person plays a role in how much strength the person is able to withdraw from his special physique."

"This guy can't even get close to the strength of the strongest within humanity without his eyes, let alone being able to compare to people from the Immortal World. The Immortal world is possessed by the strongest of humans who have surpassed Saint Realm. This guy isn't even close. And the Immortal Demon Race is even stronger than the strongest human in the Immortal World." 

"If I have to guess, this guy can only control mortals who haven't started Cultivating and not a big number of them at once," she finished her explanation.

"Why does it feel like he is affecting the red-haired man then?" Long Chen inquired curiously.

"He can't control the guy, but his eye still shows its dignity by making the enemy intimidated. A bone-chilling fear must be engulfing the guy. It's similar to how the Immortal Demon Prince was able to intimidate some of the weaker Heavenly Warriors even though he wasn't able to control them. The ones who were intimidated couldn't even think about attacking him," Xun revealed.

'So that's how it is. Are there any other abi-' 

Long Chen was about to ask more questions, but his attention was shifted as he heard the gasps of people. He looked towards the red-haired man who was now lying on his knees, still shivering. Surprisingly, no one was looking towards him. 

Everyone was looking towards the door, including Du Liang, whose eyes had returned to normal.

Long Chen also shifted his gaze towards the door. He could see their people entering the hall. It seemed as if the wind moved with the people. As they walked, the wind flew.

They were dressed in all black clothes and a black robe on the back to complete their attire.

Their faces were completely pale, as if there was not even an ounce of blood inside them. The eyes of these people were pitch black. Not just the pupils but even the white portion of the eyes were black in their eyes. It was the first time Long Chen was seeing someone like them.

All three of the people entering were men. They all had long hair that came down to their waist. Their lips were also fascinating as they were slightly purple.

"Darkness Race? So they now stay in a mortal world. Strange. The darkness race is a predominant race in the Immortal World of humans. Why would they be living in a Mortal world now? What changed in the last few years?" Xun's more confused voice fell on Long Chen's ears.  

'They're from the immortal world?' Long Chen asked Xun.

"They should be if I'm not wrong. Or something happened that made them settle in a mortal world. If they were the old them, they wouldn't have come for such a small competition in a mortal world. I think something big happened that weakened them. I also don't sense the same old aura from them," Xun answered Long Chen.

'Interesting. A race from the immortal world. I guess I can see how their youngsters compare to me. Even though they are supposedly weaker now, it would still give me some decent idea about what to expect in higher realms,' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the newcomers who were here now. 

The newcomers also looked in his direction.