Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1241 - 1241: You Can Read Yourself

Long Chen and the Snake Monarch entered the small hut. They could see Lord Glen sitting on a wooden chair with a small table in front of him. There was another chair near the table. 

"Please sit," Lord Glen said, gesturing to Long Chen to sit on the other chair. 

Long Chen and Snake Monarch looked around the shabby hut, which was broken at many places already. It seemed like it wasn't being maintained properly. 

There was also a bed in the hut near the corner. 

"Is this where you live?" Long Chen asked Lord Glen as he took a chair and sat down. 

"That's right," Lord Glen replied. 

"Why do you live in a place like this? I mean, you're a powerful man, according to what I heard. And you also have a pretty good influence as well. Then why do you live in a place like this?" Long Chen asked, wondering. 

"Where should I live then? A mansion? They're not for me," Lord Glen answered. "A cultivator doesn't need a mansion. All they need is a place to sleep and cultivate. Moreover, I like the peace of living in places like this. That's why I have one in every Empire."

" Unexpected preference for someone like you. I heard you used to prefer living in luxury at a time? What changed?" Long Chen asked. 

"I don't think many people know about that. Most of the ones that do are dead. How do you know? Did he tell you?" Lord Glen inquired, smiling. 


"Who?" Long Chen asked. 

"Saint Emperor Xuanwu. He told you that, didn't he?" Lord Glen inquired, smiling. "I can feel his aura on you. And it's not the aura of treasures. It's his physical aura. You have been in pretty close proximity to him. And not for a short time."

Long Chen was surprised. He had thought of many possibilities about how this guy knew about him knowing Saint King, but this was unexpected. 

'Aura of Saint King? Did I really have that? Did I get it from the puppet that Saint King was using? Ah! His body! I took the ring from his body! That must be where I got this from!' 

"You're lucky you didn't go to any of the Emperors. If they were near you, they would also sense that aura. You would be in big trouble. It's a good thing that only I happened to walk past you and sense it," Lord Glen said, shaking his head. 

"So, where is he? Or should I ask how is he?" he inquired. 

" Before I answer that, let me ask you something. What will you do after knowing?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"I will go to him, of course," Lord Glen replied. 

"What then? What after that?" Long Chen asked. 

"What do you mean?" Lord Glen inquired. 

" Will you help him in fighting against all the Emperors? Or will you just watch him die slowly? Or will you hand him over to the emperors?" Long Chen asked. 

"Of course I'll help him! I'll do whatever he asks of me! My undying loyalty is only to him!" Lord Glen firmly said. "So tell me where he is?"

"I think it's too late for your undying loyalty. He died..." Taking a deep breath, Long Chen answered. 

"He is dead? That can't be!" Lord Glen fumed as he stood up. 

"That's the truth. When I met him, he only had a fragment of his soul left. As his body, it had died soon after he was betrayed and stabbed by the Northern Emperor. Fortunately, he had created a clone. He was waiting for an heir to keep his inheritance. That's also the one I talked to," Long Chen said, confessing the truth. 

"Stabbed? What do you mean?!" 

"You don't know? He was stabbed by the cursed knife. As for the one who did it, it was none other than the Northern Emperor, using the knife which was gifted to him by the Saint King. I thought you knew about it?" 

"He stabbed them? But he..."

Hearing Long Chen's words, the face of Lord Glen turned pale. It seemed like he really hadn't known about this. He wasn't even finding enough words to finish his sentence. 

"From the way you're behaving, I guess you really didn't know. What story did they tell you?" Long Chen asked, realizing that this guy was just ignorant. 

It was understandable as well. He wasn't even in the Immortal World when that happened. And only the Emperors knew about this. Of course, they weren't going to tell the true story to him. 

"Is he really dead?" Lord Glen inquired. 

Long Chen waved his hand, bringing out the King's Sword which he placed on the table. He also placed the Saint King's diary. 

"That diary! He never let anyone touch it!" 

" That's right. But when I talked to his last fragment of soul, he gave me many things as he selected me as his heir," Long Chen answered, sighing. "You didn't answer. What story did they tell you?"

"They said that he... That he was heartbroken by their betrayal. He took his family and left, disappointed. They said they didn't know where he went either. To think that they killed him... How could they... Wait! What about his family? And how could they kill him so easily?" Lord Glen asked.

" I think you should brace yourself for my answer. What do you think the weakness of Saint King was?" Long Chen inquired. 

"His weakness? He had none," Lord Glen answered. 

"You're wrong. Actually, he had two weaknesses. His wife and his kid," Long Chen replied, sighing. 

"You mean they...."

"That's right. I am sure you can guess it by now. They kidnapped the family of Saint King and forced him to surrender, only to stab him with the cursed knife later. And when he was dying, they told him that they had already killed his family. At Least that's what he told me," Long Chen explained, heavy heartedly. 

"His family? They did... This can't be. Even they can't be this big of a bastard to go after someone's family!" Lord Glen exclaimed, unable to believe it. 

"Here, he wrote about that day in his diary as well. You can read for yourself," Long Chen said as he opened a certain page in the diary before pushing the diary towards Lord Glen. 

Lord Glen glanced down, realizing that it was actually the writing of Saint King. He started reading. 

Unfortunately, the more he read, the more enraged he got, reading about what happened that day. All the betrayals were finally clear to him. He was lied to.