Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1045 - 1045: Stupid Decision

"If this guy is as difficult to kill as the last one, things could be problematic. I don't understand. Just what is this ability? It's the first time I'm seeing it. How great would it be if I was able to find out about its secret from his son," Emperor Meng muttered as he gazed towards Du Liang. 

He had decades of experience and extensive knowledge, but he still couldn't understand the truth about this thing. 

"What happened? You're bleeding. Did you get cut, Ancestor Meng?" Emperor Du mocked Ancestor Meng after slicing him. 

"You puny youngster! You're too overconfident!" Ji Shan said in a heavy voice as the aura around him changed. 


"Amazing! So that's our Ancestor! He is so strong! Just his aura alone is giving me chills! I'm sure that he will certainly win! No matter how unique this illusion technique is, the Ancestor will shatter it to pieces and win the event for us," Meng Qian was so excited after knowing that Ji Shan was Ancestor Meng. He cheered loudly. 

"Second Brother, aren't you forgetting something?" Meng Huling asked, smiling. 

"Forgetting what?" Meng Qian asked, frowning. 

"You're forgetting how you treated Ji Shan in the first trial? And even here previously? Now that it's out in the open that it had always been our Ancestor, doesn't this mean you were insulting, mocking, and stealing credit of Ancestor?" Meng Huling asked, laughing. 

"Eh?This..." Meng Qian's face turned pale as he realized what he had done. "He wouldn't mind. He didn't complain at all before. Also, I didn't know that it was our ancestor! I can't be blamed!"

"Maybe he didn't say anything because he wanted to test the behavior of the younger generation? If that's the case, he would certainly punish you after the battle is over. I would suggest you to keep your neck prepared. He might even kill you in rage," Meng Huling said, trying to get back at his brother. 

"You scheming bastard! You're trying to scare me! Ancestors would never kill me. I'm his bloodline!" Meng Qian retorted. 

"How do you know? From what I heard, some of our Ancestors were really hard. They killed without thinking. Maybe he is one of those Ancestors? Just stay prepared," Meng Huling laughed as he said.

"I pray not," Meng Qian muttered as he rubbed his neck with a pale face before he stopped talking and shifted his focus back to fighting, where Ji Shan was again injured. 

Last time it was Ji Shan's back that was hurt. This time it was his right leg which had a deep wound. Fortunately, Ji Shan had again managed to save himself; otherwise, his whole leg would have been sliced off. 


Another grunt escaped his lips as a sword stabbed in his shoulder. He flew back, making the sword leave his body. 

A hole was left on his shoulder, which was bleeding. 

On the other hand, Emperor Du wasn't harmed in the least. No matter what attack Ancestor Meng tried, nothing touched him. 


"I can't do it! I can't sit idly!" Long Chen said as he stood up. 

He has had enough. Ji Shan was getting injured, but he was feeling the wounds on his own body. The darkness that had slowly started decreasing was again increasing, making his thoughts clouded to some extent. 

"Don't! You can do nothing! What do you even expect to do?" Xun appeared before Long Chen, trying to stop him. 

"Then tell me what to do! I need that Dark Soul out of Ji Shan's body so that Ji Shan could surrender. No matter what happens, that Dark Spirit won't care for Ji Shan's body. It wouldn't surrender," Long Chen said, frowning. "He would keep getting harmed until it's too late for him. And I can't keep watching!"

"There's no way to bring that Dark Soul out without killing Ji Shan! Do you think you can just ask the Dark Spirit nicely, and it would come out?! No! So stop being an idiot! He is a gone case. Don't put yourself in danger for him!" Xun yelled,  getting angry. It had been a long time since she actually yelled, but she couldn't control herself this time. 

This was an absolutely stupid decision. There was nothing he could do. He was just being an idiot, trying to jump in without having any idea about what he could do. 

She was cursing that Sword in her mind, which had affected him, but she still couldn't let him do stupid things. 

"You're right. I can't ask the Spirit to come out on his own," Long Chen muttered before an evil grin formed on his lips. "Or can I?"

"You might not have any idea, but I have one now," he said as his grin widened, seeming like he was scheming something. "Two eagles in one stone."

He gazed towards the sky, which had started to turn dark. It was already evening which meant he could use his Law of Darkness. 

Looking towards his side, he gazed at Zhiqing, who was asking him if he was fine. 

Slowly raising his hand, he touched her cheeks. 

"Zhiqing, I'm going to have to do something stupid. I can't have you put at risk. Go back to the Fake World," he told Zhiqing gently before he brought out a talisman from his storage ring. 

"Keep this talisman with you. This would become active after thirty days. If I don't call you out within thirty days. Only after that can it be used.  This is for leaving the fake world. When you all think you need to come out, collect everyone inside the Fake World at a single place and tear this talisman. I had it connected to the real world through the portal of the fake world," he explained to Zhiqing. 

"Get out of that place with everyone and live in a safe place, inside the real world. But only after you have reached Heaven Realm Cultivation inside," he added. 

"Why are you giving it to me! Don't tell me you're planning on dying!" Zhiqing asked Long Chen, concerned. 

"Hahaha, why would I die? I'm only giving it to you as a precaution. Life is always uncertain. When I can't call you out for a long time and give no signal that I'm alive, just think I'm dead. So when you're strong enough, you can leave Fake World on your own. Anyway, I don't plan on dying anytime soon. So don't worry," Long Chen answered as he smiled. 

"But I-"

Zhiqing was saying something, but she couldn't even finish her sentence as she disappeared. She was sent back to the fake world, leaving Long Chen alone here.