Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 951 - 951: Saint Realm

" Oh, don't worry. This Sword is not made to stop your sword," Long Chen responded to the man in a mocking tone. "I already have other things in place for that."

As he talked about it, he was referring to using space to keep the sword in its place. That was the advantage of fighting in his inner world that had Law of Space and Law of Darkness. 

He could literally do anything here as long as he didn't bring any opponent here that was super strong like the Emperor of the Esteria Empire or someone close to that level. 

After making the dark sword of the man ineffective against him, he got on the offensive. His Sword of Darkness shot straight towards Mu, who still hadn't understood how his sword.

Mu started using his movement skill to dodge the attack, only to realize that his legs were caught by something. It seemed as if his legs were caught in some invisible chains that were preventing him from moving. 

He could only watch the Dark Sword of Long Chen flying towards him, unable to do anything. 

"Stop it right now! Don't do this! You don't know what you're doing!" Mu roared as the shade of fear covered his face. He was finally scared for his life as he saw no path that led to life. 

Life held more meaning to him than respect. He didn't find it beneath him to even beg. If his legs weren't caught in space, he would have already been on his knees begging for his life. 

Despite his begging, the sword didn't stop. "You bastard! You'll die a terrible death! I curse yo-"

Seeing his begging not work, he started getting furious and cursing Long Chen; however, he didn't even finish his sentence before the sword crashed on his head, splitting his body in half.

Two halves of Mu's body fell on the ground, which was absorbed in the ground instantly. 

"Don't worry. Your friend will join you, soon enough," Long Chen let out as he finally appeared in his spiritual form inside his inner world. 

He soon disappeared.


Xun was still confused as to where the man disappeared. She considered the possibility of Long Chen taking that man to his inner world but this needed confirmation.

Long Chen opened his eyes slowly as a soothing smile spread across his face. 

"You really know how to shake a guy," Long Chen let out as he chuckled. "I should thank you for that, though. It was because of you that I realized my life was in danger."

"So it was your work? Did you take him to your inner world?" Xun asked Long Chen.

"Something along those lines," Long Chen let out as he smiled innocently. "Just know that he won't be returning."

"Now that I think of it, that leaves one person from the team. It's a waste to kill them all when I have nothing to do with them, but they came for me first. I can only reciprocate their feelings in kind," he muttered as he spread out his Divine Sense to see if the leader of the Dark World team, Ning, was standing outside or not. 

"There he is. It looks like they were worried about being attacked from behind. That's why only one of them entered. It won't be long before the second one enters as well," he let out as he noticed Ning outside. 

"I better finish it fast. I still need to find some flowers to get a good rank."

Long Chen used his Heaven's Shroud to hide his aura as he Teleported outside right above Ning's head. As he was a Heaven Realm cultivator, he could fly now, but he didn't bother fighting openly. It was much better to fight Ning inside his Fake World since he believed Ning to be weaker than him.

As soon as he appeared above Ning, he took him inside his Inner World. 

Ning found his surroundings change as he appeared inside the inner world of Long Chen. His initial Reaction was also the same as Mu's reaction. He was initially confused.

Unfortunately, Long Chen didn't explain things this time. His death came more swiftly as a black sword sliced him in half as soon as he appeared inside the inner world. 

After swiftly dealing with Ning, Long Chen landed on the ground. No one was ever going to know how he single-handedly wiped out one of the strongest teams in the race of rankings. Even though he did that one at a time, it was still an incredible feat especially because he used his inner world to achieve that. 

"Now that I can fly without using any tricks, it would be much easier," he muttered as he spread out his hand. 

"It's so different to be a Heaven Realm cultivator. It's like I have entered a different world altogether. My body is filled with strength. I never knew that different could be this much," he let out as he gazed at his hands.

"The difference will only increase the stronger you get. You'll be stepping within the boundaries of immortality from now on, after all," Xun's voice echoed in his hand. 

"Anyways, now that you finished your inner world let me see how it is. Remove the restriction from it," She continued.

She wanted to see the inner world that he had made, but she couldn't as she needed his permission to enter that place. 

"Not yet. I want to make it even better for your first visit. Wait for a little. You'll get to see it soon," Long Chen answered her as he smiled. 

He didn't want her to see that he had formed an inner universe instead. It was better to keep it a secret for now. 

Xun insisted on seeing or again, but Long Chen refused yet again. He didn't even entertain the thought of letting her see right now as he started flying ahead in search of a three leaves golden flower. 

He thought that it would be tough to find the flower as it was touted to be so rare; however, luck seemed to be on his side as it didn't take him long to find a flower that matched the description. 

A tiger-like beast was sitting near the flower, seemingly asleep. Two Bull like horns were coming out of the head of the tiger. From the aura that was being emitted by it, it was evident that the beast was none other than a saint realm beast. He had not seen a best like this, so he didn't know much about it. 

All he knew was that it was a Saint Realm Beast. Bringing it inside his inner world was very risky, so he decided against it.