Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 999 - 999: Stop If You Can

"You don't trust that I'm innocent," Long Chen laughed as he shook his head. His ego was hurt, and he was furious. Disappointment gripped his heart as he started feeling the darkness inside his heart. 

"I'm leaving. I don't want to stay in this disgusting place for even a second," he let out as he sighed. 

"Mingyu, are you coming with me, or do you want to stay with your family?" he asked Mingyu. 

"Long Chen, I know you're emotional. But please don't leave. I'm sure no one here thinks that you're wrong. Please don't leave. I'm here to keep you safe," Mingyu said Long Chen as she held his hand. 

" There's no need. I don't need their certificate of innocence. If they think they can decide my innocence or have the right to, then they're fools," Long Chen replied, not listening to Mingyu. 

"Are you coming or not?" he asked again.

"Mother is sick. We can't leave now. Please stay. For me?" Mingyu asked with an expected gaze. 

Even though she had said this with no intention to hurt Long Chen, he felt a tinge of pain in his heart. Wasn't that an indirect no?

"Alright. Stay here and take care of her. I'll be outside, taking care of some things. I'll be back to take you later when your mother is fine," he said, smiling. His smile hid the disappointment he was feeling. 

Without waiting for a second, he turned back and started leaving. 

"Wait! You can't leave right now. We haven't decided if you're guilty or innocent yet," The Emperor said, squinting his eyes. He had to act as the Emperor now and not a concerned father. Moreover, he didn't want to see Long Chen leave Mingyu like this. He wasn't sure if he was ever going to come back if he left. 

Mingyu, on the other hand, stayed back stunned, unable to speak anything. Long Chen was actually leaving her behind? He was leaving her? She could gather no words to speak. All her effort was to stop herself from crying. 

Long Chen slowly turned around to look in the eyes of the Emperor, who found something strange. Long Chen's beautiful golden eyes seemed to contain a shade of darkness. It was as if something was happening to him that even he didn't understand. 

A dark rusted sword appeared in Long Chen's hand. It was the first time he had brought the Sword of Time out in this place before Emperor Junwei. 

While everyone only saw a rusted black sword that seemed to have no strength or grade, the Emperor could see that he was special. The sword, it seemed to possess some power that could even intimidate him. This Sword, what exactly was it? He wondered. 

Long Chen slowly raised his right hand, which was holding the long heavy sword towards the Emperor. 

He said in a grim tone, "Didn't I say? I don't need your certificate for my innocence. And I have no reason to stay here. If you still think you can stop me, then give it a try. I'll be happy to oblige."

The Emperor frowned deeply. Did this guy go crazy? Even when they had the same Cultivation, Long Chen couldn't defeat him. Even though the Emperor believed that Long Chen had good potential, it was still too soon for him to point his sword at him. 

Long Chen was probably overestimating himself, he thought. 

The Emperor gazed at Long Chen, frowning; he said, "Long Chen, I'm sure you think we're forcing you, but please understand us. This is the process that everyone goes through. If you're innocent, we'll find it. Don't worry."

"Why should I care if you find it or not?" Long Chen replied sarcastically. 

"I'm leaving. You stay here playing your little game of judging everyone," he added as he started walking away. 

"Guards! Stop him!" The Emperor commanded his men, seeing that Long Chen wasn't stopping. In any case, he couldn't see Long Chen leave. 

If he did nothing to stop him and let him leave before he was proved innocent, the ministers were going to think that he was partial. The citizens would think the same, and people were going to lose their trust in justice. 

He had to stop, but he couldn't move himself. The Guards should be enough, he thought. 

Unfortunately, he was wrong. 

The Guards did run to surround Long Chen as they closed the door. 

Long Chen, in turn, threw his Sword towards one of the guards, who dodged to his side at just the right time. 

The Sword passed by and crashed on the walls of the throne room, surprisingly breaking the wall in its entirety with its brute strength. 

Just this display of this sword was enough to show everyone the strength of this normal-looking sword. The sword had destroyed the walls that are made using special materials after all. It wasn't easy to break this wall. 

As the Wall was broken, Long Chen gazed back towards the Emperor. As I said, stop me if you can. Unfortunately, you can't. And you're Mingyu's father, so I don't want to use violence and hurt anyone. I'll leave," he said calmly before he disappeared. Only his voice kept echoing inside the chamber, filling it. 

In the meantime, Long Chen appeared outside the chamber as he picked up the black sword. 

A portal appeared before him inside, which he stepped, disappearing from this chamber. 

He appeared right outside the Royal City. Even after he appeared outside the Royal City, he didn't stop. He kept flying as he amplified his speed with the help of his Heavenly Demon Wings. 

He was still feeling upset, but the fast winds were brushing against his face was giving him a soothing feeling. 

He soon reached an empty mountain range which seemed to be void of people mostly. 

After traveling for so long, he was a bit calmer now and wondered if he did a bit too much. 

"No. That guy was going to side with his son. He didn't trust me and asked the ministers. As for the Ministers, they weren't going to believe me. They neither know me nor understand my personality. It was a stupid situation. In any case, I was going to be blamed," he muttered as he landed on the cliff and started walking to find a place where he could stay. 

He wanted to have a place where he wasn't going to be disturbed as he comprehended the Law of Destiny. 

As he was walking, he heard a voice. 

"Stop right there! Did you really think if you came to Dark Mountain, you could escape?!"