Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 987 - 987: Problem

Lu Wang also thought that he was revived so that he could be used against Long Chen.

'Sigh, even if that's true, what can I do? That man is also too strong. The only reason he doesn't kill Long Chen is because he can't involve himself. I can only listen to him. Moreover, that thing is inside my body.'

"And after that, they reached here."

The Emperor finally finished telling Mingyu's story to Long Chen. 

"So, what do you say? Is she telling the truth? Or are you telling the truth?" He asked his son. 

Lu Wang took two steps forward before he dropped to one knee. 

Lu Junwei squinted his eyes as he saw the response of his son. What was he doing?

"I apologize, father. I had lied to you. Mingyu is right. It was Pei Zen who tried to kill me," Lu Junwei told the truth to his father while keeping his head down. 

"Mingyu might have seen that. Anyway, they thought I was dead and threw me in a pit. Fortunately, an old man helped me. I was in a coma for a long time and only recently woke up. After that, I came back right here," he added 

The Emperor smacked the armrest of his throne as he stood up, enraged. 

"Those Bastards of Tricion! They act as our friends in front of us while they try to stab us in the back? How dare they try to kill my son! I'll destroy them!" he roared in anger. 

Fortunately, no one was there to see him scream except his son.

"Why did you lie to me?" He gazed at his son and asked. 

"Exactly for that reason. I didn't want you to get upset and wage another war. When I came back, our Empire's condition was already bad enough after fighting for so long. We can't afford to fight another war. So I lied and hid the truth," the Young prince answered, keeping his head down. 

The Emperor looked at his son strangely. This kid, even after all that, instead of desiring revenge and getting angry, he was still thinking about his Empire? How could he be angry at a son like that?

He couldn't help but sigh as he looked down. 

"It's fine. You don't have to apologize. But still, you should have told me the return. I thought Mingyu was lying to me when she was right. How embarrassing to be suspicious of my daughter," the Emperor shook his head. "I need to apologize to her now."

"Stand up. You had the best intentions in your heart. Don't look down for that. Even though you made a mistake lying to me, I forgive you," the Emperor told his son as he walked towards him. 

"You're still young. Of course, you'll worry. I'm sorry for being harsh."



Long Chen was kissing Mingyu as his hand roamed all over her body. 


Mingyu freed her lips as she told Long Chen.

"What?" Long Chen asked her as he looked into her deep beautiful eyes. 

"We can't do it now," She said with an embarrassed look on her face. 

"Why not?" Long Chen let out, his hand still resting on her breasts. 

"Because I need to leave. Mother is sick; I need to accompany her today. Can you wait till the night?" she asked with a cute look in her eyes.

Long Chen didn't know why, but he felt like Mingyu was cuter now that she was back home. She was previously a bit strong-willed, but now that she was home, she seemed like a child in how she was asking him permission instead of telling him directly. 

Long Chen had her lips a light peck before he rolled over to the side, freeing her.

"Alright. That's important too," he muttered as he gazed at the roof.

Mingyu sat up and placed her hand on his chest as she asked, "Are you angry? I'm sorry."

"Nah, don't worry. I'm not angry. I'm just wondering how much I'll miss you when you're not here, even if it's just for a few hours," Long Chen smiled wryly. 

"I'll be back in a bit. You won't even miss me that much," Mingyu said as she kissed Long Chen's lips as if thanking him.

The kiss this time lasted for longer, as if she didn't want to free his lips either.

After an almost five minutes long kiss, she finally freed his lips. Her breathing still seemed a bit heavy, and her eyes remained misty as they looked in Long Chen's golden eyes. 

"I love you so much," she told him before she got off the bed. 

"I can't wait for the night," she added before she ran out the door, leaving Long Chen behind. 

Stranded in the room, Long Chen closed his eyes and covered them with his arms. 

"I miss Zhiqing and others too. It's been so long since I last saw them. Should I bring them out here? But Mingyu's father doesn't know about my other wives. If he knows, he might literally kill me. All the impressions I've made in him will be destroyed instantly," he muttered as he wondered how he could meet his other ladies. 

He didn't know if the Emperor would find out. That man was able to know of Long Chen's absence from his room. It was also possible that if Long Chen brought his other ladies out, that man might know. And that was a problem.

A father knowing that her daughter's husband that he had only recently appreciated, had more than five wives. 

He knew that wasn't going to go well.

"Heck, even if I was in his place, I might get angry too. If my daughter's husband had more wives, I would probably break his legs. And this is when it's normal in this world. I guess fathers are the same no matter which world it is," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly. 

"I need to go out of the palace soon and bring them out there to tell them about the situation. I can't leave the Empire since I need to comprehend the Law of Destiny here. So I might be out of months. I can't leave them in the dark. Father and mother will be worried too," he sat up as he shook his head. 

"I'll go out with the excuse of seeing the city tomorrow. They wouldn't stop me. Then I can do it. The only problem will be if they tried to send a guard with me."

"I'll need to get rid of him or lose him somewhere," he decided.