Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1265 - 1265: Arrival Of Dragon Emperor Soul

"How does it feel to kill one of the culprits?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch. 

"I feel... Lighter ..." Snake Monarch replied softly. "When they had attacked, this guy was slaughtering everyone from my clan, drunk in power. And now, when his death came, he couldn't even struggle. His strength left him as soon as someone strong came face to face with him."

"That's how this works, after all. Strong can only bully the weak. They're too scared to even think about going against the strong," Long Chen replied, sighing. 

"You don't care about that? You go against strong ones as well!" Snake Monarch let out.

"Well, I guess you can keep me in the category of exceptions. But I was talking about people in general," Long Chen responded. "Anyway, let's continue. There are still more to kill. Then we also need to go through the towers. We have a lot to do."

He left the room and moved over to the next room, which was again found to be locked. 

Through his Divine Sense, Long Chen was able to see a man inside the room, immersed in cultivation.

Long Chen gestured to Snake Monarch, who became smaller once again, sneaking inside the room through the crack at the bottom.  He opened the door for Long Chen. 

'Is he also the one?' Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch, who nodded. 

Long Chen once brought his Sword of Time out of his storage ring, gesturing for the Snake Monarch to do something. 

Snake Monarch wrapped around Long Chen's arms. Long Chen wanted to make it so that the Snake Monarch had a contribution in killing the people of his species. 

As the Snake Monarch wrapped around Long Chen's hand, which was holding onto the sword, he swung his sword, slashing the head of the Dark Tribe Elder. 

One after another, the Elders kept dying. Most of the Elders that Long Chen met were the ones that were involved in the deaths of Snake Monarch species. 

It seemed like most of the people that participated in that had become the High Ranking Elders of this Tribe, which wasn't shocking. 

Since this was a preferred hunting sport in the tribe, it was certain that only important members of the Tribe would go hunting. And those Important Members became the Elders in the future. 

Soon, Long Chen stopped in front of the last room. It was the only room in the palace that Long Chen hadn't checked. He was sure that it was going to be the room of the Tribe Leader, who was much stronger than the Elders. 

In other clans, Elders weren't as strong as the call after, but the gap wasn't big either. Contrary to that, in the Dark Tribe, the gap in strength of the Elders and the Tribe Leader was just too much. 

While the Elders were much weaker than the Northern General, the Tribe Leader was said to be as strong if not stronger than the Western General. 

Long Chen used his Divine Sense to check inside the room. 

"Huh? No one is inside?" Surprised, he pushed the door open and stepped inside. 

"Where is the Tribe Leader? Is he outside?" He wondered, standing confused inside the empty room. 

"Maybe he's in one of the four towers? We still haven't checked them," Snake Monarch suggested. 

"Ah, that's right. We haven't checked those places. Maybe some Elders would be there as well."

Through a series of Teleportations, Long Chen appeared outside the palace. He straight teleported to the entrance of the first tower, on his left. 

Pushing the door open, he stepped inside. 

As soon as he stepped foot inside, he felt something. An invisible pressure was acting on him. He felt like the gravity had suddenly changed, but the change only affected him a little. It was similar to a minor inconvenience. 

He calmly walked through the entire first floor to reach the stairs. Using the stairs, he went to the second floor, where the gravity became even stronger. Even though it still didn't affect him, it gave him some clues about what this place was. 

"It looks like a training room of sorts.  The higher we go, the stronger the gravity will become. Even though it isn't strong at the moment, I think it's going to get much worse on the top floor," he analyzed. 

"That seems to be the case. But that also means there's a good chance we'll find the tribe Leader on the top floor. As you said, old men always think about their cultivation. For someone strong like him, cultivating at the top floor under the extreme pressure of gravity should be ideal," Snake Monarch also chimed in. 

"I was thinking the same thing," Long Chen agreed as he started flying towards the higher floors. 

With each passing second, he climbed one floor. From the third floor to the tenth floor, he found ten people. All of them ended up dead. 

As he climbed higher, he stopped seeing people. The gravity was already a hundred times stronger than what it was on the ground floor. 

Long Chen soon reached the highest floor of the tower. 

"That's no one here. Such a disappointment. That guy must be in a different tower," Snake Monarch sighed. 

"You think so?" Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. 

He teleported outside the tower and flew straight to the second tower. 


Under the Dark Tribe Palace was buried the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor, but that wasn't all. The soul of the Blood Dragon Emperor was also nearby. 

It had just entered the Palace, sending its body nearby. 

The Dragon Emperor's soul flew inside the palace, searching for its body.

After only ten minutes, the soul stopped. The soul, which seemed like a true dragon, was much smaller than an actual dragon. The soul dragon was just as long as a human finger at the moment. It looked like a miniature version of a real Blood Dragon, but there were some differences as well. 

It has two horns on its forehead, whereas ordinary blood Dragons didn't have the horn. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor's soul looked down, floating blankly. 

It could feel a mysterious force repelling it. It knew that the body was right under it, but now that he was here, he couldn't get closer at all. 

Under the ground, the Blood Dragon Emperor's body was lying unmoving, but a formation was carved on its skin which was shining at the moment, forming some kind of barrier around it. 

It was made by the First Emperor as a form of precaution for a day like this. The barrier repelled all spirits. None of the spirits could get close to this body in an effort to occupy it.