Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1119 - 1119: Arrival Of Sect Masters

"Moreover, as you may expect, there are some good humans and some bad like every other species. I can say you were unlucky that you arrived near this once since this is a heavily guarded place of a Dark Sect," Long Chen told the being. 

"Do you understand me?" He asked. 

The tall being nodded in response. There seemed to be some merit in those words. 

"That's better, so now, tell me. What is your name?" Long Chen asked. 

"Roli," The being answered. 

"Roli, you said Terra is here too? He's also imprisoned?" Long Chen asked. 

"Yeah, he's inside the cell. I heard his screams when he was brought here. He should be in a nearby cell," Roli answered. 

"Is the second one also nearby? Take me to him," Long Chen told Chu Miao, looking at her. 

"Yeah, he was also captured by the Sect Guards. I'll bring him out too," Chu Miao said, nodding. 

"Come, Roli. Let's go meet your brother," Long Chen told the tall being as he reached out his hand. 

"Don't worry about me. Help him. I don't think I can move," Roli answered. "I haven't eaten in a long time. My body won't work."

"I'll help you walk, don't worry. That cell won't be far," Long Chen answered as he reached out his hand. 

"Don't even think about it. I'm too heavy. You'll hurt your shoulder or legs if you help me," Roli said as he shook his head. 

"You're heavy? Don't tell me you're heavier than a mountain. Even if you were, I would be fine, so don't worry about it," Long Chen told Roli as he gestured for him to grab his hand. 

Roli laughed weakly as he held Long Chen's hand. "Don't blame me later," he said, standing up. 

 As he held Long Chen's hand, he couldn't help but be surprised as Long Chen made him stand up effortlessly. And from simply holding Long Chen's hand, he could see that the strength of Long Chen was a bit too much. He actually underestimated him. 

Long Chen helped Roli walk as he left the cell and walked towards Chu Miao, who was standing near a different cell, once again trying all the keys to know which one matched. 

As Long Chen reached there, the lock actually opened as the inside was revealed entirely.

Terra was sitting with his hand down, seemingly lost in some deep thought. He heard the sound of the door opening and raised his hand. 

As Terra looked ahead, he saw two people. One was his brother, for whom he had come here, and the second one was Long Chen. 

He couldn't believe it anymore. He was actually seeing Long Chen here. 

" Legendary human, you're here? You came to help us?" Terra asked. 

"Terra, my good friend. It's so good to see you here. What are you doing inside? Come out. We need to catch up a lot, outside in the fresh air," Long Chen said as he smiled. 

Now he was certain that it was Terra and his presence also proved something. That world existed, and that meant Xia also existed. 

But that also raised a few questions. Where exactly was that world? And how come the time of that world worked so different compared to the time of this world. 

He remembered that he had the time inside the world for his trial, but the time that had passed in the real world was much different. 

Terra stood up and approached Long Chen. 

"I'll help him walk," he said as he started supporting his brother instead. 

Long Chen, Terra, and the others stepped out of the prison and sat near the entrance of the prison as all of them looked at the beautiful Sun. 

"This world is so bright, but we were kept away from it for so long. I can't even imagine how my brother spent such a long time there. I was there for much shorter, but I felt like I was already starting to go crazy," Terra said as he sighed. 

"If you hadn't come, I might actually have gone crazy. I guess this is the second time you saved my life—the first time when you saved my world, and now this. You really are a legendary human and a hero," he added.

"He entered our world and actually saved it like legends?" Roli asked his brother, surprised. 

"Yeah, it happened after you disappeared. You should have seen it with your own eyes. It was amazing," Terra answered. 

"Don't talk about that anymore. I was a really young boy. I did as much as I could. In any case, you also helped me a lot there. It was because of you that I was able to succeed in my mission," Long Chen replied before he brought a few fruits from his storage ring. 

"Here, eat these. This will give you some energy," he said as he gave the two brothers the fruits. 

Terra and Roli looked at the fruits before they looked at each other. Terra nodded while looking at his brother before he took the first bite of the fruit.

"Amazing! This is so tasty! And you're right; I feel like it's giving me energy as well. How fascinating," Terra said, amazed.

Hearing his praise, Roli also started eating; a similar praise came out of his mouth. 

"Me too. This is a great fruit. My hands and legs were barely working, but now I have so much energy that I can easily walk," Roli said. 

"That's go-"

Long Chen was going to say that it was good, but he stopped midway as he felt some strange auras in the surroundings, advancing towards the sect. 

"A bunch of Heaven Realm Cultivators? In this continent, they can only be the sect masters of the major sects. For all of them to be coming at once, I guess someone informed them about my arrival. But to inform them so fast, I think Dark Soul sect master is the one that did it," Long Chen muttered as he stood up while looking in the distant horizon.

"That woman, she still believes that a few sect masters working together can scare the Snake Monarch and force him to leave while killing me? This woman is really an Idiot. She doesn't know my Cultivation yet. As for my battle strength... She just has a death wish, it seems."

"Anyway, it doesn't matter. I already wanted to settle scores with these people for putting a bounty on my head and for destroying my sect. And they also killed the Grand Elder of Long Clan. If I hadn't reached there on time, even my family would be dead." 

The more he remembered, the more he felt that their arrival was a good thing.