Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 983 - 983: Master

"The person who possessed the sword before you was my master," Lu Junwei told Long Chen.

"So I might be the descendant of your master, or from the family, he trusted," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. Didn't this give him an advantage over the Emperor?

"Don't be so overconfident. You can only claim to be his heir if you can defeat me. No heir of my master can be weaker than me at the same cultivation," Emperor Lu Junwei muttered as he rolled his eyes 

"So defeating you would prove that I'm his heir?" Long Chen inquired. 

"It wouldn't prove it either, but then mean the chances of your heir being my master are pretty high. In any case, I don't think you'll even need that advantage at that point since victory already ensures that you're a talented cultivator," the Emperor added.

"Enough talking now. Let's start now. I don't have all day," he let out as he also pulled out his sword, which was a heavy sword that seemed to be twice the thickness as Long Chen's sword in thickness with blunt edges. 

"You're going to use that sword?"Long Chen asked as he noticed the sword. 

He had thought the Emperor would use a treasure sword that would at least be a Heaven Grade weapon, but it wasn't. Let alone being a heaven Heaven weapon; it wasn't close either. It was a weapon that was a mortal-grade sword that people who weren't even Cultivators used. It was the most common weapon and seen as a useless item from this place. 

"Yeah. Is there anything wrong with the sword?" The Emperor asked with an amused smile on his face. "Come on, kid, don't say you're scared now."

"I'm not scared, but still. That's a mortal-grade sword. You're either underestimating me too much, or you're giving yourself a handicap. And honestly, you don't need to do anything like that. You can use your stronger weapons. I think I'm strong enough to handle that," Long Chen told the Emperor.

He also wanted to fight against the Emperor when he used at least the same grade of weapons against him, if not stronger. 

It was going to be a test to show him how strong he was compared to Lu Junwei when they were both Heaven Realm Cultivators. 

He didn't wish to go against the weak Emperor. It wasn't daily he could get to face against the Emperor of one of the strongest worlds when they were in the same Cultivation realm. 

"It's fine. Even though we're in the same cultivation realm, my skills are still more advanced than you as I have practiced them for years. You're still at a disadvantage. I want to make it as fair for you as it is for me. So I can use my advanced skill, and you can use an advanced weapon to make it somewhat fair," the Emperor explained his logic behind selecting such a useless weapon. 

'Sigh, this guy is a bit too righteous. But why does it matter? Come on, let me fight against you when you're at your best,' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the Emperor, but he was trying to think of proper words to ask the Emperor to use his stronger weapons without sounding too arrogant. 

After thinking for a while, he finally came to a conclusion on how to convey himself properly, "Father in law, to be honest, I don't see it as a test but as an opportunity to go against the best Cultivator in the world at the same cultivation level."

"So please don't make this opportunity any less by giving yourself a handicap. That would not be good for me," he added. 

The Emperor gazed at Long Chen blankly for a few minutes before he burst into laughter. 


Long Chen watched the Emperor laugh, wondering what he was finding funny about this.

"Good. Very good. You think just like I used to think when I was young. To tell you the truth, this was also a little test," the Emperor said as he grinned. "You did well."

He sent the mortal-grade sword back in his storage ring as he folded his arms with a reminiscent look on his face.

"When I was young, my master had placed the same test before me and a few other people that also wanted to be his disciple. Many high profile people were in the group," he told Long Chen. 

" My master had also told us all to defeat him when he was using a mortal grade weapon. Guess what happened next?" He asked Long Chen.

"I'm not sure. No one could defeat him?" Long Chen let out. 

"That's true that no one could defeat him, but this isn't all. I was the only one that asked him to use a weapon comparable to us and don't underestimate us. Even though we were all defeated, he selected me as his disciple," the Emperor told Long Chen. 

"Because you told him to use a stronger weapon?" Long Chen asked. 

"That's right. You understand it better than I did. I had to ask him why he selected me. He answered me because I didn't choose the easy route even if it was decided by him," the Emperor let out as he smiled. 

"If you were in my place, you would also be selected by him as his disciple," the Emperor muttered as he smiled wryly.

" Did you have a master previously?" He asked Long Chen. 

"I don't have a master yet," Long Chen replied as he shook his head. 

"Would you accept to be my disciple?" The Emperor asked Long Chen.

" I don't. I'm not looking for a master," Long Chen refused straight away. He was too busy to have a master. He had always reached here without a master; he didn't want to be tied down to a place even though it might be more peaceful and calm. 

He couldn't afford to stay here either. He had many things to do in his life. As for resources, he could already steal as many as he wished or even borrow from the Emperor. He was the man's son in law after all.

"Are you sure? I can teach you some really good skills that will help you get stronger faster," the Emperor told Long Chen. 

"Sorry, but I think I have all the skills I need. In any case, weren't you in a hurry? Why are you talking so much?" Long Chen asked the Emperor. 

"I also need to go meet Mingyu. Because of you, I had to stay away from her all night. I haven't even wished her good morning yet," he added as he shamelessly lied about being away from Mingyu because of the Emperor.