Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1033 - 1033: I'll End It Fast

"The Six candidates that survived the first trial and managed to qualify will decide the strongest World and the one that gets the right to mine resources in the other worlds without interruption!"

General Wuki declared, starting with a brief explanation before starting the event by

" Crown Prince Du Liang from the Empire of Du, Princess Qian Yu from the Empire of Qiandi, and Crown Prince Pei Zen from the Tricion Empire will represent the World of Fengsu in the second and final trial; after performing exceptionally in the first trial."

"As for the other three participants in the second trial, they are all from the World of Light— Second Prince Meng Qian, third Prince Meng Huling, and  cultivator Ji Shan!"

"The first trials were dependent on a bit of luck, strength, and teamwork! But the second trial will only depend on pure strength! I will be in charge of the Second Trial, which we will begin within minutes."

He looked back at the candidates and said, "All candidates that take part in the trial, step forward!"

"Go, son! Have a great time. I'm sure you can do it," Emperor Du patted the back of his son, who walked forward. 

"Good luck," Emperor Qian wished his daughter. 

Only the Emperor of Tricion was sitting with a twisted look on his face since his son wasn't here yet. 

"Best of luck, brothers," the Crown Prince of Esteria wished his Second and Third brother who were taking part from their Empire. He was too old, or he would have taken part in the Trials too. 

"Hah, I don't need luck. That man was lucky that he got the first rank last time. I had to stay content with the second position, but now I'll show him my true strength," Meng Qian declared proudly as he glared at Du Liang in the distance.

"If anyone needs luck, it's this idiot. Tell him not to hold us back," he added as he pointed towards Ji Shan. 

"Cheh, you're really thankless. How easily you forget that it's because of him that you got the second rank. You stole the flowers that belonged to him, yet now you brag," third Prince Meng Huling scoffed as he sided with Ji Shan, who wasn't saying anything himself. 

"No arguing amongst yourselves. Remember, this is important. You're fighting for your Empire. Don't disappoint me," Emperor Meng chimed in, scolding his son.  "Go now!"

"Yes, father."


General Wuki stood before five youngsters who were gazing at him, wondering what was going to happen next. 

General Wuki waved his hand, bringing out six small boxes from his storage ring.

The six small boxes were not much but. They were only palm-sized boxes. Three of these boxes were red, while the other three were green. 

"There are six boxes before you. Three are for the ones from Esteria, while the other three are for people of this world. Each of the red boxes contains a token having a number one to three. Similarly, all green boxes contain the same," the General said. 

"You can step forward and pick one of them. The two 'ones' from each side that pick the box with token number one will fight first. Similarly, the ones with two will fight next. Ones with three will fight last. That's the first round," he continued. 

Next, he commanded them to pick what they liked. 

Du Liang stepped forward and chose one of the three boxes that belonged to his side, lazily. 

He didn't even think since it didn't matter to him if he went first or third. 

He opened the box he had selected and picked the token inside.

"Number two," he said as he showed the box to the General. 

Next, Qian Yu stepped forward and chose one of the two remaining boxes. 

"Number one," she said, seeing her token. 

"Since number one and two have been selected already,  Prince Pei Zen, who isn't here at the moment, gets third. He will fight in the end," the General said. 

Emperor Du gazed at Tricion Emperor, wondering if it was actually luck that number three wasn't selected or if there was a trick to give his son more time? In any case, he was happy. 

"Next, from your side, come forward," the General said to the other side. 

Ji Shan started stepping forward, but he stopped as he saw Meng Qian running ahead, selecting a box already. 

Meng Qian looked back at Ji Shan as he rolled his eyes. 

"From that side, their strongest member picked first. From this side, it would be the same. Since my rank was high, I'll pick first. You'll go last," he told Ji Shan. 

The General was annoyed at the young man who was unnecessarily talking. Did it even matter who picked first?

"Open the box. Talk later," he chided the Prince. 


Prince Meng Qian opened the box and pulled out a token.

"Number one, I guess I'll be fighting their weakest member. What a disappointment," he sighed as he gazed at Qian Yu in disappointment, showing off. 

Qian Yu had the lowest rank in the first stage trial amongst all candidates of Fengsu. Du Liang and Long Chen were higher than her. He completely ignored the fact that his rank wasn't because of his merit but because of help. 

As for Qian Yu, she had done everything alone and still did better. 

"Next," the General said. 

Meng Qian walked back, and Meng Huling stepped forward, choosing one of the two boxes. Without delay, he opened the box. 

"I'm second," he let out as he smiled wryly while gazing at Du Liang. This was the person he actually didn't want to fight, but he had the worst luck here it seemed. 

"Cheh, you got what I wanted. Doesn't matter. You're too weak to win against him anyway. I'll face him in the next round, so it doesn't matter," Meng Qian said with an amused smile on his face, subtly mocking his younger brother that he was going to fail. 

"I guess you don't even need to pick anymore, hah. You're third. Lucky. If your opponent doesn't come in time, you'll win without even fighting. You should thank me for stopping you from selecting first, or you might have been in place of my idiotic brother," he told Ji Shan, who lazily walked back. 

The other candidates also walked back, leaving only the ones who had selected the token number one. 

Meng Qian and Qian Yu were left behind since it was the two of them who were going to fight. 

"Cheh, the strongest from one side against the weakest of the other side? Don't worry; I'll end it fast," Meng Qian said, laughing. 

Far away in the distance, Long Chen couldn't help but smile, "This idiot, he doesn't know the pain he's about to be in for underestimating that girl."