Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1264 - 1264: The Killer

As Long Chen didn't want anyone to know about what was happening here, especially the Northern Emperor, he took out the Royal Commander that was sent here, cleaning the body as well. 

Not a single clue was left in the clan that someone was dead. 

Long Chen stepped towards the closest room, prepared to kill the most powerful beings of the clan. From what he knew, most of the people here were weaker than the Northern General. Even the patriarch of this clan was only as strong as the Northern General. 

He could easily take them out.

"The door is locked from the inside," Long Chen muttered, unable to open the door. 

"Time for you to get in action," Long Chen reminded the Snake Monarch, who nodded. 

Snake Monarch became smaller until he was so small that he could pass through the opening under the gates. 

Through the opening, he flew inside the room and unlocked the door from the inside.

Long Chen was able to push the door open to step inside, watching a bearded old man sitting on his bed. 

The man was so immersed in cultivation that he didn't even know about Long Chen's arrival. 

Long Chen stood near the old man, shaking his head. 

'People are so vulnerable when they're cultivating so deeply. It's so easy to kill them like that,' he thought, swinging his sword. 


From one room to another, he quickly killed most of the Dark Tribe Elders. 

"Man, do these men don't have anything better to do? They all keep cultivating only!" Snake Monarch let out, following behind the Snake Monarch. 

"They've grown old. At that age, I doubt they'd think about anything else. They're already at the peak of power and influence in this world. They don't need to do anything else but cultivate," Long Chen answered, looking for the next room. 

He stopped in front of a red door and tried opening it.

"It's open?"

The door was unlocked. He easily entered the room. 

Unlike the other rooms, this room wasn't being occupied by a person who was immersed in Cultivation. Instead, the bearded old man that was occupying the room was sitting on the bed, reading a green book. 

He raised his gaze to look at Long Chen. 

The sound of the door attracted his attention. He lowered his book and kept them on the bed beside him before he asked, "Northern General? What are you doing here?"

Since this man hadn't left his room in months, he didn't know that the Northern General was dead. Seeing Long Chen before him, he thought that the real Northern General was here to meet him. 

"I came here for something really important. It's of great importance that I talk to you alone," Long Chen replied, closing the door behind him. He started walking towards the old man. 

"Sure. Go ahead. This room is soundproof. Nothing we say here will leave this room. In fact, even if you scream here, no one outside will hear. All rooms here are like that," the bearded man said. "So speak freely.*

"Is that so? That's just perfect," Long Chen smiled, walking closer to the old man, but he soon stopped, noticing that Snake Monarch wasn't following him. He was staying in the back, frozen. 

"I suppose he is one of them?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch, taking a guess that this old man was one of the people that destroyed the home of the Snake Monarch. 

Snake Monarch nodded his head. 

'That's even better. I don't have to hold back,' Long Chen replied, using his thoughts. 

"Hey, is that a Snake Monarch behind you? I thought they were extinct? I'm surprised they live. You know, we once hunted them too. They are pretty interesting. They could speak. Most of them even cursed us when we killed them. Seeing one of them brings up so many memories," the old man let out as he stood up. 

"Where do you find it?" he asked, stepping closer to Snake Monarch to look at him closely. 

As soon as the old man reached Long Chen, his neck was grabbed abruptly.

Using his incredible strength, he raised the old man and smashed him on the floor. A pained groan left the mouth of the old man.

"General! What are you doing?' he asked, yelling. He still didn't attack Long Chen though. He still thought that Long Chen was the Northern General who wasn't going to do anything. 

I forgot, his prediction turned out to be wrong. Long Chen didn't answer his question through words. Instead, he answered using his actions. 

A Qi Sword appeared on his head, which he used to slash both the arms of the old man. 

The old man had just finished asking the question. He only blinked after asking the question and working that fraction of a second, all of this happened. 

"Arghhh! What the hell! You crazy bastard!" The old man screamed at the top of his lungs in pain.

"I'm not the crazy one in the room. It's you guys. Hunting entire species just for fun? What were you even thinking?" Long Chen asked, sighing. "Your bad karma has returned to bite you in the ass."

Long Chen brought his Sword of Time out of his inventory and placed the top of his Sword on the chest of the old man. 

"Wait! You can't do it! You might be the Northern General, but don't forget that the Northern Emperor is from our tribe! He will never forgive you for this!" The old man warned Long Chen. 

"Well, I doubt I'll need his forgiveness. It'll be his turn after you guys anyways," Long Chen replied. 

"Snakey, do you want to do the honors? Come here and try," Long Chen said, calling the Snake Monarch while keeping the man in his place. 

"You're seriously not considering killing me, are you?" The old man asked. "You can't kill me!"

"Don't worry, I won't kill you," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

He glanced at the Snake Monarch before continuing. "He will."

"Ready?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch. 

Snake Monarch nodded his head, placing his tail on the hilt of the Sword. 

He wrapped his tail around the hilt of the pitch-black sword, pushing it down.

The tip of the sword was already resting on the chest of the old man. With a bit of pressure, the Sword stabbed his heart, killing the old man. 

Throughout this all, the old man kept pleading to Long Chen not to do this, but no one listened to him at all. 

Ultimately, only his screams echoed before he went silent forever.