Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1166 - 1166: Special Event

Ji Shan didn't step out of the room. Instead, he answered from inside. "I'm studying. You have dinner. I already ate the fruits. I won't come out for the rest of the day."

"Best of luck in that case," Long Chen let out as he left with Gu Lin. 

He was taken to the courtyard of the Clan Master. It was the place where the dinner was going to be. 

"Welcome. Please have a seat!"

As soon as Long Chen entered, he was greeted by the Clan Master, who was already waiting for them around the dinner table.

"Thanks," Long Chen replied as he selected one of the seats on the opposite end of Gu Wang. 

Gu Lin selected the chair that was right beside Long Chen as she also sat down. 

"You two look so sweet together. As if a heavenly couple," Gu Wang said, jokingly while also hinting. 

"Your daughter is so pretty; she'll look good with anyone," Long Chen answered kindly.

"Hahaha, yeah. She's the best girl any man can find. I am still looking for a husband for her. I wonder who will marry her?" Gu Wang said, sighing. 

"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll find one soon," Long Chen replied as he started the dinner. 

Gu Wang also started eating. 

Gu Lin also picked up a spoon which she accidentally dropped to the ground. 

"I apologize for that," Gu Lin said as she bent towards Long Chen. She placed one of her hands on Long Chen's thighs to support herself as she went down to pick up the knife. 

Long Chen wasn't sure if it was a genuine mistake or another trick of her to arouse him. He kept eating. Gu Long also came up with the spoon, but she didn't remove her hands from Long Chen's thighs.

She placed the spoon on the table as she picked up a different spoon and started eating. She could only use one hand to eat as she let her hand remain on Long Chen's upper thigh. Long Chen also didn't scold her and tried to ignore her advances. 

As her advances didn't stop, he became annoyed since he was actually getting aroused. She was playing with him, and he decided to return her in full. 

He also placed one of his hands on Gu Lin's soft thighs. 


Gu Lin hadn't expected that Long Chen would touch her so suddenly. She couldn't help but let out a squeaking noise in shock as Long Chen touched her.

"What happened?" Gu Wang asked her daughter. 

"Ah, Nothing happened!" Gu Lin answered. "Eek!"

Another notice escaped her lips as Long Chen moved her hand slightly up while also giving a light squeeze. 

He brought his lips close to her ears as he whispered, "Don't play games you can't afford to lose."

It was only then did he remove his hands and resumed eating. With a red face, Gu Lin also removed her hand. 

"Patriarch Gu, I heard that there's some event tomorrow?" Long Chen asked, changing the topic as he noticed the man looking at him and his daughter suspiciously. 

"That's right. Tomorrow is a really special event. It's very important for us too. That's why all the major powers of the Kingdom will be there as well. Are you interested in it?" Gu Wang told Long Chen.

"You can come with us. In fact, we would be happy if you do come with us. Bring your friends as well. It's not always that we have an event like this. It's only a once in every five years thing," he further said as he invited him. 

"You still didn't tell me what happened in this. How would I know if it's fun or not? Tell me about it first. All I know are the vague things," Long Chen let out, shaking his head. He wanted to know what it was from them.

"Oh right. Actually, there are many resources in the Kingdom. But there's no power that owns them. The system we follow is of temporary ownership. Every five years, we have this competition."

"Depending on the winners, the resources are given. In fact, the forest my daughter found you in? That's what we won five years ago since we came last. The other got much better resources. Anyway, this year we'll get a much higher position," Gu Wang said. 

"Why are you going round and round? You explained everything except the core. Just what happens in the competition. What do you fight in? Battles of strength or knowledge or what!" Long Chen asked, getting frustrated. 

"Ah, I apologize. We battle in strength and wits both. In fact, there are different kinds of battles every time, decided by the Royal Family. In fact, there are two separate categories."

"One for Elders like is while other for youngsters like my daughter. As for the other things, we'll know tomorrow as well," Gu Wang explained. 

"Interesting. It sounds fun. I'll attend it," Long Chen let out, smiling.

"That's just perfect. I'll make every arrangement for you," Gu Wang agreed. 

"I'll also bring my friend with me. Arrange for him too," Long Chen continued. 

"That'll be done," Gu Wang nodded again. 

The rest of the dinner went silently. It was soon over, and Long Chen left with Gu Lin. 

Gu Lin didn't say anything as she dropped Long Chen to his room before she left. 

She was still feeling that moment when Long Chen had touched her thighs. It was the first time a man had touched her so intimately, and she liked it. Moreover, she also liked Long Chen. 

He could have done much more at the moment without her permission, but he controlled himself. 

"He was so cool. I'll make him mine any way I can," Gu Lin said as she rubbed her hands. "He's perfect."


Long Chen was sitting in his room, trying to meditate, but he was also feeling tired. He had eaten so much that he was feeling uncomfortable sitting. He also felt sleepy. 

"Heck it, I'll meditate while lying. I'll be more comfortable," he said as he laid on the bed straight. 

Closing his eyes, he started meditating. 


It was twelve in the night when the door of Ji Shan's room opened. Three beautiful maids stepped inside, wearing skimpy clothing. 

They had expected to serve Ji Shan. Unfortunately, as they entered, all they got was a scolding. 

"Who are you? Get out of this room. I'm doing something important!" Ji Shan said firmly. There was a book in his hands. 

"Young Master, we are here to accompany you in the night and take care of all your manly needs," the maids informed Ji Shan as they all took off their clothes, revealing their flawless bodies.