Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 844 - 844: I'll Take From Him

" What does the Empire want from us? If we can help, we wouldn't say no," the King replied as he sat down. 

"Do you think you can help us? It's not you helping the Empire. It's just you doing your job that you're required to do! Stop talking so big!" the Silver Haired girl Lim Yi said.

Her words were so disrespectful, yet the king didn't show his anger since she was from the Empire.

"Lim Yi, calm down. That's just the polite way of speaking. You don't need to take it as a disrespect to the Empire," Bo Xo told the girl, shaking his head in disappointment. Even though the King was nothing in front of their Empire, he was still a king. They couldn't be outright disrespectful.

Fu Min didn't say anything to the girl. It was as if he wasn't concerned about something so minor.

"You misunderstand my words. What I meant was the same. I was asking what I need to do," the King said softly.

"You don't have to do anything extra. We are looking for a person. He is assumed to be the Heir of the Saint Killer who had caused so much destruction in our Continent last time. His Heir was seen in the Kingdom, using the Saint Killer Sword," Fu Min explained.

"We have searched most of the continent. Only a few kingdoms remain to be searched. Your Kingdom is one of the few. I want you to search the Kingdom and find that person is he's living here," he continued.

Fu Min took out a scroll from his storage ring and threw it towards the king. "Here is the sketch of that person. I want him found at any cost. You have a day to have the entire Kingdom searched."

The King opened the scroll and saw the sketch of the person.

"It shall be done. My army is out, wiping a traitor clan. For now, I'll send the rest to search. After the others are back, I'll put them on this task as well," the King replied. "Until then, you should stay in our Palace. I will arrange for your comfort."

He looked towards his Minister and said, "Minister Li, arranged for the best places for our guests and good servants to take care of all their needs."

"I will do as commanded. I'll find the best women and men to serve them," the Minister answered. 

Fu Min shook his head. "There's no need for that. We would be out in the city, seeing if you place all your efforts in it or not."

After refusing their offer, he turned back.

"You know how important this matter is. There shouldn't be any mistakes," he warned the King without looking back before he left with his people.

"Sigh, we did tell him but did you think he could find the guy?" Lim Yi asked Fu Min.

"If that guy is here, they can find him. If that guy isn't here, even gods can't find him. That's all," Fu Min said as he smiled. 

" Let's just spend our day looking around. We already know that guy won't be here anyway." Lim Yi said, nodding her head.

"What can you even buy in a place like this? The thing that you can buy is not even comparable to things we can buy in the Empire," the Green Haired Girl Du Lian said sarcastically.

"Still, even the trashiest place can have a few nice things. At Least we won't get bored. The next Kingdoms we will go to are even worse. Just be optimistic." Bo Xo told Du Lian.

They walked towards the shop on the streets.

As they were walking, Long Chen and Ji Shan walked past them, not knowing who the other side was. Long Chen had used a different face, so he wasn't recognized by the people of the Kingdom. The face they were searching for looked widely different than his.

Even though the people they were looking for walked right past Fu Min and others, no one noticed. 

Lim Yi did glance at Long Chen and Ji Shan for a brief instant as she was looking around, but she didn't place much focus on him.

The two groups walked past each other in opposite directions.


"Where is the person who is most favorable to him?" Wu Lia asked Xu Liang.

"She... She is in the next room," Xu Liang answered. There was still some hesitancy in his voice.

"Don't be hesitant. You might have some good memories with them, but it was all fake. Just show them how wrong they were for killing your grandma. It's all for her," Wu Lua said softly as he placed his hand on Xu Liang's shoulders. 

"Yes," Xu Liang nodded his head as he walked towards the door. He had made a determination. He was even more influenced by Wu Lia's words.

He opened the door and walked to the next room.

Opening the door, he stepped inside and saw Ming Lan standing near the window. She was looking outside, waiting for Long Chen eagerly. Even though she believed in his strength and had confidence in him, she still worried for him. She didn't know why but she had been feeling bad for quite some time.

She heard the sound of the door opening and looked behind.

She noticed Xu Liang at the door. She smiled gently as she said, "Oh, Liang'er. Did you finish cultivating? You must be getting bored inside the room as well. Don't work. After he comes back, we will all be on the journey again."

"Why do you look different? It's as if you're sad? Are you missing your grandma?" She walked closer to Xu Liang and rubbed his head.

She suddenly noticed another boy outside the room.

She didn't know why but she felt a chilling feeling. Something was really wrong here. She took a step back, but that's when Wu Lia clapped his head lightly.

An energy wave came out of him and spread everywhere. It soon covered the entire hotel, stopping the time for everyone who was inside the hotel except him and Xu Liang.

Even Ming Lan was paused in time. 

Wu Lia raised his hand towards the front, and a knife appeared out of thin air.

He brought the knife with him and handed it to Xu Liang.

"There you go. Now you don't need to worry about the difference in strength. Do it with your own hands," he said, smilingly. 

Xu Liang took the knife and walked towards Ming Lan.

"He took from me. I will take from him," he muttered.